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Creative Photography Ideas: Turning Ugly into Beautiful!

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Photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame and how magical can a photographer make it. What do we look for in a striking picture? A breathtaking location, perfect lighting, structure and more. But what if we tell you than an ace photographer has captured the best street photos in locations that are termed as ugly! Shocked right? But he believes in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and experimenting with perspective! And that is the key to his creative photography ideas.

Bringing in loads of creativity, patience, and of course, imagination, expert photographer Vijce created iconic photos in the subway station that would leave you awestruck. A famous German fine art photographer and with a plethora of laurels under his cap, Vijce recently created a label – Eye, Heart & Soul that teaches all about creating fine art photography. From CBRE Urban Photographer Of The Year 2014 to being shortlisted in top 10 Sony Photography Awards 2016, Vijce is definitely a fine artist.

His latest project was at an ugly location- a train station!


Well, even we were until we found out how an ugly location could look stunning from Vijce’s perspective!

Take a look.

Vijce and his Creative Photography Ideas

After seeing the pictures, you might now see a subway station from a whole new angle!

The Humdrum Entrance of the Subway

creative photography ideas- turning ugly into beautiful

The above photos do look lifeless, mundane. Wait till you watch the next

Now check this –


creative photography ideas- turning ugly into beautiful

Amazed right? Vijce brought life into this picture with his creativity. He captured this image using the backlight of the train station hallway that instantly brightened the woman in the photo.

Reflection of Ideas

esacalator photography

Vijce wanted to capture reflections and decided to stick to an escalator. Ugly location right? But just look at the picture! Isn’t it incredible? And the person in the escalator brings a new dimension. If you were wondering about the blue tone of the photo then Vijce used split toning during post processing.

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Capturing the sole traveler

creative photography ideas- turning ugly into beautiful Vijce gives a classy finish to his photos by bringing a transition of dark and bright light.


creative photography ideas-turning ugly into beautiful

This photo definitely makes you think if the escalator is any more an ugly location? We bet you would want to click such a picture with your partner too!

Seeing the World with a Whole New Perspective

creative photography ideas- turning ugly into beautiful
Who could ever think a photo at the escalator could look this lovely? For creative photography ideas, Vijce suggests to explore every aspect, discover people around, try new angles and stay at the location for long.

Out of the Box Imagination

creative photography ideas-turning ugly into beautiful

You wouldn’t believe that this photo was captured when Vijce couldn’t think of any more creative photography ideas! With some tilt and twist of his head, he captured this spectacular picture.

He shows us that there is nothing called ugly location, it is the eye, heart, and soul of the creative person. If you are an armature photographer or love clicking then do try Vijce creative photography ideas and bring a new dimension to your photos! Go grab your camera and explore the world in a whole new outlook!

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