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Go Instant - Polaroid Cameras are Back!

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Photographs have the glorious ability to capture memories that cannot be visited again and bringing them to life. Earlier, when our smartphones could easily click high-quality pictures, we relied on digital cameras. Prior to that, polaroid cameras dominated the world.

Polaroid cameras are devices that are capable of instantly developing your clicked photographs and giving you an instant print. Evidently, this was welcomed with open arms, after people had to endure a long series of camera rolls and endless waiting for the developed pictures. Naturally, polaroids became a massive hit.

Polaroids came into being in the 1940s when Edwin Land sought to find the answer to his daughter’s curiosity of not being able to see the pictures he took of her immediately. Also, called the “Land cameras” after the name of their creator, Polaroid cameras became a worldwide sensation with over one million sales in 45 countries in the next couple of years. With the reeling in of the 60s, coloured film or the “Polacolor” was introduced. Needless to say, the world embraced that equally. From the first Land model prototype to the much technologically advanced model in use today, Polaroid cameras have never failed to steal the photographer’s breath away.

Go Instant - Polaroid Cameras are Back - Livingit

The first Land model prototype ( Image Source )

Despite their obvious charm and appeal, the invention of digital cameras and DSLR cameras in the recent past has seen polaroid cameras suffer a heavy setback. It seemed like it was almost time to bid farewell to the polaroid cameras until something pretty interesting happened. Fujifilm, the latest maker of the polaroid cameras, sold more than 6 million of its Instant camera models worldwide. In a world where selfies have become a routine and owning a DSLR has become a necessity, Polaroid cameras have found their way back in. Furthermore, it was the younger population, the ones below 30, that flocked to these cameras.

How Polaroid Cameras will Survive in The Digital Age –

As absurd as it sounds, Polaroid cameras are officially back and are here to stay. There might be several reasons behind this surprising comeback, from their obvious aesthetic appeal to the ease. However, some reasons stand out in comparison to others.

1. Bringing Back the Magic

As much as we all love our smartphones and our lives quite obviously revolve around them, let’s turn around and face the music. Smartphones have taken the magic out of photography. High-tech digital cameras bring the clarity and the appeal, but there is something inexplicable about the white framed prints of muted tones. They bring a magical feel uniquely their own to the idea of photographs and there is no denying it.

Go Instant - Polaroid Cameras are Back

Let’s get back to basic ( Image Source )

2. Stop, Sit, Review!

When was the last time you went through the gallery of your smartphone? Or sat down and went through your camera? It always either slips our minds or we get up and do something half way through. However, you definitely remember your old photo albums and the box full of old polaroids you went through over and over. You would even be able to recollect the old soft-boards proudly adorning your favourite photographs. Polaroids bring back the ability to easily take a walk down the memory lane and nobody is giving up that opportunity yet.

Go Instant - Polaroid Cameras are Back - Livingit

Walk down the memory lane ( Image Source )

3. Aesthetics

There is no denying the aesthetic appeal polaroids add to your photographs. The muted colours and the typical white frames have something inherently beautiful about them. Polaroids have a unique artistic feel which is probably why a whole generation of Instagram and Tumblr addicts, who spend a sizable amount of time on the perfect filter for their pizza and glass of wine, flock to the polaroid cameras. Our generation is all about the visual artsy feel, which is exactly what polaroids promise to deliver.

Go Instant - Polaroid Cameras are Back - Livingit

Polaroids have a unique artistic feel ( Image Source )

4. The New Changes

The new models of polaroid cameras target the drawbacks of the old models and thereby, resolve them. The latest cameras allow you to use an old-timey filter that flatters your skin in the way you want it. They also feature a slot for a MicroSD card, thereby allowing you to share and upload your photos easily. It also allows you to take pictures while your previous picture is in the process of printing. The new models blend in happily with our lifestyles, making polaroid cameras all the more appealing.

Go Instant - Polaroid Cameras are Back - Livingit

It allows you to take pictures while your previous picture is in the process of printing ( Image Source )

5. Back to the Start!

“In a world of Snapchat, I keep your picture in my wallet.” Old-school never fails to encapsulate us with its charm. From fashion to cinema, old trends always find their way back into our hearts. Polaroids barely required any effort. Their natural charm and the obvious nostalgia and the artsy feel attached to, polaroids are more than enough to lure us in. As much as adapting to change and looking out for new technology has become a part of our life, a small part in us still craves for the past.

Go Instant - Polaroid Cameras are Back - Livingit

Old trends always find their way back into our hearts ( Image Source )

Polaroid Cameras are Here to Stay

The new polaroids are distinctively class apart. They fit in perfectly with your fast and artistic lifestyle. Thousands of websites come up with DIY ideas for polaroids which stretch from building a scrapbook to adorning your walls with them. Polaroids can be used very creatively with minimal effort. Try making a photo timeline with fairy lights or a chaotically artistic soft-board or maybe, let it add some magic to your feed.

Go Instant - Polaroid Cameras are Back - Livingit

Image Source

In the midst of our almost desperate search for everything artistic, it is not a huge shocker that polaroid cameras are making their comeback. It is becoming exceedingly popular across the globe and if at all, in any case, photography holds the tiniest corner in your heart, stop thinking about everything else and go get yourself a polaroid camera!

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” Marc Riboud

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