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Bike Trips in Kerala: Sun-Kissed Beaches and Exotic Locations

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Lying between the Western Ghats on its East and the Arabian Sea on its West, the narrow strip of land is referred to as 'God's Own Country' officially known as Kerala. Kerala is such a small terrain holds diverse geographical feature as well as culture and is truly a wonder in itself. Bike trips in Kerala is a once in a lifetime thing and would give you unforgettable memories to cherish forever. The timeless beauty of the magnificent hills of Munnar, the palm-fringed beaches, the enchanting woods, the pristine backwaters and the beautiful forests of Periyar, all of it contribute towards making the entire trip a fun and memorable one.

Kerala undoubtedly makes it for the best road trips in south India. In fact, bike trips in Kerala are becoming quite a rage with a lot of biking enthusiasts visiting the beautiful state each year. So, what are all the places that you can explore while on the bike trip in Kerala? Here's our referred detailed guide:

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Preparing the Bike

If you are going to be riding your own bike, which we suggest you should and see to it that your bikes are in good condition & have them serviced a week before the trip. When you are going to be riding such a long distance, for instance, let’s say that you are going to be covering the Bangalore to Kochi distance and then a lot more in and around the state of Kerala. Therefore, to be able to enjoy this bike trip in Kerala, you would have to make sure that your bike is in perfect condition. Make sure that you are carrying your basic tools that you require to do basic fixes on your bike in case any problem occurs. 

Best Time to Ride

The best time to visit Kerala would be during the month of December-January. The weather at that time of the year is neither too hot nor too cold. The number of days that you would need for this trip totally depends on the total days that you wish to spend in a certain place. 

Riding from Bengaluru

If you are starting from Bengaluru, we strongly suggest you leave early from the city. The 1st destination for your bike trip to Kerala should be 'Kasargod'.  Kasargod is the place to be at especially if you wish to experience the backwaters of Kerala. Make your bookings prior to reaching Kasargod, as you would want to rest and check into your hotel rooms on your arrival. The 380Km ride will take about 8 to 10hrs (depending on how many stops you take), so you might be tired or hungry. If you leave early, you should be reaching after lunch around snacks time. If you are not tired, you could even ride around for an hour while exploring the beautiful state, you would be surprised by the amazing natural beauty of the place. 

motorcycling to kerala
Ride to the God's own country

Riding around Stunning Kasaragod 

Kasargod might not be the most favorable choice for people arriving from elsewhere. But, ask the bikers from Bangalore and they would always suggest you start from here for your bike trips in Kerala. This place truly is a paradise and would offer you the fun of riding through plush green layers of trees passing lakes and rivulets and streams. 

On Day 2, you could head towards the beautiful Bekal Fort and then enjoy a stunning sunset from the popular viewpoint there. A slow ride against the relaxing winds on the sands of Kappil and Pallikere beach is something that is definitely recommended. Visit the Ananthapura Lake Temple and have a sumptuous Kerala meal there. Retire for the night. 

Ride to The Mesmerizing Wayanad 

On your Kerala bike trip, after arriving at Kasaragod and your stay there you continue your trip/journey to mesmerizing beauty of Wayanad, which is about 200Kms ride and should be do-able in 6-8hrs. The aroma of spices, the amazing bakeries on the way and the essence of coffee and tea would make your ride even more exciting. Spectacular sights on your way would keep stunned. Wayanad is one of our personal favorite places in Kerala to visit. 

Next, visit the popular wildlife sanctuaries and then ride ahead. Once you cover the Sulthan Bathery region towards the southern and southeastern parts, you could choose to trek at the Chembra Peak. The views from the top are arresting and would leave you amazed. Watching the sunrise at the banks of the beautiful Banasura Sagar Dam is also something that must not be missed. 

bike trips in kerala
Curvy roads of Wayanad (source)

An Unforgettable Trip to Thrissur 

Get up early on Day 4, get your tank all fuelled up, grab a quick breakfast and then head to Thrissur another 200Kms south of Wayanad. This is the place that would leave you in awe of its religious diversity and technological parks. The notable religious places here would be Lady of Dolors Basilica, Palayur Church, Lourdes Cathedral, Cheraman Juma Masjid, Vadakumnathan Temple and Thiruvambadi Temple. Other places would be the ancient pilgrim center of Guruvayoor and an unforgettable ride through the Athirapally and Vazhachal Waterfalls. Exploring all the places could take time and we advise you to select the places that interest you the most and check them out. The ride further is only getting more exciting and fun. Get Ready for Day 5,

Scenic Ride to Beautiful Munnar 

For the perfect adrenaline rush on your bike trip in Kerala, you should be heading to Munnar on Day 5. This is a shorter ride, 160Kms, which means more time at hand when you reach Munnar  As soon as you enter the Idukki district, you can sense the change in the air. You would be riding past the confluence of the three famous mountain streams and can very easily see the subtle colonial influences in every nook and corner of Munnar. The lush green forests, cobbled lanes and winding streets and the tree plantations make it the ideal hill station. It is from here that you could venture on the trek to Anamudi which is the highest peak in South India. 

You would then be riding towards Mattupetty and not to forget it's masonry dam and scenic lakes. All of this makes it a perfect setting for a memorable boat ride. Very close to Mattupetty and Munnar are the evergreen forests that encircle the Anayirangal and Chinnakanal dams. Munnar because of its beauty and natural landscapes is very frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. We advise to make prior bookings for this place before your arrival. Rest for the day here, reaching Munnar also completes our half bike trip to Kerala.

best biking routes in south india
Mesmerizing sights along Munnar (Source)

Explore the Enthralling Vagamon 

Day 6: Vagamon located about 100Kms south of Munnar is the place which can best be understood only be experiencing it. It is not someplace which you can read and know about, it is an experience in itself. Ride up to the velvet greens and mountain breeze of Vagamon for that ideal Paragliding opportunity amidst the hills. 

You could, of course, choose to just ride around the stunning placer or indulge in some adventurous activities. Whatever the place presents you with, just close your eyes and be ready to be drowned in the essence of this stunning landscape. You may opt to stay here if you have time at hand, else you can continue your journey towards the next exciting destination Alleppey.

Discovering Stunning Alappuzha / Alleppey 

As you continue on the Kerala route, you would reach the coastal city of Alappuzha.  Here you would be greeted with the hills of the Western Ghats on one side and the beautiful sea on the other. This city would make you realize that this is one of the best road trips in south India. Alleppey is approx 200Kms from Munnar if you cover Vagamon along the way. Alappuzha would offer you one of the best highway rides that you have ever had in your lifetime. The place, holding true to its name, is truly the Venice of the East. Lapped into straits of land surrounded by freshwater lagoons and the Arabian Sea, it’s a foodie’s delight too, with some delectable seafood on offer. From Kayaking to staying for the night on a houseboat in the backwater lagoons, this makes the whole bike trip in Kerala even more interesting. You may want to consider spending a day here if you wish to explore the city.

best places to see in kerala
Houseboats in Alleppey (Source)

Touring Beautiful Varkala 

Day 7-8: Start early on this day from Alappuzha to reach Varkala (100Kms) in time for some delicious lunch. Set out again after resting for some time to explore some more panoramic views of Kerala in the dramatic edges of red limestone cliffs which altogether make Varkala a very unique and an unforgettable experience. 

Once you are done exploring the place, head out for some typical touristy things like indulging in some fabulous Ayurvedic treatments. The whole experience is physically relaxing and emotionally and mentally rejuvenating too. Once you feel absolutely relaxed, gear up again for a great ride to Kovalam. 

A Memorable Trip to Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital is full of skyscrapers and wildlife enclosures. There are quite a lot of things that would interest the tourists. When on a bike trip to Kerala in this city, things like cultural, stone-carved wonder towering and visible from far, Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple might interest you. Community churches, small winding lanes, temples and other things are also worth visiting. As Thiruvananthapuram is closely located to Varkala and Kovalam, you can just explore this place in short time. This will also be an expensive place to stay over if you plan to spend a night here. We advise continuing riding to Kovalam which is about 60Kms from Varkala.

Breathtaking Kovalam 

Kovalam is your last destination on this Kerala bike trip from Bangalore. The stunning beach and the Arabian Sea waves make up for a calm retreat which is the perfect end to this bike trip in Kerala. From sunbathing on the beach at noon to Catamaran-cruising under the star-lit sky, everything seems perfect. You could consider renting the beach house for the night and then wake up to the waves hitting your house’s porch. This experience here would make you feel lucky and you are most likely to be overcome by a lot of emotions. 

bike trip to kerala
Bike Trip to Kovalam (source)

And with this, your bike trip would come to an end and then you can head back home with a bag full of memories that would be cherished for a lifetime. While you decide your way back to Bengaluru, we suggest you keep 2 days in your itinerary so you can also ride to Kanyakumari and the city of Madurai on your way back. The total ride distance from B'lore to B'lore would be roughly ~2100Kms, needless to say, this will be an experience, journey, road trip & a bike ride of a lifetime.

Things Required for Bike Trips in Kerala 

Jot down all the necessary items that you are going to need before heading out on the bike trips in Kerala. We have listed down a below a list of basic things which you are going to need for the trip. You might add a few things as per your requirement but remember to pack only the essentials for your bike ride and nothing unnecessary. 

  • A sturdy rucksack as that would be the most favorable option during a bike ride 
  • Clothing (You would need to pack clothes according to the weather conditions. Consider the weather conditions of the time that you are going to be there on your tour and then pack accordingly)
  • Safety Gears (The riding gear is compulsory both for the rider and the pillion rider)
  • Full face helmet
  • Biking Gloves, elbow pads and knee pads (You could get this on rental basis)
  • A basic bike repairing kit in case of emergencies
  • Boots and boots cover (if riding in rainy season)
  • Documents as needed based on your Nationality and stay options.

Other Essentials

  • Mobile charger, Powerbank, camera
  • Sunglasses, zip-lock bags, safety pins
  • Water Bottle, lock for your bags, pen and a small diary (if you wish to jot things down of your bike trips in Kerala)
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and cold cream
  • First aid kit and personal medicine kit
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Energy bars to keep you going
  • Other than these, pack toiletries and you would be good to go.

Summing Up 

Over the years Kerala has developed to be one of the most amazing cities in India. Owing to some unique geographical locations, the city of Kerala has quickly turned out to be one of the most sorted after destinations of Asia. Be it a one day trip in Kerala or a longer one, Kerala would never fail to amaze you with its beauty. With this being one of the best bike trips in Kerala, you will get to see some of the popular destinations and then also get to travel the unexplored. This truly would be an unforgettable experience. 

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