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What a Bike Trip to Leh Taught Me

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The Leh experience is special to every biker who has ridden these magnificent mountains. The human, the machine, the terrain and the breath-taking surroundings form an essential part of this journey which teaches you lessons in humility, gratitude, acceptance, perseverance, courage and peace. Be it the beautiful passes or the ride through the valleys of Leh Ladakh, every place has a story to tell! Riding to Leh or Ladakh is one of the best rides for any biker on the face of the earth, for most, it is much treacherous and intense than anything they’ve ever experienced because of the beauty and simplicity of life in mountains.

It gets better:

Riding to Leh Ladakh – Soul Search on the Wheels

As the sound echoes from the bike’s engine into the valleys that stretch as far as the chin could rise with their white ridges swallowed in the mightiness of these mountains, one ponders “what has this ride left me with?”


While riding to Leh Ladakh, the highest passes as well as, every corner reveal the grandeur of these mighty mountains. The spaces you are in and the spaces that you pass through make you feel humbled as you face the stark beauty, harshness, and the magnitude of these mountains. The forces of nature form an invisible boundary when the road leads to paths that your bike cannot take, leaving you with a humble feeling of care and respect for all creations.


The smell of fresh earth and flowers from valleys on the climb, cloudless blue skies, rough terrain, ice walls, glassed roads, sharp ridges and narrow spaces on roads that seem to go nowhere, the beauty and danger both constantly breaching your mind space – you are overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for the gifts of nature. It is while riding in the Himalayas that you realize the essence and beauty of what you have.

Riding to Leh Ladakh
Riding in the Himalayas – Soul Search on the Wheels


Acceptance of self, situation, possibilities in any moment comes like a basic instinct. Trust keeps growing between you and your machine, just like the familiarity that grows with total strangers out of nowhere. Your quotient of happiness comes from simple emotions in this journey. Curiosity will start your journey and acceptance will keep you going.

It gets better:

Talking to the locals makes you realize how full of life they are finding abundance in little from the harsh terrain. They still have a wonderful world to offer and utter contentment to share.

Leh Ladakh Himalayas Bike Trip
Ladakhis traditions


There are times for every biker traversing and riding to Leh Ladakh when just being on the move is a choice between life and death. Not giving up and the “I can do it” spirit is so central to every litre of fuel gliding your motorbike. Rainstorms, hail or heavy wisps of clouds don’t deter you but make you more aware and alive.


While you’re riding to Leh, you have your own voice to feel in the outer silence that surrounds you and times when words have no power over the beauty of nature or feeling of confidence in the face of stark contrast of nature – its courage that one feels from such journeys and experiences that makes one feel the urge to live life to its fullest.

And finally:

Leh Ladakh Himalayas Bike Trip
The Religious Kunzum Pass


The purity of these mountains, the virgin snow, and nature running wild of the land where no clouds could reach fills you with peace while riding in these mountains. There are moments which you just breathe in and they stay with you forever, moments that make you cry out of joy and a peace that the serenity of the Himalayas brings you.

But that’s not all:

Riding to Leh Ladakh needs patience and one must learn about overcoming their survival reactions to improve their riding . This ride, especially, if it’s your first will force you to return or at least desire to make it back someday for sure. The stretching landscape stills you see when you close your eyes will stay with you with a little more of humility, gratitude with acceptance, perseverance with courage and peace in your inner self.

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