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Top 7 Things That Annoy Photographers

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You have planned the perfect trip. The itinerary is ready, the bags packed. You arrive at your destination, and it is breathtaking. You take out your camera and attempt to capture the magnificent landscape. After a few shots, your camera makes a beeping sound, the dreaded message flashing on its screen- “SD Card Full”. In a moment of great distress, you realize you forgot to carry an extra SD card.This is one of the things that annoy photographers.

A lot of us have been there, and the feeling of being irked because you forgot to charge your battery the previous night or forgot to carry an extra memory card is not unusual. LivingIt talked to a few photographers to know what are the things that Annoy Photographers the most and below is the compiled list of their responses:

What are the Things That Annoy Photographers?

1. When People Think The Camera Does All The Work

If there is a universal sore point for all photographers, it is hearing the comment “those photos are amazing, your camera must be great.” It is a compliment to the camera, but an insult to the one holding it. The truth is that equipment is just a means of bringing your vision to reality.

A photographer does a lot more than just click a button on a great camera; they imagine the end product and adjust the lighting, shutter speed, and a myriad of other settings accordingly. The following video proves this point by putting a photographer against a non-photographer, giving them both the same equipment.


2. Non-Photographers Who Call Themselves Photographers

As stated in the point above, it’s true that anyone with a smartphone can click a picture, but there are certain things that set professionals apart from non-professionals. Today, people call themselves photographers because it sounds impressive, and not because they actually care about the art of photography. This is why professionals hate it when people add “photographer” in their bio on social media just to go along with this trend. An artist is someone who has the ability to look at the world in an unusual way, and by infiltrating their domain without being passionate about it, you end up insulting them.

3. Using Someone’s Work Without Giving Them Credit

In the digital age, things get copy-pasted at an alarming rate, and it is hard to keep track of copyright and plagiarism laws. Imagine camping out, away from home, so that you can take a beautiful shot of the night sky. You do all the preparation and stay up for hours, but a week later you see a photograph you clicked posted by someone else on their Instagram account. Not all photographers want to be paid for every picture they have clicked, but they want recognition for their hard work. This is the reason why most photographers use watermarks.

By mentioning the name of the photographer, you stay true to your followers by letting them know it wasn’t you behind the lens, and in that simple move, you also drive traffic to the photographer’s profile.

4. People Who Use Great Cameras Only in “Auto” Mode

Not everyone has the money to buy a great camera, and many photographers start by using a cheap one or just their smartphones. So what annoys most photographers is someone who is privileged enough to be able to afford a DSLR camera but doesn’t make any effort of learning what to do with it. Photographers know the power of an amazing camera and are therefore irked when people only use their cameras in auto mode without experimenting with them and realizing their true potential. Switch to program mode and you will be surprised at the how different your pictures can turn out with a little change in the shutter speed and depth of field.

The picture below shows the difference in a shot by changing the depth of field.

7 Things That Annoy Photographers
The difference in a shot by changing the depth of field ( Source )

5. Free Photo Shoots

At times, when you have a photographer as a friend, you tend to bombard them with requests for photo shoots so that you can get that new candid Facebook profile picture. However, sometimes people go too far in asking for favours, such as asking a friend to shoot an entire wedding, without being paid for it. This is one of the things that annoy photographers because they have to stop whatever project they are working on and put a lot of effort into your event instead. But saying no to a friend is hard, so they often end up spending time and energy on something they won’t be paid for.

6. Asking for All the Raw Photos

A lot of photographers get that request after a photo shoot. It’s like asking an author for their manuscript instead of the final product. A photographer clicks a hundred pictures sometimes, to get the perfect one. To give you all hundred would not be fair as everything a photographer puts out represents them, which is why they only want to give you the best pictures. They charge you for the photos, so they don’t want to give you content they are not proud of.

7. When A Client Shows Up Late For Their Shoot

Time matters a lot to photographers as the natural lighting changes when the day progress. If a photographer calls you for a shoot at 11 am, there is usually a good reason behind it. They understand the venue and lighting and know that if you stand under a particular window just before the sun is at the highest point in the sky, the result will be a beautiful and artsy picture. So the next time your photographer called you for a shoot, make sure you are on time!

7 Things That Annoy Photographers
How Lights can make a difference ( Source )

Now that you know the things that annoy photographers the most, let us also know what your pet peeves are in the comments below!

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