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8 Road trips for every Biker in India

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The reckless years of one’s 20s are perhaps the most illuminating. There’s plenty to be learnt, a bevy of experiences that temper you into who you’ll eventually become. Through those experiences that shape you, they might just also open your eyes to something new – a passion – which will define yo u . As for me, with movies like Motorcycle Dairies, ZNMD, Into the Wild and Euro Trip, I was motivated to take up something new. Motorcycling. This was something I understood and it connected with me. Finally when I started pursuing it, I was struck by wanderlust and all I wanted to do was get out of my comfort zone and start Livingit. I wanted to further connect with my passions by listing down road trips for every biker!

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Then it’s all about road trips and planning a weekend trip to somewhere nearby. Back of your mind, there is always a thought of planning and leaves to make time for your next long ride to explore the country. These are some of the road trips for every biker; rides/routes that you can plan for your next epic ride.

8 Road Trips for every Biker to Experience in India

So here are the road trips that you may plan to experience the new and discover yourself. After all its not about the destination, it’s about the journey. You can follow these tips to plan your ride well.

1. Delhi to Leh / Ladakh

Leh Ladakh - Every Biker's Wish
Dream Road trip for every biker in India (Image Source)

Ladakh, also the so-called pilgrimage of every biker, riders from across India ride here every year. Leh/Ladakh has a terrain that makes you push yourself out of your comfort zone. The stretch, which seems to get cooler with every kilometer you clock, is ideal for all those who love serene valleys and snowcapped mountains. You witness the true colours of nature, passing attractions such as Rohtang Pass & Pangong Lake.

  • Approximate Distance – 1,241 kilometers
  • When to Ride: April to October
  • Pit Stop – There are various stops like Chandigarh, Manali, and Srinagar. A night stay is compulsory because riding at night could be dangerous. Srinagar to Leh highway is splendid to watch.

2. Mumbai to Goa via State highway 4

Mumbai to Goa - Coast to Coast
The Dil Chahta Hai Route – a small detour from the main highway ( Image Source )

The road trip via National Highway 66 between Mumbai to Goa needs no introduction. Taking a small detour to Ganpatiphule and ride along the State highway 4 to Ratnagiri, will make the trip a visual delight. This picturesque route has several stretches of the most scenic beach fronts. After reaching Ratnagiri you can head back to National Highway 66 and also access the various food joints to answer your food cravings en route to the beach party capital of India i.e. Goa. Gear up and experience the curves of Western Ghats on this route & experience ride through lush Konkan landscape.

  • Approximate Distance – 604 kilometers
  • When to ride – Good throughout the year, best in monsoons.
  • Pit Stop – Chiplun, which is around 238 kilometers from Mumbai, is a perfect place to give your journey a break. You can also try Sawantwadi, as the beautiful town surrounding a scenic lake is also a refreshing stop.

3. Jaipur to Ranthambore

From the Pink City to the Land of the Roaring Tiger ( Image Source )

Not a very long ride in itself but spotting the big cat in this ride will make it a journey of a lifetime. A unique blend of blooming mustard fields and completely empty spaces, the highway that leads to Ranthambore from the Pink City is as scenic and as rough as you want it to be. Leave Jaipur early in the morning and head over to State Highway 24, which passes through several small villages, including Bassi and Lalsot, towards Ranthambore.

  • Approximate Distance – 145 kilometers
  • When to Ride – Anytime other than summers is good
  • Pit Stop – Spend some time at the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary to prepare for the eventual date with the tiger.

4. Bangalore to Hampi

Road trips for every biker
From India’s Silicon Valley to the Calmness of Hampi ( Image Source )

Hampi attracts both history and nature lovers. This might be touristy for your taste but it is full of history and gives you a sense of belonging. Remember, it’s the experiences that help you to know you better. This ancient village is located in the south Indian state of Karnataka. The ruins and remains of Vijayanagara Empire describe the glorious days of the 14th century. On the south bank of the River Tungabhadra is the 7th-century Hindu Virupaksha Temple, near the revived Hampi Bazaar. A carved stone chariot stands in front of the huge Vittala Temple site. Southeast of Hampi, Daroji Bear Sanctuary is home to the Indian sloth bear.This site is declared as UNESCO heritage site, so, make sure you leave no trail behind when you travel there.

  • Approximate Distance – 350 kilometers
  • When to Ride – Winters (November – December)
  • Pit Stop – The route is well connected and plenty of dhabhas on the way for you to eat and relax.

5. Chennai to Munnar

Chennai to Munnar
From Land of steam to the World of Tea ( Image Source )

Greenery all the way! If the steamy weather in Chennai is something you want to avoid on the upcoming weekend, a trip to Munnar should definitely be on your to-do-list. The winding road and pleasant weather will make your trip a memorable one. Once at your destination, you either can bring out the adventurer in you by rock climbing and paragliding or can simply learn the art of tea making.

  • Approximate Distance – 600 kilometers
  • When to ride – Anytime other than summers
  • Pit Stop – An ideal midway stop is Tiruchirappalli, which was one a part of the renowned Chola kingdom. The city, with a large number of beautifully sculpted temples and fortresses, is a treat for photography enthusiasts.

6. Ahmedabad to Kutch

Ahmedabad to Kutch
Towards the White Salt Desert ( Image Source )

Watch the White Desert Blend with the Sky! The journey to Kutch from Ahmedabad is fun and compliments the experience one gets on reaching the destination. The endless expanse of the white salt desert is brilliantly complimented by the colorful life of the people of Kutch and the neighboring handicraft villages, including Nirona, Nakhtarana, and Hodko.

  • Approximate Distance – 381 kilometers
  • When do ride Best time to ride is in between October to February
  • Pit Stop – Dhangadhra is an ideal place to rest your wheels for a couple of hours while admiring some temples and mosques.

7. Guwahati to Tawang

Guwahati to Tawang
A Taste of the Northeast ( Image Source )

This is one of the most highly recommended road trips for every biker in the country. The unexplored North-east and the beauty of the hills are mesmerizing. This rough, yet beautiful drive from Guwahati can be made relaxing and a lot more convenient by making a stop at Dirang, an attractive valley town. Once in Tawang, you can spend your time in the lap of nature and participate in the morning prayers with monks.

  • Approximate Distance – 521 kilometers
  • When to ride – Anytime! If you plan to ride in winters , make sure you are well prepared.
  • Pit Stop – Along with Dirang, another good stopover before heading your way to Tawang is Tezpur, the cultural capital of Assam. With several historical ruins dotting the landscape, the stop is ideal for photography aficionados.

8. Killar to Kishtwar via Pangi

Road trips for every biker
One of the most deadly road in the world ( Image Source )

The journey of lifetime’, these words sum up it completely. This is one of the Road trips for every biker; every biker who loves thrill and adventure. Roads are stiff and covered by silt. Every turn you take displays the scenic beauty of Himalayas as well as thrills you by its dangerous avatar. Avoid travelling in the rainy season; roads are usually covered by slippery mud in that season. Vehicles can be chased by animals!

  • Approximate Distance – 200 kms
  • When to ride – After monsoons, October to March
  • Pit Stop – Adding multiple stops is the best option because travelling at night is dangerous and unsafe.

Hope that as readers you liked the list of road trips for every biker in India. They happen to be in my bucket list and I wish to complete them as and when I get an opportunity.

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Akshay Kokde, from Pune is currently doing his Mechanical Engineering and loves biking!

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