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The Great Himalayan Rides List - Best Himalayan Trips for 2018

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Every adventurous biker, irrespective of the gender, dreams of riding into the Mighty Himalayas on their motorcycle. The endless twisting roads and natural beauty beckon the rider to set forth on a journey of exploration and self-discovery. These Himalayan motorcycle trips are more of self-discovery than anything else! 

It is a true fact that the experience of exploring new corners of the world on your bike cannot be replaced in any way. As exciting as it sounds, bikers do go out of their way in order to discover something within themselves. Nothing gives a satisfaction to your soul than conquering the Himalayan terrain on your set of 2 wheels. The Himalayas have a lot to offer and there are plenty of tours which you can plan there. New places to explore, the hidden cultures to experience & tasting the new local cuisine, be it anything, a tour to the Himalayas will offer it all.

Let’s Get Started: Himalayan Motorcycle Trips

Now, while you dream of a flawless journey, the reality does come into contact with various hurdles. You need to understand that bikers are bound to stumble upon a few barriers on a rugged landscape like that of the roads of the Himalayas. But, the risks are truly worth it as you emerge with a better self after the ride. Here we have mentioned the most desired Himalayan rides that you can undertake in 2018.

The Breathtaking Delhi to Leh Trip

This trip is undoubtedly one of the most popular, adventurous and commonly known bike trips in India. Almost every biker has this Himalayan motorcycle trip on their bucket list, starting with Leh-Ladakh trip. Beginning from the urban jungle in Delhi to the uncertain and rugged terrains of Leh, this is one of the few motorbike tours in India which does true justice to mountain biking adventures in the country.

From Delhi, start off by taking the NH1, you would make your way to Chandigarh and then eventually towards the stunning valley of Manali. It is from Manali that your real Himalayan trip would start. From Manali to Leh, the roads are quite unpredictable therefore it is essential to remain extremely cautious here.

Check out our ride plan if you have this Manali - Leh tour on your mind.

himalayan bullet
Delhi to Leh trip(Source)

On your this road trip, you would even get to pass through one of the highest motorable pass in the world, Khardung La (Nov 2017 Update - Umling La Top is the new highest motorable pass), which could prove to be the toughest part of this trip because of the weather conditions and the rugged terrain. It is at Leh that your trip would come to an end.

The entire motorbike trip needs approximately 13-14 days for completion. The duration might increase due to changes in the weather conditions.

Riding on the Himalaya roads isn’t a child’s a play. It requires you to be determined and be a skilled rider. This is one of the most impressive Himalayan motorcycle trips which begins from Leh and would take you to Kargil. On this trip, you would be hovering somewhere around 1,700 km. Dropping temperatures and rocky snow-capped mountains makes the entire trip thrilling. You would be taking the road which takes you to the extremely adventurous Zanaskar Passes through the Penzi La pass located at 4,400m.

trip to himalayas
Zanskar Indus Confluence(Source)

From Zanskar Valley, this ride to the Himalayas would take you towards Ladakh, the Buddhist Kingdom. The views of the mountains here are absolutely remarkable and would leave you dumbfounded. From the natural beauty of the Himalayas, the icy cold water of the Sutlej River, the rocky-narrow passes, and all the other fabulous things would make the journey worthwhile. Depending on the weather conditions, this trip to the Himalayas can last around 11-14 days.

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The Stunning Landscape of Northeast India

As you reach the hilly areas of Northeast India, the foggy landscapes welcome each and every traveler with open arms. Slanting hills along with the narrow passes between them, dense green forests and snow covered mountains; northeast is truly a gem of India.

It can allure any biker for an adventurous Himalayan motorcycle road trip in India. Northeast India comprises of seven states which together are popularly referred to as the Seven Sisters of India.

While in Assam, this trip would offer you the chance to witness the remarkable Brahmaputra river valleys, the largest river island in the world; ‘Majuli’, countless rows of tea plantations and the one-horned rhinos. After crossing the hilly regions of Assam, you would be riding towards Meghalaya, the ‘Abode of Clouds’.

himalayan rider review
Majuli Tea Plantations(Source)

Meghalaya is filled with majestic mountains and hills and during this part of the trip, you would get to view some of the most enchanting waterfalls. You would also get to view the popular living root bridge and pass through some of the cleanest villages in Asia. The journey would then proceed towards Nagaland that would offer you an extraordinary ride through hilly regions dense forests and some of the toughest terrains.

The snow-covered paths and mountains, swinging bridges, the Indo-China border, the ancient temples all make the entire ride truly breathtaking. Your trip would come to an end in Arunachal Pradesh. The trip to North East India can be completed within 17 or 21 days.

ride to himalayas
Elephant Falls- Meghalaya(Source)

The Enthralling Sikkim to Bhutan Trip

Any individual who has the enthralling Himalayan bike tours on their bucket list would love this trip for sure. Begin your journey by riding on the adventurous roads that would take you through the tea plantations along the border to Nepal to Darjeeling, the popular tea planter's bazaar high up in the Himalayan foothills and much more. The narrow-curvy roads from Darjeeling are filled with beautiful tall pine trees on both sides.

On this tour, you would be riding on the narrow mountain roads through deep valleys and remote passes. You would get the chance to view some of the most beautiful monasteries, quaint little towns like Paro. With this trip to the Himalayas, you would get to tour the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu as well as Bhutan.

The entire journey is filled with narrow and sharp turns between the mountains so make sure that you can handle your bike properly.

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A Trip to Spiti Valley, the Highest Village in the World

You would be beginning your trip from the beautiful and colorful valleys of Manali. You could choose to explore the stunning local valleys, temples and historic monuments when in Manali. From there, your trip would take you through Saharan, Sangla, Chitkul, Kalpa Nako Lake, and Reckong Peo. After Chango, you would enter the Spiti Valley. Spiti circuit can also be completed while you are on your Delhi-Manali-Leh trip if you have extra days to ride.

ride to himalayas
Ride through Spiti Valley(Source)

The views there are truly stunning and would leave you stunned by its beauty. Stop on your way to explore the local areas and get to know more about their culture and traditions.

On the Spiti valley bike trip, you would get to experience pure biking fun while exploring the stunning terrains of Kinnaur and riding along the alluring River Chandra.

Trip to Uttarakhand: The Beginning of Holy Rivers

Uttarakhand is the home of the Himalayas, the land of Gods and is undoubtedly a paradise on Earth. The snow-capped majestic mountains, fresh and crisp air, green hills, flowing rivers, small villages, scenic beauty, the traditions of the people and many such things differentiates Uttarakhand from anywhere else. While on your solo bike ride Himalayas, you would be able to discover the astonishing beauty of this place.

trip to himalayas
Scenic view of the Himalayan range from Uttarakhand(Source)

As the major parts of the state fall into the Greater Himalayan Range covered by the high magnificent peaks and glaciers, this trip would truly leave you asking for more.

Uttarakhand is the birthplace of the holy and mightiest rivers of India, the Ganga, and the Yamuna and on your Himalayan motorcycle trip; you would get to see all that. This Himalayan motorcycle trip is the ride that you would cherish for a lifetime.

A Delightful Ride to Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, the stunning hill state in India nestles in the north-west region of Western Himalayas and has been endowed with enchanting natural beauty.

From dense forests, snow-capped mountain peaks, beautiful mountain streams, and lakes, striking gorges, meadows filled with colorful blooming flowers, scenic slopes, magnificent landscapes and lively valleys; Himachal Pradesh has it all.

trip to himalayas
Stunning Hill State- Himachal Pradesh(Source)

This natural beauty has lured people from different parts of the world to hit these Himalayan roads. On this Himalayan motorcycle trip, you would get to explore the breathtaking and untouched spots of Himachal Pradesh along with a few main attractions of the state. This Himalayan motorcycle trip through the tranquil landscape would soothe your body and mind and bestow you memories for a lifetime.

Summing Up

All of this definitely sounds exciting but you need to ensure that you are a skilled rider. The roads in the mountainous areas are very different. Riding at high altitude makes this even more challenging.

If you are an amateur, it would be best if you spend some more time practicing your riding skills. Once you are experienced enough, venture out on the most exciting Himalayan motorcycle trips.

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