Running is not just an exercise, it’s a passion. With high quality races like Half Marathon, Full Marathon, Quarter Marathon, Triathlon, Trail Running, Ultra Marathon, the face of running has changed. Beginner or expert, find every titbit on running here.

How to Increase VO2 Max: Add to Your Speed and Endurance

Looking over several years of athletic performance, something that catches one’s eye is that continually and steadfastly, athletes have ...

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Best Oblique Exercises for a Better Runner in You

Want to improve your running performance? Then indulge in these best oblique exercises that is meant to shape your body ...

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Best Sports Drinks that You can Carry during Your Runs

While water usually does the job of keeping you hydrated during a run, knowing about the best sports drinks is ...

How to Recover from Torn Plantar Fascia- An Expert's Advice

Torn plantar fascia is a common painful story of every runner. But how to avoid it? Click this post to ...

The Ultimate Guide on How to Breathe Properly While Running

Controlling your breathing while running helps you become a better runner. See it's techniques in this article.

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Hydration Packs for Running: A Guide Every Runner Needs

Staying hydrated while running is very important. These hydration pack guide will help you do just that.