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Delhi to Rajasthan Bike Trip: Explore the Wonders of Rajasthan on the Go!

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With the advent of ‘adrenaline-rush-syndrome’ in your mind, no physical force can hold you back to your monotonous life. Seasoned Bikers know it better. Your pulse goes racing as you zoom into the unknown roads on your bikes and you feel the sense of freedom. And as the year comes to a screeching halt soon, why not drop the overrated Ladakh trip and take a Rajasthan bike tour instead?

Bike tours are thrilling and how exciting it would be to set out on the monster towards the land of Rajputs. Uninterrupted high roads, quaint dhabbas on its edges, and the desire to immerse in the rich culture will keep you going. But bike trips also come with a few necessary ‘to-dos' list. Rajasthan bike tour is a long journey and no matter how cool you look riding your bike, the exhaustion is always there. And since they also come with added bonanzas –new faces, strange places so one doesn't mind the fatigue.

Now a bike tour doesn't only mean hopping the motorcycle and putter off. It sometimes requires a plan, at least when it's a long trip with multiple stops. There are various bike tours operating companies that will lure you with their exciting itinerary, ‘cheap price’ and fantastic accommodations en-route. The seasoned bikers mostly decide their own itinerary and accommodations, while the newbies tend to be confused about which one to choose. Is a rented bike better? Are the tour companies reliable? Can I be able to cover the trip on my own? To help you out of all these confusions, here we are going to provide you the necessary details and itinerary of an exhilarating Solo Rajasthan bike tour - a trip covering the best of the Land of Desert. Keep reading below and get planning!

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Essentials to Carry

The most important part before you set out on a Rajasthan bike tour is packing the basic essentials. Conquering the Delhi to Rajasthan distance by road is comfortably difficult. So here's a checklist to pack your belongings accurately.

  • Chargers – Mobile phone chargers or power-banks to keep your mobile phones charged to stay in contact with people in an emergency.
  • Covers –To protect yourself from shock, dust, rain, cold or heat, you need Scarves, Sunglasses, knee-covers, sturdy riding gloves with good grip and most importantly bike helmets to cover and protect your head, eyes, nose, hands, and legs properly.
  • Dress and Accessories –Khakis or jeans, all-weather clothing such as windcheaters, jackets and comfortable Boots with proper sole-grip.
  • Camera –To capture your adventurous memories. Carry Camera battery charger too.
  • Bags and Backpacks –A waist-pouch and an all-weather backpack (with rain cover) should be taken as you start from Delhi to Rajasthan on a bike. Carry money, ATM cards, ID Proofs, medicines and bandages in the waist pouch as it will be easily accessible on road. Sunscreen, insulated containers, sufficient water, beverages or any energy drinks, dry food, insect repellent etc should be taken in the backpack.

Precaution to be Taken

Once you are ready to do a tour to Rajasthan, you need to go through a few other things such as the Route Map (figure out the best route for this trip) and beyond (to avoid confusion on road). Carry an actual map if possible, it is not wise to rely on GPS completely. Keeping the contact numbers of persons whom you will call in case of emergency etc. is also advisable.

This Rajasthan tour will not present you with good-conditioned roads. If you must hear, Delhi to Mandawa road condition is not great. So, Brakes, Suspensions, Fuel, Throttle response, Foot Rests, Horn, Grip and Air pressure in tires, lights, seats, mirrors, and instruments of your motorbike are to be checked thoroughly. Do not go out with any defective parts –it is going to be a long way, be careful.

During the Trip

While you are on the route of a Rajasthan bike trip, never ignore physical difficulties.

  • Take rest in every 100kms to gain composure and give the instruments of your bike some rest to avoid overheating.
  • Keep drinking lots of water while covering the Delhi to Rajasthan distance by road.
  • Avoid Alcohol.
  • Don’t go over speed.
  • Keep weather conditions in the account.
  • Try sticking to your group, don’t desert them or stray alone.
  • Stop on Pit Shops for refueling and having some food and drink, changing your clothes if they are sweaty or soiled or even layer in case the weather is getting chilly en-route from Delhi to Rajasthan.

Best Time to Visit

Before going out for this trip, you need to plan accordingly. Take the weather conditions as the key factor. You are planning to get into the desert from a metro city, that too by road.

Deserts are extremely hot during the daytime and equally harsh in temperature after the nightfall. So going out in extreme Hot or extreme Cold is not a good thing for your body; neither is the rainy season that comes with slippery roads. So when to do Delhi to Rajasthan road trips?

The best time to invest in a trip to Rajasthan from Delhi is Autumn, Dewy or Spring season i.e. August end to November and then February to April first weeks. These seasons are neither too hot nor too cold. Hence the riding experience would be comfortable.

Rajasthan Bike Tour Itinerary

Finally, we are now going to tell you about the best route from Delhi to start your Rajasthan bike tour. Here in each part, you will get to know about the highlights, the best places in Rajasthan to visit, the accommodations, and the route map. So let's get started -

Day 1: Exploring Delhi

Reach Delhi by any means convenient to you. If you are going with your bike, then check its instruments properly as mentioned above. If you are renting a bike, then you will be allotted your bike by the tour organizing agency. Get your hand on the bike to check it properly and whether you are comfortable riding it. In case of any mechanical hitches, ask the mechanic to repair it right away, or ask for a change of bike. Put on your dress and covers as mentioned before starting the route from Delhi.

The roads of Delhi are well-paved and crowded. Hence don’t speed. Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, India Gate, President’s House, Parliament are some of the highlights the capital state. As for accommodations, there are a number of posh to moderate hotels according to your budget. Food is never a problem; there are various hotels and restaurants. Get a good night’s sleep before you start your journey.

Day 2: Delhi to Mandawa ( 250 kms, 6-7hours)

Wake up early to have breakfast, final check your belongings and check out from hotel full prepared to cover Delhi to Mandawa distance. Roads are narrow, dry, bumpy and dusty. You will see green pastures and fields of crops along the sides of the road. You will encounter cattle blocking your path. The road condition of Delhi to Mandawa is not good, so be careful.

You will reach Mandawa by 3 pm. The USP of this small village is the abundance of Havelis rich in tradition, art, and culture. The Fresco works, Tiles, wall paintings and the rich history of the people who lived in them are going to stun you.

route from delhi to mandawa
Wall painting on a Haveli (Source)

For accommodations, there are a number of old Havelis, now acting as hotels. The traditional Rajasthani foods as well as the regular food items- both are served here. You have covered the route from Delhi to Mandawa and your main trip starts from the next day.

Day 3: Mandawa to Bikaner (200kms, 5-6hours)

After breakfast, start for the desert town Bikaner. The traffic will be less. The roads are quite empty and the condition of roads is moderate. You will enjoy the curvy desert along the road.

Have lunch and take a power nap. Explore the Bikaner Bazar (marvel at the ornate jharokhas!), Junagarh Fort, City Palace etc. Enjoy some folk songs and dance with bonfire –quite like a movie sequence. Ride a camel in the great Thar desert and enjoy photography.

mandawa to delhi,
Junagarh Fort (Source)

Accommodations are same as Mandawa; old palaces and havelis converted into hotels will offer great food. Stay overnight,

Day 4: Bikaner to Jaisalmer (330kms, 7-8hours)

Wake up early (around 5.30am). Enjoy Birdwatching. After breakfast start on road around 7 am. Roads will have almost no traffic rather than a few trucks. The road is smooth and well-paved highway.

You will reach by 2.30pm. After lunch, go out for Camel riding in the Thar Desert and photograph the curves of the sand dunes. A great number of hotels are available here with wonderful food as well as the infamous Rajasthani thali. Get a good night’s rest.

Day 5: Explore Jaisalmer

Catch the magnificent sunrise on the desert and capture the activities of the village people, especially the camel dwellers. You will get to capture the perfect essence of the Rajasthani folk culture. Check out the wonderful forts, converted into hotels now.

mandawa to delhi,
Explore Jaisalmer (Source)

Day 6: Jaisalmer to Jodhpur (290kms, 6-7hours)

Take a ride to Luni to explore the Mehrangarh Fort and Jodhpur Fort. The view of the “Blue City” from the Mehrangarh fort will take your breath away. Have traditional lunch from any hotels or restaurants. Take a rickshaw and explore the vibrant market full of attractive Rajasthani handicrafts. Visit the Umaid Bhawan Palace and Museum and check in to stay overnight.

blue city,mehrangarh fort
Mehrangarh Fort atop the Blue city (Source)

For a lifetime experience, get on top of Mehrangarh Fort at night to catch the out-of-the-world view of the illuminated Jodhpur City.

Day 7: Jodhpur to Kumbhalgarh (190kms, 3-4 hours)

Visit the impregnable Kumbhalgarh fort and get engrossed in the history of the Rajputs. The road is great and the traffic is moderate. You can cover the distance by taking regular intervals. It is a lazy day and hence you can spend it by exploring with relaxation. Stay at the Kumbhalgarh Fort or return to Jodhpur.

Jodhpur to kumbhalgarh
Kumbhalgarh Fort (Source)

Day 8: Kumbhalgarh to Udaipur (103kms, 2-3hours) / Jodhpur to Udaipur (260kms, 5-6kms)

Set out early in morning to avoid traffic. The road from the “Blue City” to the “City Of Lakes” is fantastic and has lots of enchanting scenes to offer. Udaipur is called the “Venice of the East” the because of its wonderful lakes. You have the whole day to explore the forts, palaces, lakes and the city. First, check in to your hotel or any fort-hotel, according to your budget to stay overnight.

Venice of the East- Udaipur(Source)

Enjoy boating and Birdwatching in the Pichola Lake and Fateh Sagar Lake. Experience a royal welcome at the Udaipur City Palace. Once a palace of the royalties, it is now a hotel chain. Moti Magri, Monsoon Palace, Saheliyon Ki Bari are some of the other attractions you will find. Enjoy the sunset and explore the Bazaar to fill your bags with unique traditional items.

Day 9: Udaipur to Pushkar (315kms, 7-8hours)

Set out at 6.30-7am. Take time at hand as the roads are bumpy and you will get much traffic. Pushkar is a land of Camels and you will find plenty of them blocking your path. Moreover, you might get stuck up at the level crossing for a good amount of time.

Explore the sacred Pushkar Lake, take a dip if you want. You will find a diversity of people gathered here. Pay a quick visit to Brahma Temple. Spend some time by the ghats of the Lake for bird photography. Explore the market, meet new people and capture the pure essence.

Moderate to luxurious, you will find lots of hotels to spend the night with excellent food.

Day 10: Pushkar to Jaipur (150kms, 2-3 hours)

A short ride along the NH8 will take you to the capital of Rajasthan, “The Pink City” Jaipur. Start early in the morning to avoid traffic. Check in to any Haveli or Palace hotels to enjoy royal treatment and have breakfast. Freshen up and set out to explore the city’s Mughal and Rajasthani architecture.

pushkar to jaipur
Hawa Mahal (Source)

The highlights of Jaipur are countless -The City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Rambagh Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Sheesh Mahal, Man Sagar Lake, Kesar Kyari Garden and so on. You can also check out Jhalana Forest Park for some wildlife photography.

Day 11: Jaipur to Bijaipur (322kms, 7-8hours) / Jaipur to Ranthambore (170kms, 3-4hours)

You can take a long road to Bijaipur to see the Bijaipur Castle, Pangarh Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Lotus Lake etc. The road is moderate and so is the traffic. You can stay at any castle hotel overnight. Set out for Ranthambore the next day.

If you are not up to take another strenuous day, then take a shorter tour from Jaipur to Ranthambore. The Ranthambore National Park is a paradise of wildlife such as Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Panther, Crocodile, and Peacock. Various jungle lodges are available at reasonable price.

Day 12: Ranthambore to Bharatpur (240kms, 5-6hours)

Start early to ride through a smooth highway with the magnificent green by the road – to the Bird Paradise Bharatpur. Forest Bungalows, Jungle Lodges, and various other nice hotels are there with excellent food and accommodation. Keoladeo National Park, Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary are the perfect photographic spots.

Day 13: Return to Delhi via Agra (58kms, 1hour)

Wake up early to cover the places you could not visit the previous day. Have breakfast and set out for Agra. It is a smooth highway and if you start early, you are going to get less traffic.Behold the bewitching Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, Akbar’s Tomb and the plethora of other architectural wonders as per your energy permits.

best route from delhi to mandawa
Taj Mahal (Source)

You can start for Delhi whenever you want. It is a 230kms long smooth Express Highway. Going to Mandawa and again starting from Mandawa to Delhi will cause more exhaustion, so it is better to take the route from Agra.

Your enthralling journey from Delhi to Mandawa and the major cities of Rajasthan ends here. You can, of course, skip or add to new places in your itinerary as per your budget, schedule and stamina. Remember to take sufficient rest after returning and don't forget to let us know how you felt! If you have new ideas of an itinerary, we would love to know.

Summing Up

A bike trip such as a Rajasthan motorcycle tour consists of 10-12 days of constant riding - not like everyone’s cup of tea. You need to plan according to your budget, stamina and of course the road or weather conditions. Completing an enchanting Rajasthan bike trip is not more important than completing it in good health while enjoying the culture and essence of the new places. 

So be steady on road; neither slog down nor speed up. Take sufficient water in regular intervals, stop to pit shop for refueling and servicing, and enjoy rest and refreshments. Take joy in the beauty of new places as much as you can and compromise on the comfort for some days, eliminate gribbing tendencies and your Rajasthan bike tour starting from Delhi to Mandawa would be perfect to the T. Hope this helps you plan your solo/group rides to Rajasthan and avoid the 'tour operator' way of seeing the country.

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