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One Subject, Different Perspectives: The Network Tower!

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Learning photography was not too tough, we had to understand the exposure components and remember some quick formulas that were combinations of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. But a lot of times during the application process, it would get difficult to apply those formulas and the struggle to capture the picture would become a real challenge. Photography is a never-ending learning process and you as a photographer have to be proactive in practicing the skills required, along with trying out new things from time to time. While I was learning photography, we were assigned particular subjects to shoot from various perspectives which would help us to hone our creative and observation skills. But now that school is over, to keep practicing and evolving, in my free time I continue to shoot subjects the way we did for assignments at my photography school. For my latest practice session, I chose my subject as the network tower as I love the height of it, and the depth that it gives to pictures. The challenge was to shoot the network tower in different hours of the day, in distinctive situations and in creative compositions.

One Subject, Different Perspectives: The Network Tower!

You must be wondering, where did I manage to find these network towers? Well they are very much from within and around the city of Mumbai and it is just a matter of observance. Since I travel to many parts of the city, I view every area differently every time. Hence, executing this idea that I had taken up was not tough. When I decided to do this assignment I was always looking around on the highways that I was travelling because that is where you will find the most towers. Composing the picture was a difficult part as the background in my picture would always be the sky, thus waiting for the right dramatic effect in the sky was a must.

One Subject, Different Perspectives: The Network Tower!

This assignment took a long time to finish as before being a photographer, I am an artist and an artist always wants to create something fresh and unique. I made a few road trips to hill stations around Mumbai to find some offbeat locations where network towers were located. I love shooting while I am travelling so the picture that you will see next is from my trip to Igatpuri during the rainy season. The rain drops falling on the window and the network tower outside just made for an artistic capture.

One Subject, Different Perspectives: The Network Tower!

No matter how well you know your photography skills and formulas, every situation you try to capture in your photograph is going to be a challenge in it’s own way. I had to be very alert and conscious while doing this assignment as I had to maintain the creative aspect in the photos and that becomes stressful sometimes. To overcome the stress of not getting a perfect picture, I would take a break from shooting for a few days but I would continue observing around. Patience is the best companion of a photographer and yes I can now say that my patient efforts have given me good photographs.

One Subject, Different Perspectives: The Network Tower!

To excel in anything you have to keep practicing and this is how I try to practice, by assigning myself a particular subject to shoot. This assignment helped me discover some places within my city, made me go wow when I saw the drama of nature and helped me to look at the simplest of things creatively. I know most of you guys out there must have ignored these towers thinking they are too boring to photograph. When I tried to google some references for this project, I found only cliparts and very few shots, which may be were taken for research perspective.

One Subject, Different Perspectives: The Network Tower!

As an artist, I am satisfied because I chose to do something that may be was never attempted or went out of notice. As a photographer, I am glad to have some of the rarest shots in my gallery. Like I always say, life is a matter of perspectives and you have the power to visualize what you desire. If I can turn the ordinary network tower into such beautiful pictures, I am sure you too can think of something challenging. Inspire your own self if you want to stand out as a photographer!


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