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Shooting Shadows - A Photobook Weekend

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Playing with shadows was one of our favorite games in childhood, wasn’t it? Let us be kids again but with a twist: capture shadows and make them cherished memories.

These days photography has become popular, both as a career option and as a hobby. Many working professionals love to play with their cameras during the weekend. For those who take out time for their passion for photography, one option is to play with light to add new facets to objects. Also known as shadow photography, this can be done at dawn or dusk. The time before sunrise or sunset when the sky is soft and red is known as the golden hour or the magic hour.

Playing with shadows – Explore Shadow Photography

All budding photographers can explore shadow photography under these categories:-

Light and Shadow Photography

Shooting Shadows - A Photobook Weekend
Light and shadows go hand in hand ( Image Source )

Light and shadow are antonyms. But if given a thought, there is a deep relation between them; it is light that creates shadows. Light brings life to the object while shadow makes it mysterious. Just think that if both are used together, what magic can they create? With each other, they add a new facet to the image. They can make a plain and boring scene fascinating. One just needs to be creative to bring a new perspective to an otherwise simple image. The above image could have been skipped by the viewers if clicked with natural lights, but the bright lights and a pinch of shadow are portraying a love story which makes it impossible to miss.

Model Fashion Photography

Shooting Shadows - A Photobook Weekend
It’s all about the look! ( Image Source )

Fashion photography emphasizes on the mood and styling of the image as it conveys a lifestyle. To sell the whole idea, various lighting tools are used. Gone are the days when fashion photography was only about using expensive studio lights. The latest buzz is about conveying the idea using the mix of light and dark. Here the male model is shielding himself from unpleasant memories using his hand’s shadow.

Stripe Photography

Shooting Shadows - A Photobook Weekend
Playing with shadows and stripes ( Image Source )

The concept is simple. Yet, it creates a lasting impression on the viewer. A shadow of patterned stripes is cast on the subject, thus creating drama. One can interpret a picture in varied ways, but the image has a beautiful impact on the audience. The shadows of the stripes are highlighting the beautiful and deep eyes of the model, leaving a lasting impression.

Portrait Photography

Shooting Shadows - A Photobook Weekend
It brings out the unconventional side of the person ( Image Source )

A fascination for portraits has been there since ages. Traditional lighting techniques are used in portrait photography. The trend is to use shadow or obstruct the lights while taking portraits. It brings out the unconventional side of the person. The shadow on the subject creates a contrast, thus adding an air of mystery to the photograph. The shadow on the model’s body leaves the audience with a mystery to unfold.

Lace Photography

Shooting Shadows - A Photobook Weekend
The new trend ( Image Source )

Any art requires creativity, and creative people are always ready to learn and explore. Hence, this has lead to the discovery of lace photography. One can have amazing shots when clicking through the lace or fabric. One can even use props – both natural and human-made for creating the lace effect. Here the shadow of the ivory parasol umbrella falls on the back of the bride, giving her a vintage look.

Nature Photography

Shooting Shadows - A Photobook Weekend
Nature at its best ( Image Source )

Anyone who owns a DSLR definitely has a device to take great pictures. A basic yet most difficult subject for photography is Mother Earth. Capturing her in the right mood requires a lot of patience and thought. The concept of the golden hour is used here. One needs to wait for the right lights so that the message is clear. In the above picture, the proper reflection of the tree can be seen in the water depicting how our attitude reflects our character. The lights in the sky are giving a subtle backdrop to the tree. If it would have been shot an hour earlier, the patch below the tree would have been visible, which might have distracted the audience. So to create the right mood, one needs to choose the magic hour wisely.

Abstract Photography

Shooting Shadows - A Photobook Weekend
Think out of the box ( Image Source )

Abstract photography is a conceptual photography. In this instance, the visual image of an object is created, which otherwise does not have a direct association with the object. An image is formed used patterns, lines, forms, colors, etc. Books broaden our knowledge, which in turn broadens our thinking. Here the shadows of books is depicting this relationship by projecting it on the wall.

To bring out the beauty of the subject and to have the right tint of shade, all one needs is to choose the apt time to create the enchanting moment. Photography is an art which requires out-of-the-box thinking. Bringing the shadow into the limelight is no easy job. To frame the moment and give it a natural look, one needs to use the shadows cleverly. So pick up your camera, block the extra rays of light and zoom in your subject. Happy Clicking!