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50mm Lens : Why I Love my Tiny-Tiny Wonder Baby!

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Are you wondering too? Why 50mm lens? I call it my wonder baby, I love this lens and it’s a magical one when it comes to the quality of the images. Long back in the era of the film photography, many SLRs came with only one standard lens i.e. 50mm. YES, and not any kind of zoom unlike what we have today. Many renowned photographers swore by this lens in those days. Walking around the streets with this tiny magical lens and documenting the happenings became most common back then.

Why 50mm Lens is the Best (for me)!

50 mm is the prime lens, where you have your focal length fixed and YOU ARE THE ZOOM. Today, we have a whole lot of photographers who might have never used a prime lens and I must say if you are one of them then you are missing a lot. I will now tell you why it’s my wonder baby and why it is a must have in your camera bag if you are a pro or a beginner. Let’s hit it!


The quality of lens majorly depends on the elements present inside the lens and the way lens is constructed. As 50 mm is a prime lens, with no zoom obviously, it has very less number of glass elements. Can you guess how this affects the quality and how does it make a difference? Fewer glass elements mean less diffraction and hence less loss in quality.


Being a photographer I always crave for great aperture. If you have a lens which gives you great performance in terms of aperture, you are sorted. The images will have crisp quality and lower f-number will help you to shoot in low light condition without hampering your creativity.

Even the cheapest of 50mm baby i.e. f 1.8(for Canon) will be an amazing buy initially. Apart from making the most fascinating and hyped phenomena, BOKEH, you can also use the wide aperture of 50mm lens for selectively focusing your elements in the image. Later, I shall also introduce to the technique of

50mm lens photography
BOKEH effect with 50mm lens.

Normal Lens

This little beauty is also called Normal Lens as the angle of view projected this very much similar to a normal human eye i.e. around 43 degrees. Also, it falls in the range of normal lenses 35mm-70mm. As I mentioned earlier, this lens is best suited for documentary photography, first, it gives a very high sense of immediacy in terms of a normal human eye and second with amazing picture quality you are going to bring life to your images.

Feels Great to have this Tiny Beauty 50mm Lens in my Kit

Oh my god!! Being a photographer I always try to carry precise equipment’s in my camera bag so that I don’t have to carry heavy camera bags. Trust me it’s as important to categorize your needs of lenses on the shoot as it will help you further (in the shoot!). I remember while on my days on the Nat Geo reality show I was carrying 15 kgs of stuff on my back and running here and there as it was too tuff to categorize at that moment.

But, carrying 50mm in your bag is the smartest choice. It’s tiny, portable and light. I feel so contented when I hold it to shoot. And, this is one of the concrete reasons why I am in love with this lens.

I would here suggest all my dear readers a must-have in your kit, 50mm lens. It’s a great lens which won’t make a big hole in your pocket, say Canon 50mm, 1.8 is around 7-8k and one can easily afford it. So go ahead with exploring your world through 50mm and let me know some add-ons to these experiences of mine.

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Cool! So for my next posts, I might need your help friends, let me know how you are liking the posts and what else you want to know more as far as the art is concerned. Signing off, yours truly.

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