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Plan Road trips from Bangalore: Explore South India on a Motorcycle!

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The southern part of India is full of wonders and its natural beauty is endless. The set of geographical features Southern India carries is incredible in a word. This is why, tourists from all over the world, like to explore it. If you are a touring enthusiast but prefer to ride your own motorcycle to explore places, you can join the joyride starting with Karnataka.The weather condition of Bangalore is nearly favourable throughout a year. Hence, many riders have Bangalore as their part of the south India bike trip.

There are a lot of tourist attractions in the state of Karnataka. Thus, you will get something special in almost all the stops during your trip. Before you start your bike tour from Bangalore, here are some tips and information to follow during the ride.

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Best Time to Ride

Karnataka is a state that offers diverse weather conditions. It happens because of its different geographical features. The tropical areas of the state become pretty hot and humid during summer (March to May). During the very season, the central locations of the state become extremely hot and uncomfortable. However, as there are many hilly areas, riders plan road trips from Bangalore in almost every month of a year. But the best time to plan a bike ride from Bangalore is from November to April.

Road Trips from Bangalore: Places to Go


This one is quite known and common, on any long weekend, you'll see plenty of riders solo and groups riding towards Ooty from Bangalore. The distance between Bangalore to Ooty is 266 kilometers, the ride can be completed easily in about 5-6 hours. You have to take the Bangalore-Mysore highway to reach this location. The roads are steep with multiple bends. But, the road condition is fine.

Visiting Ooty can make you feel rejuvenated when you ride out of a concrete jungle. The Blue Mountains and lakes create the relaxing as well as picturesque environment here. There are many well-decorated parks and gardens here where you can cool off your tired self. A boat ride in any of the mystic lakes will make you feel fantastic. Your passion for photography will get a new meaning here too.


Riders never skip visiting Yercaud when they plan road trips from Bangalore. Yercaud is 213 kilometers from Bangalore and the full stretch of road is well in condition. So, you can expect a comfortable ride to Yercaud. After crossing a lot of lane roads, you would reach to Yercaud which is considered as the Jewel of South.

bike trip in karnataka
Yercaud Hill Station (Source)

The meaning of Yercaud is Lake Forest. This cool and relaxing spot is popular for holding many plantations. You can plan your trip to Yercaud during the time between the months of October and June. On the way to Yercaud, before Salem, you would get many South Indian restaurants and petrol pumps where you stop for refreshments. This can be another easy ride where you can go for a weekend trip from Bangalore with friends or family.


It is always a great fun to reach to Wayanad, being guided by the Chamundi Hills on the way. The Bangalore to Wayanad distance of 265 kilometers is full of twists and turns. The roads are bumpy in some places, but overall, the ride is fun. This ride is recommended for Enthusiasts and above level riders. Beginners can attempt this with their friends/group.

You can make Kapila River your pit stop during the journey for bird watching. While covering the Bangalore to Wayanad distance you can mark your pit stops at attractive locations such as Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Edakkal caves, Kuruvadweep and Pakshipatalam.

A careful watch while going to the majestic Wayanad via Bandipur can let you enjoy glimpses of wildlife. The appearance of the forest areas, the waterfalls, and the tea estates during the journey would mesmerize you for sure.

bike trip in karnataka
Enjoy glimpses of wildlife on your way! (Source)


The ancient name of Coorg is Kodagu. Road trips from Bangalore are never considered accomplished without covering Coorg. According to many, the very location is recorded as the best hill station of southern India. The dense and lush forest on the slope of Western Ghat mountain range makes this hilly location picturesque and green.

bangalore to coorg road
Coorg Mallali Falls(Source)

The zigzag Mysore highway is the best way to cover the 280 kilometers long Bangalore to Coorg distance. The Bangalore to Coorg road journey itself can bring an exclusive experience to any rider. If you start early in the morning, you can grab a quick breakfast on your way. You can find many restaurants and cafeterias while covering the Bangalore to Coorg distance.


The name of Mysore has been changed into Mysuru recently. The Bangalore to Mysore route is preferred by all as it covers many good spots such as the historical Mysore Palace, Silk City Ramanagaram, toy city Channapatna and Film city. The Bangalore to Mysore distance is 150 kilometers. The Chamundi hill and Vrindavan gardens are must visits of this place.

bangalore to mysore route
Historical Mysore Palace(Source)

Among many temples and churches, you can aim to check out the St. Philomena’s Church to notice its Neo-gothic architecture. You would find the truest colors of the City if you visit it during Dussehra. Ramanagaram is the famous pit stop where you can have delicious lunch and dinner. The place is famous to be the shooting spot of the Hindi film “Sholay”.


The location of Hampi carries immense historical value. Bangalore to Hampi distance is 350 kilometer. The road trips from Bangalore always include Hampi as it lets the riders visit the ruins of the age-old Vijaynagar kingdom. To a lot of people, Hampi is known as the ‘Forgotten Empire’. Visiting this UNESCO world heritage site, you would get to see the famous Virupaksha temple.

bangalore to hampi by road
The Stone Chariot (Source)

If you find history interesting, then the ruins of many old palaces would charm you for sure. Apart from historical importance, the location also boasts about its splendid natural beauty and banana plantation. Bangalore to Hampi by road is truly an experience that you can get. Chitradurga Fort is one popular tourist destination where you can stop for a good meal.


Another major attraction for the bike trip lovers is Pondicherry. Bangalore to Pondicherry distance is 311 kilometer. The historic architecture of Pondicherry is attractive. The place still carries the French colonial flavor. There are many churches and temples too at this location. Apart from Colonial buildings and spiritual institutions, you would be startled by the view of the scenic beach of Pondicherry.

bike trip in karnataka
Scenic beach of Pondicherry. (Source)

There are two routes to reach Pondicherry from Bangalore. The shorter route is via Krishnagiri. But the condition of Krishnagiri to Chengam is terrible. Hence, you are suggested to ride your bike on the Mahabalipuram-Kanchipuram road. This route is 100 kilometers longer but you are guaranteed to have a comfortable ride. You can make Gingee Fort your pit stop to relax and take photographs before reaching to Pondicherry.


Sakleshpur is known to be a mind soothing spot to all the bikers who often plan road trips from Bangalore. The Bangalore to Sakleshpur journey is always appealing to the riders as the hill town is charming. You would not only find hilly vistas, but the natural tunnels, cascades and coffee plantation areas would also amaze you.

You can also visit Jenukal Gudda, the second largest peak in the state of Karnataka, and the star-shaped Manjarabad Fort. You can plan a Bangalore to Sakleshpur ride anytime in a year.


The best road trips from Bangalore always add Bandipur to their travelogue. It is like a paradise to them who love to spend a good time in the close vicinity of nature. The flora and fauna of the place are stunning. Trees like sandalwood and teak enrich the forest areas of the very location.

bike trip in karnataka
Bandipur National Park(Source)

Bandipur National Park is a sanctuary where you can spot the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. Apart from this, you can also find wild animals like elephants, deer, pythons, sloth bears, hornbills, jaguars and much more. Your bike has to cover 220 kilometers to reach from Bangalore to Bandipur.


If you are thinking of planning a long bike trip in Karnataka, then there is no substitute for visiting Kodaikanal. Bangalore to Kodaikanal distance is a whopping stretch of 450 kilometers. But the journey through NH7 and the Salem-Ernakulam Highway is truly fascinating. Hence, you are guaranteed to love each and every bit of it.

banglore to kodaikanal distance
Kodaikanal- Stunning Hill Station(Source)

Kodaikanal is a stunning hill station that is thriving with lush greenery. Waterfalls and hilly slopes make the whole place stunning. Bicycling on the hilly trails, boating on the local waterbeds and walking on the hilly roads are added attractions. You can enjoy all these by visiting Kodaikanal. You can take a pit stop at Krishnagiri for a mouth-watering meal.


Visiting Kochi can be one of the steep and long road trips from Bangalore. It takes almost 10 hours of a bike ride to cover the very distance full of greenery and typical pit stops. The shortest distance is 516 kilometers through NH544.

Though Kochi is a modern location it still carries its very own historic charm. The coastal areas of the spot still hold the Portuguese, British and Jewish cultures of the old times. You can check out Mattancherry Palace, the historic Pardesi Synagogue (1568) and Chinese Fishing Nets to make your travelogue interesting. You can mark your pit stop at Kanjikode for food and refreshment.

Riding Essentials

There are some important things that you should carry while enjoying a bike ride from Bangalore.

  • A totally checked motorcycle is a must. It will ensure your safety and a comfortable journey.
  • You should wear motorcycling gloves to cover long distance rides comfortably.
  • If you are aware of motorcycle mechanism, then keep some vital tools in your gear. It can help you in an emergency situation if your bike breaks down.
  • To enjoy the Best road trips from Bangalore, you must keep the essential documents of your vehicles and road permits handy. These can let you enjoy a hassle-free journey.
  • Keeping a small first-aid kit in the gear is always brilliant.
  • To ensure a stress-free ride, you must keep your ATM card and adequate cash in your wallet.
  • When you are unsure about the pit stops, you should carry a lot of chocolates and energy bars with you. These can satisfy your hunger easily if there is not a good food facility around.
  • Plenty of water is a must to take any ride. It is essential for you to stay suitably hydrates during a motorcycle ride.

Where to Stay

When you plan to just ride to Bangalore to explore the charming locations riding your bike, you don’t need to think of booking accommodations. The Riders rely on the hotels and resorts in during their road trips from Bangalore. You can book rooms in both luxury and budget hotels. Especially in the hilly locations like Coorg and Kodaikanal, you would find a lot of affordable home-stay facilities.

What to Expect from This Ride

Karnataka is a great place to explore. If you plan to join the road trips from Bangalore, you are guaranteed to get an unforgettable experience for sure. The state is fascinating because of its diverse natural beauty and rich historical importance. You would get the real flavors of South India by exploring vivid tourist destinations of the state riding your motorcycle.

We always feel excited to hear from you. If you are an ardent biker and have experience of motorcycle road trips then you can share that with us. If you have recently explored the beauty of the southern part of India riding your motorcycle, then feel free to share that experience too. Your travelogues are important to us. It can make the beginners inspired to explore the beauty of road trips massively.

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