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10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click

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Photography has shot up tremendously as a passion with the DSLR outburst, smartphone photo filters, and the ultimate selfie revolution. But, apart from buying the right camera, the perfect lens and taking short trips to explore your photography skills is what makes it a true passion. Leaving apart the technicalities of your camera, there has to be a delirious instinct in you to seize that incredible moment in a shot, and that’s quite a challenge. This enticing art of getting your hands on the right shot and producing a story through it surely comes with an unwavering drill. As Henri Cartier-Bresson snaps it in this line, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”. So, let us take a look at 10 kinds of photos every photographer should click that should fetch you great medley to play along while you conceive, breathe and live your passion.

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10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click

1. The Breath-Taking Sunset

However cliché this one may sound, a sunset shot is a must. There is a nostalgic and calm element about a sunset. The hues turn richer and deeper as the sun tumbles down and tries to relax for the day. Sunsets are emotional they say, as they lend an incredible calm and charm to the moment we are in. The beach, your wide open windows, and terraces of apartments or bungalows are great places to captivate this beguiling shot of a setting sun. You will lament missing this one for sure!

10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click
The setting sun symbolizes the completion of a journey ( Source )

2. Smile of a Child

Children are the biggest source of energy, and what more do you want than a smiling kid? The notorious smile of a kid is commonly known. Whether they are smiling at their tablet games or smirking by looking at their favorite chocolate, it arrests our mind and we get brushed by that lack of malice we are often dealing with. A child’s smile speaks a thousand words, some good and some brimming with pranks! You cannot miss a child smiling at your camera. In fact, you can use chocolates or a game as a brilliant source of bribe, just to get that shot!

10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click
Pure, vulnerable and positive ( Image Source )

3. As Intricate as Art

Intricate art pieces like the patterned walls of an old art gallery look stunning forever. You should take a trip to such a place to capture the intricacy and the sense of design of the medieval ages and add the vintage element to your photo canvas. The walls of an art gallery have intricate designs made by great artists and they are worth capturing. Try to visit these places, which are often ticketless and dark. You can try a good hand at the aperture and shutter speed.

10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click
The meaning behind the forms, lines, shapes, and colours ( Source )

4) A Tiger’s Close Up

You need guts to get this one! But secretly, every photographer dreams of clasping this giant in their lens. Whether you visit the zoos or you are lucky enough to spot a tiger at a national park or a jungle safari in one of his best sentiments, then you have got awesome karma in stock! Wildlife photographers are bonkers over a tiger’s close up but somewhere every ardent lensman should give this a try without hesitating too much. Who knows, this might add up the brave quotient to your portfolio!

10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click
The spirit animal of sensuality ( Source )

5. A Bloomed Flower

A beautifully bloomed flower at times waits for a photo rather than the spring! The shades of a hibiscus or the flattery of a bougainvillea are so alluring. And like nature’s own palette of paints, they touch our souls. Let the poet in you fuse with the photographer in you to grasp this unforgettable piece of beauty. You might find a thousand colorful flowers around you and so be ready to combat the perplexed mind!

10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click
Flowers symbolizes magnificence and beauty ( Source )

6. Colours of the Ice Gola Bottles

We all know that in this fast paced life strewn with deadlines and technology, it is as scarce as hen’s teeth to find a rainbow in the sky. Whether we are sipping coffee at our office desks or creating market value for companies, nature is bestowing its presence on us. One interesting way to rightly snap this rainbow in your camera is taking a photo of the ‘ice gola’ bottles lined up on a cart at the beach or a flea market. The colour theory can never be understood better and you sure are going to be a sucker for this one!

10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click
It embodies the principles of containing and enclosure ( Source )

7. A Bird Catching its Prey

A kingfisher catching its prey is a typical shot every shutterbug wants to get a grip at. It reminds of magazine covers or wildlife shows we grew up watching. A common kingfisher or a pied kingfisher that catches the fish in its mouth in a split second is an unrivaled sight and it is a good idea to make this as your next photo goal!

10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click
Birds for vitality and a sense of self-importance ( Source )

8. The Humongous Alps

The Swiss Alps are one of the most massively beautiful thing that has happened to the world. Any angle you set to capture them in your camera, they look even more beautiful with every second. During the winters when the sun shines on the Alps, due to the darkness the sunlight looks purple as it gets blended with the colour of snow and this is called as ‘’The Alpine Glow”. You cannot miss this heart stealer in your photo story.

10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click
Mountains are a symbol of the earth and femininity ( Source )

9. A Well Tossed and Colourful Salad

No great story ever started with somebody having a salad, but watching a salad in a photo itself triggers the healthy germ in you. The bell peppers in brightest colours, the aesthetically cut carrots, the yellow corn on the cob entwined with a handful of oregano, parsley, the glaze of olive oil and finally the fresh looking iceberg lettuce shade is no less than paradise. Food photography is an art like other genres and colour and presentation is the skill that can be well brushed with this.

10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click
For the healthy germ in you ( source )

10. A Fishing village

A fishing village that belongs to the old times, takes you to a different province of thought. The smell of fish might not be pleasant at all for a few of us but the pictures will turn out mind blowing for sure. The gracefully aged charm of the village, portraits of fishermen and women and the finer details of the traditional boats used for fishing are some of the photos you can click. You can get a chance to buy some local fish and of course craft some knowledgeable conversations with the fishermen about fishing techniques, seasons and so on. After all extra knowledge doesn’t prick at all!

10 Kinds of Photos Every Photographer Should Click
For the extra effect ( source )

This is just a teaser for the different kinds of photos every photographer should click. There are a million ideas we all have or a thousand pictures we all imagine, but what makes it worth the shutter speed is one magnificent moment captivated rightly, just like a diamond rules over a lady’s heart. What takes your avidity to newer heights is your unswerving vigour and this comes only by exploring your forte. After all, Joan Miro aptly said, “You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can think of a picture for a second and think of it all your life”.

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