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7 Types of Places to Stop While You Are on a Ride

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Motorcycle touring is not just about wheel throttling or racing league; it takes you places and you get to experience something which is beyond the new and the different. That’s one of the exciting parts of riding, you absorb those new experiences and learn from them. If riding was about just reaching from A to B then you wouldn’t be here, would you? While long distance riding is fun it also brings an opportunity to explore some new and awesome places. Planning your motorcycle tour also includes where you stop and take breaks. We at Livingit spoke to riders all across the country and came up with a list of places where the riders like to take a halt; here as a biker you can either take rest or take it like an exciting stop while on the journey.

7 Types of Places to Stop while Riding

Beach Please

places to stop while riding - Livingit
The perfect combination of sea, sun, and sand! ( Image Source )

When you have been riding for a long time, the beach is a great stopover. The beaches may differ as per your route but the aim is to relax and enjoy the local food served along with the sea view. There are plenty of beaches along the Indian coastlines which make them the perfect chilling spots. Let us know which is your favorite beach spots to relax or the beach places to stop while riding?


If your trip involves riding throughout the night then a perfect spot for you to relax and lay over is the top of a mountain/hill. With exciting curvy roads and scenic beauty, mountains and hill tops are perfect places to stop while riding. These high peaks give the best view and you are in for a jackpot if you get to watch the sunrise/sunsets depending on your timing. The best part of reaching these places at Sunrise/Sunset is that you will not see many tourists around. You can also click your best photos with the amazing natural beauty around.

places to stop while riding - Livingit
Incredible and breathtaking mountains and hills ( Image Source )

Lake Side

Lake-side points are usually famous for scenic beauty, boating, and food. A great relaxation spot, they are an ideal stop for bikers as you can safely park your bikes, avoid the crowd, put your feet in the water and think about your next destination! Doesn’t it sound mesmerizing? The still water at lakes, the early morning breeze, and the fresh tea served at the lake-side is like paradise in a cup. Why would anyone give it a miss?

places to stop while riding
The still water and the early morning breeze – blissful! ( Image Source )

Hidden Trails / Off Roading

If you are in the mood for some adventure you should always ask the locals for nearby places that you can explore. If you are brave enough, you might get to ride/explore the lush jungles or reach a hidden place where a motorbike has ever reached before. Most of the times you have to take the ‘Off-Road’ way to reach these places and that is an experience in itself which helps you become a better rider. Riding to such spots is very satisfying and brings you much closer to your bike and riding in general.

places to stop while riding - Livingit
Venture into the road not taken! ( Image Source )


Bikes parked at the riverside, sitting on rocks, throwing pebbles in the river when it is calmly flowing its way, such a gorgeous scene! While most of the times these also make for perfect camping spots if you are carrying your tent. The cafes overlooking the river are perfect at meal times. The scenic spots also make for great selfies and photos to make your ride memorable.

Rivers and scenic beauty go hand in hand ( Image source )

Mountain Passes

mountain Passes
Zip through the highest motorable mountain passes in India ( Image Source )

If you are on a long ride to the Himalayas, you are bound to cross one of the many mountain Passes. India is a vast country and we have around 50well-known mountain passes. These are not just your average road crossings; these passes are picturesque and have great spots around them where you can stop for a click. As these places are frequented by a lot of travel buffs, there are plenty of nearby spots where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack for refreshment.

Historical Glory

India has a rich cultural and historical background. When you are riding through the mainland where ghats or mountains or lakes and rivers are not nearby, you have an opportunity to learn about the history of our country or that city. Every state/city in our country offers some historical sight to be seen and learnt about. This not only helps you experience something new it also helps you connect with the locals and understand their culture.

Someone has aptly said, “It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that matters”. Motorcycle journeys are not just plain rides but are also about discovering new places and cultures. So, step out and push yourself to experience the new and while you explore take a stop at one such spot which helps you cherish what riding is all about.

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