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85 Things I have Learned about Photography

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Photography is an art. To many it’s a source of living. To many it’s a way to express themselves . To many its their passion. Whatever be the reason to take up photography, the ways of pursuing this art remain the same for all. What you take back or learn is same for all, just the experiences might be different from one another.For me it is means There are various things I have learned about Photography, through many experiences.

With any art or passion there are always some do’s and don’ts that are to be followed. But photography is one thing where you can follow your heart, and instinct and break free from the set of rules. You can fail to do so, but the joy of doing things on your own terms is the reason why people enjoy photography.

And as is said, “If you are not failing, you are not learning”.

So, here’s the list of things I have learned about photography through my journey!

  1. Don’t do photography just to show-off and to flaunt your camera.
  2. Enjoy whatever you are shooting.
  3. Prepare well for your shoot. Going for a shoot and realizing that you are running out of memory card or battery is not great.
  4. Pay attention to your thoughts and believe your instincts while shooting.
  5. Set goals which are achievable.
  6. Write and share tips about photography for beginners .
  7. Never forget your tripod when going for a shoot.
    85 Things I have Learned about Photography
  8. Be happy even with minimal success , because success stories take lots of time and effort.
  9. Bond with photographers whether new or established.
  10. Check the place where you want to shoot before hand.
  11. Keep calm.
  12. Don’t overestimate yourself.
  13. Having a particular attitude towards anything is a no-no, be open and free minded.
  14. Dedicate yourself. But enjoy other things as well.
  15. Join a photography club or community.
    85 Things I have Learned about Photography
  16. Clean your camera.
  17. Don’t compare yourself to others even if you fail or succeed. You never know the other person’s story.
  18. Be yourself. Don’t copy others.
  19. Be open to criticism for your images.
  20. Learn from your critiques.
  21. Get inspiration from others work.
  22. Criticize others but respectfully.
  23. Take feedback from your family.
  24. Don’t copy someone’s style. Be original.
  25. 10mm is the best!
  26. Go for creative self portraits.
    85 Things I have Learned about Photography
  27. Keep learning and reading about photography.
  28. Shoot in RAW.
  29. Always keep your sensor clean.
  30. Go out and find things that appeal to you.
  31. Becoming a good photographer takes efforts and time.
  32. Don’t chase equipments. What you have is the best.
  33. Even if you are good, you can’t possibly click everything.
  34. Break the rules. Try new things.
  35. Pay attention to the light.
    85 Things I have Learned about Photography
  36. Clouds play an important role in your photograph.
  37. Start your own blog.
  38. Be polite.
  39. Avoid ‘Nice shot’ as a comment to write or give.
  40. ‘Amazing’ also doesn’t work. Be to the point about what you like or not.
  41. Be curious about an image that you like.
  42. Always review your click.
  43. Be clear about what you want to set as the eye catcher.
  44. Your opinions matter.
  45. Share your experiences with your friends.
  46. Participate in competitions.
  47. Do post processing for your image.
  48. Shoot at high altitudes for stunning images.
    85 Things I have Learned about Photography
  49. Always remember what inspired you to take up photography.
  50. HDR is always better.
  51. Always ask for permission to photograph someone.
  52. Turn around. Sometimes the best image is always behind you.
  53. The person behind the camera matters, not the camera.
  54. Mistakes are fine. If not, then you are not learning.
  55. If doubtful about an idea, go ahead with it. You never know!
  56. Learn about histograms.
  57. Know your camera in and out.
  58. Shoot as often as you can.
  59. Don’t hesitate to get dirty for an image.
  60. Never compromise on quality.
  61. Check your ISO settings.
    85 Things I have Learned about Photography
  62. Your photographs are a pointer to your psyche.
  63. Read comments on your images carefully.
  64. Don’t trust your LCD completely. Sometimes the images appear sharper than original.
  65. Keep enough disc space, always.
  66. Enjoy the moments when roaming without your camera.
  67. If shooting for a sunrise/sunset always arrive an hour earlier.
  68. Keep pushing your limits.
  69. Don’t settle for ordinary.
  70. Pay attention to syk’s.
    85 Things I have Learned about Photography
  71. Print your images in large size.
  72. Don’t worry about what others might say about your image. If you like it, publish it anyway.
  73. Learn from your mistakes and move on.
  74. Shrug off your laziness
  75. Think outside the box. Do things differently.
  76. Have a mentor to guide you.
  77. Be sure of what you want to express in your images.
  78. Don’t quit a club/community because of emotional reasons. People are opinionated, deal with it.
  79. Some people will be jealous.
  80. “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”- Henri Cartier-Bresson
  81. Latest and best camera doesn’t guarantee the best image.
  82. Don’t worry about people duplicating your idea.
  83. Worry if people stop copying you.
  84. Write down a list of things that you have learned.
  85. Enjoy every bit of your work!

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That’s a long list of things I have learned about Photography, but I am sure it will be relatable to all the budding photographers out there.

Let us know about your experiences in the comments below!