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Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

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A friend’s wedding or an international honeymoon trip—reasons could be endless, but the decision of buying that DSLR camera was influenced. And once the immediate needs are fulfilled, we drive our ‘DSLR cameras’ to the closets.

There’s more to become a great photographer than just being a proud owner of a ‘DSLR camera’.

You should know there are hidden functions of DSLR camera to be explored and make efforts to understand these infamous features and the possibilities your camera brings forward.

Just like the secret behind a successful marriage –

The art of knowing each other best holds true for your DSLR camera too.

A good photographer must know his or her camera in and out. He or she must understand to the niche when and how much to adjust or twist for the perfect click.

We explore and jot down a list of hidden functions of DSLR Camera that you should know.

Trust us:

These are the exact hidden functions of DSLR Camera,your camera wishes you knew!

13 Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera

1. The Importance of Flash

Lights make life brighter and pictures too. But even too much of light can spoil a click. So mastering the art of controlling light or ‘Flash’, as photographers name it, is essential.

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

Try clicking pictures of a bike or maybe a tree in the garden, under bright sunlight. Repeat the activity the same evening. Notice the changes. Using flash under bright daylight or on a soft evening will make you understand what importance flash holds for photographers.

2. Exposure

The exposure of a picture decides the appearance of a photograph being captured by the camera.

Does that sound easy?

Have a look!

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

Exposure is dependent on 3 basic camera features –

  1. The aperture
  2. ISO
  3. Shutter speed

Heads spinning? We will make that easy, keep reading!

Also, Learn ISO in 4 easy steps

3. Managing the Aperture Value for the Precise Depth Field

Understanding this point might be quite tricky, but trust us, results are even greater. To frame it in simpler terms, the DoF (depth of field) of a picture defines the zone or area in a picture which appears in focus.

An aperture controls the amount of light allowed to pass through the lens to camera sensors. These values when calibrated carefully result in snaps that are epitome .

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

Technical and tricky, was it? Let us make that simpler:

Larger aperture = Shallow (small) depth of field

Smaller aperture = Deeper (larger) depth the of field

4. Frame the Shots

Focusing on the object to be captured and manually arranging a frame like colors, lines, zoom, and brightness etc. before you click defines the click.

framing shots in photography

5. Handling Accessories and Practicing Routines

The earlier camera models worked with picture rolls, and surprisingly, the roll used to get full right just when we were about to click the awaited moment.

How irritating was that?

Thanks to technology, we can now at least keep clicking.

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

But what if the battery went out or the memory card is full? So, carrying an extra lens and batteries and memory cards on the move is recommended. Even tripods have certain dos and don’ts which should definitely be adhered to.

6. Post Processing

Pictures are usually clicked in jpeg or RAW format and need processing. The picture below is self-explanatory.

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

Where one processing technique can help you enhance the image quality, the other may destroy it completely.

7. The Importance of that tiny Memory Card in your DSLR Camera

It’s not your camera alone to blame when clicking pictures if it gets slow. The speed of pictures getting clicked and being stored is also dependent on the memory card you use.

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

So the next time you purchase one, don’t forget to research.

8. Focusing on that One Right Click

Practice, patience, and pictures make you perfect. Spend time understanding when and how to click.

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

Clicking a burst does not ensure a perfect click.

9. Focus on Histogram and not LCD to Understand the Click

Point-and-click cameras come with histograms. It is this histogram and not the LCD which gives an idea of what needs to be adjusted to fix the exposure .

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

10. The Choice of Lens for Correct Sharpness

Photographers say sharpness is married to focus, and focus is the brainchild of the lens being used.

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

So the correct lens allows correct exposure, balancing picture sharpness.

11. Format Card or Erase All Images

All this while we have been talking about composition, aperture, focus. But equally important is getting the camera ready for the next shoot.

Now if the memory card is full, what would you prefer- deleting or formatting?

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

Keep it simple; using the formatting option of your camera saves memory card shelf-life as it allows pictures to be overwritten.

On the contrary, deleting uses the allowable use limits of the card.

12. Customize

Do not stick to a value for the perfect click. There is no one rule or value which can be mugged up for clicking pictures. Keep shifting and varying till you get what you want.

And last but not the least:

13. Lintless clothes’ for keeping the baby ‘clean’

After all the stress and load the camera goes through, it is equally essential to keep your camera clean. Just investing in an expensive or overpriced cloth may not ensure the cleanest lens. There are easier and cheaper ways to do it.

Know The Hidden Functions of DSLR Camera!

As cloth may pick up Lint from the camera bag itself, if mishandled, investing in disposable cloths is a safer option. One can easily find a similar product under the tag “Pec Pads” on Amazon.

So now that you have bought that favourite brand of DSLR camera, explore !

Invest time to read the manual to know about its features or google it. At the same time, keep clicking. Who knows, you may accidentally get that million-dollar click!

And don’t forget to share the experience and pictures, if possible.

Tag us and do leave your comments. Add points in case we missed any!

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