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Moto Riding Tips: Better Safe Than Sorry!

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Motorcycle riding is certainly a fun-thrilled hobby. But this hobby can also be life-threatening (and harmful to the environment) if you don’t follow certain rules. To avoid that from happening, while retaining the fun part, you need to have certain motorcycle riding skills that make you a prudent rider. So, what are these motorcycle riding skills?  To answer that, we are here! We shall state some extremely useful riding tips that will make you a safe rider, provided you abide by them!

Motorcycle stunts
Motorcycle Stunts Without Expertise and Professional Training are Dangerous (source)

Keep reading to know all the expert motorcycle riding tips at hand.

Moto Riding Safety Tips

Safety moto riding tips
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1. Learn How to Enhance Your Own Safety

Since you are responsible for your own safety while riding, it will be wise for you to check out the motorcycle safety gear that will enable you to stay safe and even avoid any accidents that may lead to a life-threatening situation. Rather than predicting the mistakes of another person, make sure to become self-aware of your surroundings and be alert to avoid tricky situations. 

2. Ensure to Keep Your Eyes Alert

Your eyes certainly play a very vital role while you are riding in a busy traffic or on a highway. The eyes can act as a scanner machine and hence will anticipate any sort of danger that may lead to an accident if you are cautious. Anything can turn hazardous when you are riding a motorcycle, things like potholes, stray or wild animals, debris or even a reckless car driver can cause serious issues when you are at speed. Thereby ensure to be sharp and be over-alert of your surroundings for what's coming ahead.

3. Long Distance with Your Motorcycle - Are You Very Sure?

Have you planned to ride a motorcycle for a long distance during the vacation? Then it will certainly be wise for you to check out the below tips in order to enjoy riding in a comfortable and safe way. Before going any further, it will be wise for you to analyze few questions such as: Whether your motorcycle is ready for this long ride? If you are a beginner, is this route and destination safe for your level?

Do you have the correct protective gear to enjoy safety and comfort during a long ride? Are the roads leading to your destination in good condition? How is the weather forecast, have you prepared accordingly? Are you aware of the riding laws of the specific country? Are there enough gas stations along the way in order to get rid of the situation of an empty tank? Long distance is surely fun and free experience but having answers to questions like above will make your experience even better.

Long distance motocycle riding
To Do or Not to Do Long-distance Riding (source)

4. Be Careful While Riding on Mountains

If you are new to motorcycling and first time riding in the mountains will not just only be tricky but may also lead to mishaps if you do not prepare/practice in that terrain once. Ensure to become well acquainted with your motorcycle's handling and weight before you go riding in on mountain and hilly terrain. Some prior practice and or going along with experienced friends can help learn and build confidence.

Also, while riding in the mountains it will be wise to choose the outer corner of the road as it will help in gaining better information about the oncoming traffic in an easier way. Besides this, ensure to be in your own lane, choose the lower gear and even learn to predict the inclination or curve of the road in order to enjoy riding in the mountains in a safe and stress-free way.

5. Motorcycling and Camping go really well together

Yes, camping and riding together lead exponential fun! The only drawback is the amount of stuff to carry. So careful packing and being selective of necessary stuff becomes important. So, choose a bag in which you can easily carry the tent, sleeping mattress and various other necessary stuff related to camping, ensure to choose a tank bag as it comes fitted with magnets which will prevent blowing off the bag when you are riding at a high speed on highways, and remember to position the bag at the centre of gravity as it will help you to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. You can easily find the list of items to carry for camping in our hiking section, just search.

6. Stay Alert While Group Riding

While riding your motorcycle in a group it will be wise for you to choose your specific position according to your expertise in the field of riding. Make sure to ride at your own comfortable speed rather than riding faster in order to stay ahead of your group. Ideally, groups should consider riding at the speed comfortable to the slowest member but that doesn't always happen. So, maintain enough room between you and the other riders.

Ensure to consider the traffic around you before you plan to stop your motorcycle for a specific reason. While riding on straights roads it will be wise to make staggered formation (one person on the left side while the other in a right side) as it will be easier for you to anticipate the road ahead in a proper way.

Motorcycles riding in group
Learn Riding Signs Before Riding in Group (source)

7. Consider the Weather Condition 

The weather may not always be pleasant while you are riding your motorcycle on highways or in a busy traffic. Whether you are an experienced rider or currently learning how to ride a motorcycle, it will always be wise for you to become aware of bike riding tips and even be prepared for extreme weather conditions. Ensure to carry the required clothing to make sure that you are able to ride your motorcycle safely and comfortably in the snow, heavy rain or even in a storm.

8. Ride Defensively

This motorcycle riding safety tip will help you to stay alert while riding on highways and busy traffic alike. Paying attention to how you’re rather than analyzing whether the other person is riding their motorcycle safely is the best way to prevent an accident. Make sure to think of your own safety rather than getting irritated on the person who is not riding a motorcycle safe way.

Tips for your Technique

Tips for safe motor riding technique
Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (source)

Perfecting your riding skills is an important part of keeping yourself safe while riding. Read up on these moto riding tips to know what skills you need to have and how you can improve them.

  • Practice and Learn the Technique of Trail Braking

Trail Braking is certainly one of the vital tips that will help you to prevent any sort of accidents while cornering your favorite motorcycle or passing it through a curve road. Trail braking also referred to as snail braking, is a smart technique in which a person riding a motorcycle brakes beyond the entry of curve road and then gradually starts releasing it once he starts turning his motorcycle into a corner. With the help of this trick, you will not just only be able to corner your vehicle comfortably but you won’t have decelerated while passing the curve road. Besides this, the trail braking technique will also give you the opportunity to stop your motorcycle smoothly during any sort of emergency situation which may occur while passing a deadly curve road.

  • Be Acquainted with Emergency Braking

If you are learning to ride a motorcycle then ensure to consider this major tip to prevent any sort of accident and stay safe. Emergency braking is a situation where a person riding a motorcycle has to apply the brakes in order to stop the vehicle within the shortest possible braking distance. In order to ensure motorcycle safety, you must learn about the technique to apply brakes during emergency situations for bringing your vehicle to stop within the shortest distance in a smart way. If you wish to stop your motorcycle within the shortest distance then make sure to at first apply the rear brake to shift the weight from the rear wheel to the front one and then start applying the front brake gradually to bring your vehicle to rest. Besides this, ensure not to get panicked while braking during emergency situations and prevent any sort of fatal accidents smartly.

To learn more about how to use your brakes, read How to Brake Properly- The Art of Speed Control

  • Choose the Best Riding Position

If you are learning how to ride a motorcycle, this is again one of the vital moto riding tips that will help you prevent accidents. Because motorcycles are balancing on just 2 wheels, the body position of the rider certainly plays a very vital role to ensure safe riding. For an instance, if you want to pass a deadly curve without any trouble it will be wise for you to at first move away from your seat and even lean your head towards your new direction for utilizing the weight of body properly and stay balanced. There's a lot of physics that come into play for this, a simple thumb rule is the faster you go in at a turn, the harder you'll have to lean. This does not mean you go leaning in every turn/corner you come across. To show off your skills or to build/practice your skills consider joining a racing school or go riding on a nearest race track on any track day. You'll learn a lot quicker and a lot of things when it comes to balancing on bikes. 

Body position while riding
What’s Best for You? (source)
  • Learn the Art of Overtaking

If you have the habit to ride a motorcycle with full open throttle then overtaking a specific vehicle may seem to be very easy but still, it will be wise to gain knowledge about bike riding tips and even learn the art of overtaking to prevent an accident. To avoid accidents, you first need to check your mirror to analyze whether another vehicle behind you is trying to overtake you. This way you'll not end up in a lane where faster traffic is approaching you.

Once you are aware that it’s safe, ensure to give a signal for at least few seconds as it will be easier for the vehicle behind you to get a message that you are going to overtake a specific car or a motorcycle. Ensure to increase the speed of your motorcycle gradually until you have overtaken the other vehicle safely. Lastly, you must ride for a short distance before coming back to your lane in order to ensure there is enough space between your motorcycle and the other vehicle behind you.

Optimizing your Motorcycle Riding Experience

Every beginner usually has this one question in mind: “is riding a motorcycle safe?” Well, it is if you pay heed to the safety tips and train yourself to ride carefully. Follow the tips here will help you too... read on and riding a bike will be a breeze!

- Choose Your Riding Gears Smartly

Are you learning to ride a motorcycle and thereby wondering which will be the best clothing for motorcycle riders to enjoy comfort and safety while riding? Then make sure to go through one of these vital moto riding tips and get the opportunity to buy the best clothing for motorcycle riders in a smart way. Whether you are going to buy a helmet, a pair boots or gloves, it will always be wise for you to choose the one which is reliable, is of the best quality and even protect you from extreme weather condition.

If you are planning to buy a helmet for riding motorcycle safely then make sure not to go with its weight rather, choose a lighter one as it will help you to get rid of broken neck in case you face an accident and besides this, ensure to choose a helmet that will provide you utmost level of comfort while riding.

- Check and Adjust Mirror Position

This is one of the basic things that will help you to ride your motorcycle safely. Whether you are expert at riding or learning how to drive a motorcycle, it is certainly necessary to check the position of the mirror to ensure that you are able to see the area around you in a proper way. Fix the position in such a way that you can see what's behind you and also what's in the lane next to you. You should sit on the bike in your natural riding position and then adjust the mirrors. 

Motorcycle mirror adjustment
Mirror, Mirror on My Bike (Source)

- Conduct Motorcycle Inspection

Knowing as much as possible about your moto bike will give you the confidence to ride long distances. Also, knowing how to troubleshoot and do basic fixes will always help if/when you encounter any fault in your bike. Ideally, before you set off on your planned ride, do inspect each and every part of the motorcycle at least 3-5 days in advance so you get enough time to replace any faulty parts. There are few parts in a motorcycle that may wear out over time and hence, by conducting an inspection it will be easier for you to become aware whether the parts need to get repaired or be replaced.

- Wear Proper Riding Shoes

We can't stress enough about your riding gear. When anyone falls down from a bike, they wish there's a lot of protection between yourself and the ground. Your feet are possibly the first thing to touch the ground in case of a fall.  So, for riding your average daily shoes will not be any help or safety. Do check our Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide with details on what kind of shoes you should buy for yourself.

Wrapping Up

These tips might feel random but they are definitely helpful. It will always be wise for you to consider the above moto riding tips in order to ride your motorcycle safely and thereby avoid any sort of fatal accident. Besides this, do check out our guides on motorcycle riding gear that will not just only help you to ride safely but also ensure a comfortable ride. Happy Riding!

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