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How Not to Enjoy Motorcycling

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Long weekend approaching? Let’s go motorcycling to catch a glimpse of the Sunrise/Sunset in nearby Ghats! Getting bored at home on a Sunday? Grab your Royal Enfield, explore the outskirts of the city and enjoy motorcycling. This is the usual thought process that any bike lover has.

However, with every responsible motorcyclist comes a set of unsaid regulations that he or she must adhere to.

Remember, your passion for enjoying motorcycling never gives you the license to adopt unruly gestures on the road. While you revel in your biking mission, do not let your actions define you as an ill-natured (a***ole) rider.

What not to do as a Rider in Order to Enjoy Motorcycling

Zoom off to indulge in long motorcycling trips, enjoying the roads, admiring nature and breezing past wind and rain, but ensure that you do not practice any objectionable deeds that highlight an immature attitude on the road and otherwise.

Say No to Drunk Driving

With chaotic traffic on the roads, rowdy drivers and increasing vehicles, there is more than one reason to encounter fatal accidents. Add to these, if you drink and ride your bike, you are just inviting trouble.


Wondering how one beer can intoxicate you and affect your expert driving skills?

How Not to Enjoy Motorcycling

Alcohol consumption reduces your spontaneity and response time on the road.

Not only is this dangerous for you, but also risky for other riders on the road. You definitely don’t want to injure someone by riding into them or making them abruptly change lanes to evade barging into you.

Do Not Disobey Traffic Rules

Passion for bikes and safety while riding go hand in hand. Considering that a substantial percentage of riders enjoy motorcycling, there are a number of riders have met with an accident at some or the other point of time, it is important that you stay watchful and diligently follow traffic rules.

Traffic Rules

Stay on your left, overtake only from the right, maintain a minimum distance from the vehicle in front, do not accelerate just for the fun of it, do not jump signals – although these may sound like a part of some theoretical session, absorb these habits to make riding a pleasing experience and to enjoy motorcycling.

Do Not Disrespect Fellow Bikers

If you are an ardent motorcyclist, and enjoy motorcycling, without a doubt, you’ll be able to empathize with your fellow bikers.

Overtaking another biker at a busy junction, honking for no reason, disposing cigarette buds on the road irrespective of many other bikers behind, imply your disregard towards other bikers.

How Not to Enjoy Motorcycling

Enjoy motorcycling by being courteous to your biker friends. Help them in case they face any problems on their way.

Acknowledge the vehicle owners who make way for you.

Avoid Leaving Your Trash in Remote Places

As a maverick motorcyclist, you may be all gung-ho about your forthcoming trip to Ladakh, but wait!

Did you add a trash bag amongst other items on your checklist?

Be an environment-conscious rider and make sure you do not litter wherever you go.

If you are one of them and love to ride for a cause, check out these tips to ride across the Himalayas without hurting its pride.

How Not to Enjoy Motorcycling

Appreciate the fact that just like you would not want to be greeted with a heap of waste at a so-called “scenic place”, there are thousands of tourists who wish to enjoy the true beauty of nature, sans any trash.

Stop Unnecessary Bickering

As motorcyclists, we experience different roads and places. It is true that not all circumstances are favorable for us. But criticizing about every minute aspect is not right.

Potholes, bumpy roads, traffic, pollution, rash drivers, sudden weather changes are all part and parcel of a motorcycling mission.

How Not to Enjoy Motorcycling

As true bikers, you must be able to appreciate the things around you and ignore factors that lead to negativities. Else you might end up wasting time in condemning your surroundings and miss out on enjoy motorcycling and cherishing your joy rides.

Avoid Negative Opinion Towards Specific Bike Brands

For an avid biker, any bike is special. Be it a Scooter, Jawa, Duke or a Triumph, each two-wheeler has its own special characteristics. While maintaining your bike in a roadworthy condition with proper wing mirrors, brakes and tyres is essential, do not let it get you biased towards your particular motorcycle.

Bike Brands

Be open to all bikes and riders, irrespective of the brand they belong to.

Remember brand is just a name – it’s the bike riding experience that you must look forward to as a motorcyclist.

Do Not Miss Out on Greeting the Locals

While you may be completely charged up to explore the Kutch region in Gujarat, waiting to experience the new place, culture and cuisines, being indifferent to the local people of that place is a big mistake that you must not commit.

Close your Google Maps, forget the guidebooks and just interact with the locals. They are the powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to the local geography.

How Not to Enjoy Motorcycling

You may be able to plan an itinerary to ride to the primary landmarks of a place, but if you wish to find out about the hidden treasures of a spot, do not forget to greet, respect and mingle with the residents. Better still, have them join you as a pillion rider and see how they gift you with a memorable tour.

As a passionate rider, it’s expected that you have loads of places in your bucket list where you wish to travel. And with your humble two-wheeler companion, it certainly isn’t impossible.

So why kill time in poor riding habits and unfriendly bike-related debates?

Pamper yourself to pleasure rides and do tell us about your best biking expeditions.

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