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How to take Selfies:The Duck face or The Fish Gape!

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The novel idea of including cameras to the blueprint of mobile phones has dramatically revolutionized the whole art of photography. Cyber-shot cameras, which used to be a rage in their early days, have now been included in the list of extinct species. As the mobile phone technology advanced, so did the quality of mobile phone cameras. Front cameras in mobile phones introduced us to what we call the “ selfie ” shot. Selfies took over the traditional way of taking pictures. They have made capturing a moment easy and memorable, as unlike old times, now everyone can be included in the picture, even the photographer. If you are wondering how to take selfies the right way, read on!

The 'Selfies' War - The Duck face or The Fish Gape

Like every invention comes with a bright side and a dark side, the selfie trend too, is riddled with its advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays all the social media platforms are cluttered with selfies of known and unknown people. Pictures have been transformed into a tool for getting maximum likes on Facebook or other social media platforms. Thus, selfies have acted as a catalyst for a psychological disorder known as narcissism, which manifests how insecure people feel and the acute dearth of and acknowledgment in some peopleʼs life. Taking a selfie is not a problem; however, getting addicted to it can actually disrupt one’s normal lifestyle, which may prove dangerous in the long run. The brighter side of selfies is to capture moments like birthdays, first day at school, wedding, vacations, etc. and etching them in our memories forever.

The Duck Face or The Fish Gape – Check your Selfies

Like the art of photography, selfies also is an art and have various types. Until last year, the duck face style was the most popular way to pose for a selfie. It gained popularity not only among the general public, but celebrities too went gaga over it. Replacing the duck face selfie is the fish gape selfie, which is a much cooler version and is spreading like wildfire among all age group. Celebrities have played a key role in bidding goodbye to “duck face” and welcoming the “fish gape.” Fish gape selfies add an oomph factor to the picture with a subtle touch of glamour. It requires slight lowering of the chin and drawing cheeks in, giving a leaner look to the face. It helps the subject exude confidence and self-reliance. The selfie-look can be further embellished with the simple addition of an addictive smile. Fish gape selfies are more comfortable and relaxing for the lips as compared to duck face selfies, for which one has to press the lips together in the shape of a duck’s bill. Fish gape selfies produce a more natural and beautiful picture than the dramatic and intense duck face.

How to take Selfies:The Duck face or The Fish Gape!

Taking Good Selfies is an Art

How to take Selfies:The Duck face or The Fish Gape!

While the selfie-taking trend is empowering to some, it is a self-indulgence to others. However, if selfies express your take on the world around you, here are some tips on how to take selfies and how to transfer that outwards.

How to Take Selfies Perfectly

Frame It Right

How to take Selfies:The Duck face or The Fish Gape!

Correct angles capture a perfect selfie comprising perfect moments. The camera should be at an angle from where the nose and cheeks are not highlighted or look chubby. Place your face at the top right or left of the camera frame to enhance the overall effect. Keep experimenting till the time you get that perfect angle that accentuates your best facial features. Even a few degrees of change can give you a completely different frame.

Focus on the B ackground: Move Away from the Center

How to take Selfies:The Duck face or The Fish Gape!

Donʼt push yourself in the middle of the frame for it looks like a pic clicked for the driverʼs license. Make sure you move away from the center of the picture so that background is adequately represented. For example, if you are clicking a selfie in front of, say, the Taj Mahal or the Colosseum you will not want to block the essence of your picture from the view.

Express Your Current Emotion Through the Surroundings You Capture

How to take Selfies:The Duck face or The Fish Gape!

It is always important to choose the correct background so that your emotional state or mood is aptly reflected in the photo. Be aware of who and what is around. Taking selfies with people in the background who do not want to be photographed may land you in trouble. On the other hand, you will at any given point look better if you click a selfie with your loved ones or your pet. You will automatically have the best smile, not only on your lips but also in your eyes. Take a picture of yourself engaging in a fun activity you love doing.

Well, the best one on how to take selfies comes now:

Get Out of the Bathroom: Seek Out More Places as Backdrop

The backdrop plays a vital role in capturing great selfies. An awkward place like a bathroom is certainly not the best place to click a picture. Doing so may convert you to a laughing stock. Always make sure that the surrounding complements your mood and emotional state. Solid-colored walls or textured curtains make for good backgrounds. Seek out for graffitied walls and beautiful surroundings. The golden hour makes for a splendid natural backdrop. Not to forget, always refrain from clicking in the mirror. Doing so increases the probability that you click something you did not intend to.

Now that you know how to take selfies perfectly, you can also learn about how to capture the right picture with your camera, here!

So the next time you pose for selfies, all you need to do is relax and have a normal breath. And while doing so, you can gift yourself an excellent selfie perfect for uploading on the social media platforms or keep it with yourself for eternity.

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