Running is not just an exercise, it’s a passion. With high quality races like Half Marathon, Full Marathon, Quarter Marathon, Triathlon, Trail Running, Ultra Marathon, the face of running has changed. Beginner or expert, find every titbit on running here.

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Almost all the runners like you get suggested to do yoga by experts at some point. If you are a ...
Don't let the weather stop your running regime. Learn how to cope up with the sultry weather and yet stay ...
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Between treadmill running and outdoor running, runners often wonder which one is a better choice of running mode. We have ...
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Fuel your body with the right nutrition and stay on tracks for longer duration. 
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Ever notice that your feet go numb when running or after a run? But what if you only get this ...
Individuals running with the Pink ribbon on the chest are instantly identified as the heroes of Pinkathon- India’s biggest ...