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8 Tips for DSLR Beginners

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It’s amazing to look at old photographs and reminisce the beautiful time from our past. We fill our spaces with photographs of friends, family, holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc. and go back to them every now and then. Over time, the definition of photography has taken a whole new dimension. It’s not only restricted to special events but has become a way of defining the world around you. With this has come the trend of better cameras – SLRs and DSLRs. If you have just stepped into this new world of photography, here are 8 photography tips for every DSLR beginners.

DSLR Beginners – Tips to Keep in Mind

Your Manual is Your Bible

Photography Using a DSLR Beginners
Follow your manual (Image Source)

Never underestimate your camera manual. You may want to start clicking the moment you have your camera in hand, but take some time to read the manual. Understand the basics to give the activity the right start. Keep the manual somewhere handy for reference.

Click, Click and Click

Photography Using a DSLR Beginners
The more you click, the more you learn (Image Source)

Practice makes a man perfect, so does clicking. The more you click, the more intricately you understand your camera and its settings. You figure out new ways of photography, gradually understand its types and select the one you wish to go ahead with. You learn techniques for exposure and composition.

Read Blogs, Posts and Magazines

Photography Using a DSLR Beginners
Read, Understand and Learn (Image Source)

The more you read, the more you understand and learn. Take inspiration and guidance from professional photographers and their work. Look at their clicks and come up with innovative ideas to improve your own.

Your Camera Has N Number of Functions – Learn Them

When it comes to a DSLR, it’s not just a click, it’s a lot more. The composition, lights, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, etc. In the initial stages, use every function possible. Experiment as much as you can and analyze what works best for you. Mix and match to get the perfect outcome.

Photography Using a DSLR Beginners
Experiment with every function to learn (Image Source)

Focus on the Focus

Photography Using a DSLR Beginners
Focus on what you want to highlight (Image Source)

Irrespective of what your subject, exposure and ISO are – the focus is the most important aspect of photography. Only when you learn how to focus the perfect way is when you get the desired outcome. In the beginning, press the shutter button half way down to pre-focus. The faster a photograph is clicked, lesser are the chances of it becoming blurred. It is a useful practice to keep the camera close to your body for support.

Click in the RAW format

RAW format is one of the various image formats used for photography. Contrary to formats like jpeg, RAW holds more information, allowing you to edit pictures with ease. Why is it good? Imagine a scenario when you want to click a natural phenomenon – the golden hour or a bird’s flight. You could capture the moment but not a perfect photograph. Now RAW format comes into play. With the elaborate information that it stores, the picture can be easily fixed and edited, giving you the desired product.

Look for Inspiration

Photography Using a DSLR Beginners
Look for that one thing that inspires you (Image Source)

Beauty is all around, it’s only for you to have the eye for it. Look around for inspiration. Shoot at different times of the day and see how different your photographs turn out to be. Nature is your best teacher. Believe it and make the most of it.

Enjoy the Activity

Photography Using a DSLR Beginners
Enjoy this journey of becoming a better photographer (Image Source)

Remember, photography is an expensive passion and you have spent a lot on it. Make the most of your investment and have fun in your journey of becoming a better photographer every day. Indulge in the kind of photography you like or challenge yourself with something that you find difficult. Discover new aspects of your photography skills and let lose all parts of your creativity.

The world around you keeps changing, the photographs remain. Learn the art the right way and become an expert in capturing moments. Share your clicks with us and inspire budding photographers.

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