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Camera Protection: How to keep Digital Camera Predators at Bay!

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Your camera is a significant investment, and you try every possible way to keep it safe and unharmed. How would you feel if you damage your camera unknowingly? Obviously, you will panic! Do not panic. You just need to know about the proper camera protection to keep it safe from below 9 natural predators.

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Camera Protection: Safeguard your Gear


camera rain protection
Keep your camera safe from moisture

Moisture can enter your camera in enormous ways in addition to near water bodies such as a river, pond, sea, etc. Moisture can enter inside your camera even when there is a temperature change and humidity in the air and thereby you need camera protection from moisture and water. In such cases keep silica gel packs in your camera bag because they soak the moisture from your camera bag.

You can also keep your camera inside sealed plastic bags when you are not shooting. In water body areas always use neck or wrist strap to avoid your camera to fall into the water. When you are in a humid area, wipe your camera frequently to keep camera safe.

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Cold Weather

cold weather effecting dslr cameras

Clicking beautiful pictures of snowy landscapes has its own disadvantages. Cold weather absorbs energy from your camera battery, which in turn leads to battery discharge at a very high speed. In such cases, always take a fully charged spare battery with you so that you do not run out of battery.

Also, if snow enters inside your camera, it melts in a second and leads to damage your camera because of moisture creation. Using a lens hood prevents snow from entering inside the camera.


When it comes to digital photography, rain has its own pros and cons. You just cannot resist clicking pictures when it is beautifully pouring down. You try to keep it hidden under your jackets and click your desired shot. But there are times when you have to click a shot in the extreme rain.

You have already invested more than enough for buying a DSLR camera; you just need to invest a small amount in purchasing a rain cover for camera rain protection.

camera rain protection, safety of DSLR
Protect camera in rain Source


Here are various rain covers available in the market for camera protection.

  • Ewa-marine Rain Cape is a poncho for your camera. It can easily cover any DSLR lens. It has an optical glass port placed over the lens—that does not hamper the image quality.
  • Vortex Media Storm Jacket Cover is of great help when you are shooting where the weather changes frequently. It is made of Aqua Nylon fabric and is easy to cover and remove from the camera.
  • AquaTech Sports Shield Rain Cover is preferred when you have to go for a whole day photography. It keeps camera safe in all kinds of weather. Make sure to get the cover that matches your camera configuration.
  • Op/Tech SLR Rainsleeve is a big plastic bag designed for the safety of DSLR camera that can drape even a very long lens. Also, it has a drawstring to keep the cover snug fit on the camera to prevent moisture from entering inside.


If tiny salt particles enter inside your camera and lenses, they may cause serious damage such as corrosion. When you are shooting at beach area or any other place where salt exists, avoid changing camera lenses, memory cards, and batteries.

keeping camera safe
Protect camera from salt

As soon as you are done clicking pictures, make sure to wipe your camera properly and keep it inside the camera bag. Prefer using lintless disposable wipes to keep camera safe and clean. You can easily find them online with the name “Pec Pads”.

Sunscreen and other Lotions

safety of dslr, camera protection
Protect camera from sunscreen lotion Source

Most of the time we take our camera outside for photography. We protect our skin from sunlight and insects using various lotions such as sunscreen and insect repellent. These lotions are oily and contain various chemicals that can destroy safety of DSLR camera. You do not need to avoid using them but take some precautions. Wash your hands as soon as you apply lotion. Do not keep your sunscreen and lotions in your camera bag only because you won’t have to carry an extra bag. It may cause serious damage to your camera.

Even if you have to carry them together during a long journey. Make sure to keep sunscreen, lotions or anything greasy in a sealed bag.


Camera protection from dust is another factor that you must look upon. Dust does not corrode your camera as salt does. Instead, dust particles mainly damage the image sensor of your camera. And, cleaning an image sensor is not an easy task. Either go to some professional or learn to properly clean and test the image sensor.

Camera protection is a must while changing lenses. Keep your camera inside the camera bag after wiping and cleaning it properly (using lintless wipes) at least once in a day.


camera protection from dust and sand
Sand can damage the camera lens Source

Sand damages your camera more than the dust and salt. If stony and harsh particles of sand enter inside your camera, it leads to scratches or may even dysfunction your camera.

Definitely, you cannot stop going to sand free areas, as beaches and oceans are always perfect shooting spots. But you can use cleaning brushes to remove sand particles. Also, carry disposable cleaning wipes and sealed bags along with your camera.

Last but not the least, avoid opening your camera lenses, battery and memory card of your camera in sandy areas.

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camera protection from thieves
Camera protection from thieves Source

A thief is also a natural predator of your expensive camera and its gears. Thieves can come anytime, anywhere and you won’t even know it until they run away with your camera gears.

Always be careful of your surroundings. If you are placing any of your camera gear nearby while shooting with other gear, once check out carefully who has access to them. Prefer to carry only required gears while you are traveling.
Use camera bags which does not give a look of something expensive inside.

Hold your camera along with your camera bag containing all gears leaning on your body. If you are in an area which is crowded, prefer to tie your camera bag on the front portion of your body.

Clumps and Pratfalls

camera protection, safety of DSLR

Clumps and pratfalls are those natural predators which can lead to severe damage of your camera. Make sure to get an accidental insurance of your camera so that even if you end up damaging your camera, some expenses get covered.

Well! In many situations, you cannot avoid clumps and pratfalls, but you can take proper safety measures. Use padded camera bags and be attentive while passing the camera to another person, if in case required.

Now that, you know about all 9 nature predators, you can focus on your photography without any worries about damaging your camera. Invest your time in reading the manual to know more about useful techniques to click enthralling pictures.

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