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What is photography? The conventional definition says it is a science that involves the application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other mediums. However, for a passionate photographer, it is an art that reflects the vision and imagination of an artist. Each moment adds meaning to your life and photographers immortalize them with their blissful creation. Isn’t it awesome to gift people their cherished moments in a creative frame? If you are a photography enthusiast and are starting photography as a hobby, here are a few tips that you should always remember.

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11 Tips for Those Starting Out with Photography

Photography as a Profession – Are You 100% Serious?

11 Tips for Those Starting Out with Photography
If you love photography, go for it ( Image Source )

Even before you think of clicking pictures, you need to think how you would like to relate with photography. Determine if photography is your hobby or if you want to take it up as your profession. To market, to economize and to ensure a steady workflow, you should always be on your heels. For this reason, a career in photography does not suit everyone. However, if you have that urge to establish yourself in one of the most interesting fields of work, nothing can be more exciting than this. Photography as a dedicated hobby is appreciated equally and with respect.

Find a Good Photographic Institute and Enroll

11 Tips for Those Starting Photography
Knowledge is essential for learning ( Image Source )

Rule of thirds, exposure, aperture and shutter speed trifecta, f-stops, etc., – do you understand these terms? These are the technical details that will help you click a perfect photograph. Hence, it is necessary to enroll yourself in a good photography institute. The amount of information about photography present online is also overwhelming and can be rightly referred for knowledge. Learn the basic rules while starting photography, enjoy the learning process and read some photography related books for additional information and inspiration. The library near you will surely have what you are looking for.

Be Choosy with Your Equipment

11 Tips for Those Starting Photography
Buy the correct Equipment ( Image Source )

Avoid the tendency to go overboard about buying the most expensive equipment if you are interested in photography. Be wise to choose your perfect DSLR from among the numerous available in the market. Consulting an experienced person related to photography will be of great help.

After selecting your camera, prioritize your lenses. To avoid spending too much money on photography gear, it is better to buy smart and get the purchase right the first time. On the other hand, an inexpensive tripod is worth acquiring, to skyrocket your satisfaction while shooting.

Carry Your Camera Always

11 Tips for Those Starting Photography
Don’t forget to carry your camera ( Image Source )

With your camera sitting at home, you will never be able to click a good photo. The day you forget to carry your camera might be the day you miss on a potential award-winning photograph. Make a habit of carrying your camera always and everywhere as unexpected photo options pop up when you least expect it.

Say No-No to Automatic Settings and Move to Manual

Bid goodbye to the green box of your camera. Confused? Well, green box is the automatic setting on your camera which can usually take away all your creative frames and mind. You need move away from automatic settings. Don’t let your camera company decide about the setting of the photograph that you have visualized in your mind. Instead, move to manual settings to decide your shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance and metering mode for a perfect click.

Learn Your Camera Inside Out

Do not hesitate to experiment with your camera’s settings. One way to improve your shooting is to understand the tools perfectly. When you don’t have to think about which buttons to push or make a technical choice for a scenario, that’s when you are free to approach photography as a creative.

11 Tips for Those Starting Photography
Understand the camera ( Image Source )

Learning every option, setting, and control of your camera is a must to make your device an extension of your eye. It might sound a bit weird; however, reading the camera’s manual is helpful. When you are starting photography, an even better option is to shoot every day and dig deeper into the settings!

Make Time for Shooting

The only way to improve your photography skills is to carry your camera and shoot innumerable shots. Blocking your time for photography amidst a busy schedule is extremely important. Keep a small notebook and jot down the list of shots you want to get. Make note of the places you would like to visit for photography.

An excellent way of motivating yourself for starting photography is determining and doing weekly assignments. Go crazy while you click. Do not get afraid of experimenting with compositions or failing to take a perfect shot. Remember, nothing else but practice can make you perfect.

Do Not Avoid Mundane Subjects, Rather Change Your Vision

You might not see anything different or interesting in your familiar surroundings. However, it is often noticed that a simple subject helps you capture the best shot. Rather than changing places for photography, it is better to change your vision. Look around with a fresh perspective and notice unusual beauty in a familiar environment.

Invest on Editing Software and Learn to Use Lightroom and Photoshop

11 Tips for Those Starting Photography
Learn the post processing techniques ( Image Source )

After capturing a photograph, post processing is extremely important. This process gives a huge creative boost to your photograph. Therefore, if you are serious about getting better at photography, then investing on some good and essential editing software like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, etc. is a must. Please do not add the software shortcuts to your computer drive. Rather, learn to use them for a perfect edit.

Network with Other Photographers

Networking is an effective way to become better at photography. There are tons of ways to network with other photographers. The two most common ways are:

  • Join a local Camera Club or a Photography Club.
  • Join the Facebook groups related to photography.

Slow Down on Going Pro

Slow down on going professional and learn to tread lightly. After you have been shooting for a while, you might get approached with several professional offers like portfolio shoots, wedding, ad shoots, etc. It is surely attractive to monetize your hobby or passion that can help you in buying gears or meeting ends. However, it is difficult to deal with professional processes. Start slow and grow strong as a professional with ample experience.

There is a huge difference between taking pictures and creating pictures. Anyone can snap pictures with a camera handy and automatic mode on. However, playing with depth, framing the exposure, deciding the shutter speed, adjusting the white balance and composing the subject accordingly is totally different. This is creativity. You can only do it if you have love, dedication and that burning passion for photography.

Next time when you are out with your camera, see, think, set, meditate and then Click!

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