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Sony a6000 - Is it a Good Investment for Shutterbugs

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With the advancement in technology, even the cameras in our phones can take amazing quality pictures and 4k videos. But, there are times, when we require the power and flexibility offered by the standalone cameras. But, which camera should you go for especially with the markets flooded with innumerable cameras from several brands? Well, the Sony a6000 might be a perfect choice. This camera is in the same place mirrorless cameras offered by Sony and offers the similar set of features as the other models. But, along with those features, several new significant features were also added. 

But, why is it that the Sony a6000 is considered such a great camera? To understand this, you would have to read further on. But, before we move on, do you know what a mirrorless camera is? Some of you might know this while some of you might not be aware of it. Well, just as the name suggests, there is an absence of a mirror in the camera body.  Due to this, the body of the camera can be made much smaller, slimmer and comparatively affordable. The biggest advantage of a mirrorless camera is the fact that it makes the camera much lighter with rather little or no loss of the quality of the image. The Sony a6000 is a mirrorless camera with several exciting features, has the capability to produce brilliant images. 

Sony A6000 Specifications

Check out the ultimate specifications of Sony a6000 below:

  • Max resolution: 24 Megapixel: 6000 x 4000 resolutions
  • Weight: 12.13 oz / 344 g (with battery and memory card)
  • Image sensor: 24.3 Megapixel Exmor® APS HD CMOS sensor with a BIONZ X™ engine
  • Autofocus Points: 25 contrast detection and 179 phase detection
  • ISO sensitivity: Auto, 100 – 25600
  • Built-in flash
  • Compatible With Nikon Lenses
  • Wi-Fi
  • Built-in microphone with video, stereo
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 2.6 x 1.8″ / 120.0 x 67.0 x 45.0 mm
  • 3″ tilting LCD widescreen
  • Exposure modes: Intelligent Auto, Manual, Aperture Priority, Memory Recall, Programmed Auto, Movie, Shutter Priority, Sweep Panorama, Superior Auto, Scene Selection
  • External flash connection: Hot Shoe, Wireless
High performance Sony a6000 (source)

As is evident from the specifications, the Sony a6000 is quite capable of taking amazing shots. Some of the a6000 shots are actually pretty much similar to a full frame DSLR. The quality of pictures that this camera offers is worth appreciating. The camera has a 24-megapixel sensor which is an increase from the 16 megapixels on the NEX-6. Also, the a6000 has definitely improved from its predecessor in some of the subtle areas of operation. For instance, the battery life is now rated at about 420 shots which is quite higher as to the previous 360 shots. The autofocus system has also seen a considerable improvement. Of course, the camera is still not at the level of a DSLR but for the price its a catch!

What to Love about Sony a6000

Now, that you have gone through some of the major specifications, let’s look at all the things that you would love about this camera. 

1. Optical Viewfinder 

The optical viewfinder might not be such a big deal for some people but many people do like cameras that have one. This is because; it helps in composing the image by offering stability against a shaky camera. An optical viewfinder is something which allows a photographer to form a shot while being able to exactly see what the lens can see by looking through the lens. This viewfinder works by utilizing a system of prisms and mirrors, exactly like a periscope so as to bounce the image up to the eye and the viewfinder. 

Sony a6000
Clear Photos through Optical View Finder (source)

Some photographers prefer to hold the camera up close to their eye than look at the LCD screen. The LCD screen might have its own advantages but can be an issue when you are shooting on a bright sunny day as you won’t really be able to see what you are clicking. 

The a6000 also comes with an eyepiece attached to it and a live view inside the viewfinder. This means that you would easily be able to look at the image’s exposure and can make the necessary adjustments to the setting. 

2. Size 

It’s the size which is the USP of this Sony a6000!

The camera often seems like a point and shoot camera because it is so small. However, because of the small size, it becomes easier to carry the camera around. It’s actually the perfect size- neither too small nor too large. This one would definitely be a good choice if you are wondering which camera you should take on your next trip. 

sony a6000
Small Wonder (source)

3. Huge Sensor

The sensor is a cropped one but then you still get 24 megapixel which is actually sufficient. If you compare it with the Micro Four-Thirds system, the sensor is actually much bigger than that. For the Micro Four-Thirds system, the sensor is actually pretty small if you wish to shoot in low-light conditions. 

sony alpha a6000
 Huge Sensor for Perfect Clicks

4. Interchangeable Lenses

Now swapping your lens for different shots is super easy!

If you look at this features of this camera, they are pretty good. Now imagine pairing it with some really good lens to make the pictures even better. The good thing about this system is the fact that there are several lenses available that you can choose from. This camera can use the E-mount lenses which Sony has been manufacturing since a long time. Also, there are several other lenses options available. The kind of lens that you choose completely depends on what you plan to use it for. 

interchangable lens
Easy Interchangeable Lens 

5. Pocket-Friendly Camera

The performance that this camera delivers is totally worth you would be spending on this. The Sony a6000 price is quite inexpensive and honestly, considering the price, you wouldn’t really think that this can give such amazing results. The camera is definitely a steal at the price it is available at. You can choose to purchase the body only if you have lenses or choose to purchase the entire kit depending upon your need. 

6. Low Light Performance

For some people, who love to shoot during the nights, a camera that can shoot in low-light conditions is extremely essential.

Well, guess what?

The a6000 has an amazing low-light performance and can deliver brilliant results. Be it birthday parties, Christmas nights, indoor fairs, star trails or anything, you can click beautiful pictures through a poorly lit situation. At about 100% crop, you might notice some grains in the image but that adds a bit of effect to the image. 

sony a6000 sample images
Sony a6000 Magic in Low Lights (source)

7. Ergonomic Design 

Sony is, in fact, the only mirrorless camera maker whose design isn’t necessarily retro. With its design, the makers have taken a modern approach!

The design of this camera is perfect in all ways. As mentioned above, it is neither too small nor too large. The makers have made it just the perfect size which can fit easily in your bag. The grip is also worth appreciating. It would remain in your hands without slipping. Also, with some cameras, navigating through the setting can also be a trouble. But, with this camera, you can easily go through all the dials and controls. 

This camera has adopted more of the angular and clean lines of the a7r and a7. This is actually an interesting thing as this is what distinguishes the Sony cameras. You can clearly see that the camera is rectangular with the top being flat. Of course, you might complain that the dials feel a bit buried but the grip will make you appreciate the design. Most people have even gone to the length of saying that the grip is perhaps one of the best out of all the mirrorless cameras. 

8. WiFi Connectivity

Want to share your vacation pictures instantly with the world? The Sony a6000 is the perfect pick!

This camera has inbuilt WiFi which means that you can click the pictures and send them to your smartphone instantly. This also means that unlike other cameras, you wouldn’t have to wait to first transfer the photos to your PC and then send it to your smartphone. This WiFi option is also highly beneficial as you would now be able to back up your pictures. There are chances that your memory card might get corrupted (Just saying!) or just any other unwanted situation before you actually get to download them. 

sony alpha a6000 review
With One Touch Share Images

9. Excellent Burst Mode 

The burst mode of this camera is unbelievably quick. You might, in fact, be surprised for the very first time when you press the shutter. This burst mode can especially be rather beneficial when you are clicking the pictures of your kids. This is because kids tend to move very quickly and their expression also changes within a blink of the eye. However, you can even use this mode for birds, animals. Therefore, when you capture multiple frames in a second and then select the one which you find the best. 

10. Hybrid AF System 

The improved AF system makes the a6000 camera stand out from the other cameras. the 25-point contrast detects part of the system has remained the same but the number of phase-detect points has increased from 99 to 179. This extra phase detects points would provide you with a much wider coverage area. 

sony a6000 lenses
Clicking Wider Photos like a Pro (source)

What’s not to like about the Sony A6000

Just as there are a lot of things to like about the a6000, there are also a few things that you might not like about this camera. Listed below are a few of them. 

  • Clicking Noise

When you click a picture, the camera makes a little beep sound and the thing is that you cannot turn it off. Some people find this noise quite annoying. What this means that if you are trying to click a picture somewhere and you do not want the others to hear it, you wouldn’t be able to do so. 

  • Not Weather Sealed 

As with most of the cameras, you cannot click pictures with this camera in the rain or when you are a water park. Just avoid using this camera when you are involved with doing anything with water. Water might end up damaging the camera. 

sony a6000 review
Not Rain Friendly Camera
  • Inbuilt Battery 

Here’s the thing- the battery of this camera cannot be charged separately. You need to charge it only when it is inside the camera. Other than that it won’t charge. This is perhaps one of the biggest disadvantage of this camera. 

  • Not Full Frame

When you click a picture by looking at the view in front of you through the viewfinder, it won’t be the actual image. When you look closely, you would find that the image is actually cropped. The crop is rather small and won’t be much noticeable but it is there. This might not matter to you but most people do not like this. Honestly, if you are a professional photographer, you might never purchase this camera and would perhaps go for a full frame camera.

But, if you are purchasing it just for your own person al use, this camera seems to be a good option. 

disadvantages of sonya6000
Photos taken by Sony a6000 (source)

Lenses for the Sony a6000

As discussed above, there are quite a few lenses available that can be used with the a6000. 

  • Sony 35mm – If you want to click some greater quality pictures, the Sony 35mm is what you should go for. 
  • Sony 18-200mm – This is basically an all in one lens. If you are going on a trip and can’t take too many lenses with you, this is the one that you should take with you. 
  • Sony 55-210mm - This one is a telephoto zoom lens. 
  • Sony 10-18mm - This wide-angle lens is perfect for taking landscape pictures. 
sony a6000 price
Lenses for Sonya6000 (source)

The Gear for the Sony a6000 would depend on the kind of pictures that you want to take. However, some of the basic gears would be a memory card, a tripod, and a UV filter. Get all these and you would be good to go. 
As you could guess by now, the Sony a6000 camera would be a good purchase if you aren’t a profession al photographer.

Being compact and lightweight, the camera can produce quite similar results as that of a DSLR. You could go through all of the specifications and then judge if this would be a good option for you. 

Have you used Sony a6000? Then share your views in the comment section below. 

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