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KTM Bares The Scalpel at EICMA 2017

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Make way, there’s a new moto-beast in the town.

KTM 790 Duke
KTM 790 Duke (source)

KTM unveiled the KTM 790 DUKE- The Scapel - and we just cannot stop gushing over it. Loaded with the new LC8c engine, KTM’s state-of-the-art 790 Duke is designed to dominate the streets with a strong 105 horsepower. The bike was showcased at EICMA 2017 where the mechanical ‘stars’ got the first look of The Scalpel.

Recently KTM has been quite busy belting out new additions that are stirring quite the fancy among journalists, fans, and motorcyclists across Europe. First, the Austrian manufacturer showed off the second generation FREERIDE E-XC at EIMCA 2017, and then continued the show from Hangar-7 to Fiera, giving more glimpses of its sexy chassis.

KTM Freeride E-XC

With FREERIDE E-XC, KTM opened possibility doors to E-mobility. The electric bike flaunts modifications such as a 111 kg weight, new chassis and new composite frame with longer steering head for extra stability. Redesigned bodywork, A1 compliance, new WP Xplor 43 upside-down split fork (enhanced sensitivity and protection against bottoming out, easy setup), WP PDS shock absorber (reduced unsprung mass, enhanced progression and adjustment options), a new dashboard and re-positioned ignition lock for even more real-world practicality and a low, 900 mm seat height despite extreme cross-country mobility.

Coming back to the recent KTM display, the 790 Scalpel plugs the gap in a wallet-teasing range of street and offroad wares. As KTM’s first multi-cylinder model in the segment, the KTM 790 DUKE promises to combine ‘real-world practicality with maximum street performance’. With impressive attributes such as low weight, great agility, and precision, the 790 DUKE gains an edge over the KTM 690 DUKE and the handsome KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R.

On the looks front, the 790 DUKE has the characteristic DUKE profile but is also very ‘2018’ with the optimized geometry, latest suspension kit from WP and electronics such as motorcycle traction control, motor slip regulation, launch control, quickshifter + and new ‘TRACK’ riding mode.

The KTM 790 DUKE is every rider’s bike- some may see a racy commuter while others may take it to be a naked bike that can make other sports machines scurry along. And the plentiful specs checklist will allow The Scalpel to slit open a few rivals on the racetrack for sure.

If you want more than just maximum straight-line acceleration on those gorgeous curvy roads, then KTM 790 DUKE is your boy!

Another KTM bad boy that kept spectators on the edge of their seats was the prototype KTM 790 ADVENTURE R. The latest addition to KTM’s ADVENTURE line, the 790 ADVENTURE R is also crafted with the LC8c engine and power-to-weight ratio aspect. The 790 ADVENTURE R prototype complements the mid-range market and critics have placed it between the KTM 690 ENDURO offering and its bigger brothers.

KTM 790 Adventure R
KTM 790 ADVENTURE R (source)

Structure-wise the bike has a rally shape that’s a giveaway for the performance it could bring and vouches of a compressive rider assistance system. Evaluations at the EICMA could further determine KTM’s future direction with this bike prototype.

Then there was the KTM 450 RALLY that posed to be a desirable option for riders aspiring to take on rugged terrain swiftly. First arrived in 2001 as the Rally Dakar, the bike got a few minute upgrades over the years. The 450cc KTM RALLY is mentioned among KTM’s massive motocross and enduro models when speaking of success on the track.

KTM 450 Rally
Sam Sunderland Tackling the Rough on KTM 450 RALLY (source)

The new version has greater engine power, a new engine management system and transmission, throttle body, air filter box and re-organizing of the steering head area permits more room and centralization. A new chassis, swingarm and seat are just some of the other elements on a standout showpiece.

And with the KTM FREERIDE E-XC, the ‘kind-of-conventional’ yet no less impressive KTM FREERIDE 250 F also shared the stage. The 250 F is a motorcycle that has an easy to handle and extremely usable 4-stroke powerplant and maintains an important position as the ultimate entry port for riders looking to dabble in some knobbly-tired activity.

Aside of KTM’s grandiose bike parade, a strong nod was also made to the string of FIM World Championship titles – MXGP, Supercross, Enduro and yet another Dakar crown – as well as an emphatic entry to MotoGPTM this year with the final round in Valencia hot on the heels of the first flashes of life around the display plinths in Milan.

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