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5 Types of Roads that Every Rider Should Explore

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The elements that make any journey interesting are always the ones that shape the experience. For a motorbike rider, the types of roads are all the more important to get the desired experience. Every biker has his or her favorite path, so what’s yours?

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5 Types of Roads Riders Love!

5 Types of Roads that Every Rider Should Explore
For a rider, every ride counts! ( Source )

Every rider has a personal favorite when it comes to the roads or path they travel on. It also depends on the adventure you seek and the person you are or want to be when you have the machine cruising at its best on the roads of your choice. Let’s explore some types of roads the way most riders see them.

Fresh Tarmac

A great tarmac road gives a sense of happiness ( Source )

The smell of freshly-laid tarmac and its deep black flow that stretches limitlessly as you open the throttle is everyone’s favourite and top of the list for roads that bikers want to explore. Whether it’s winding roads or a straight national highway stretch, it does get your pulse racing or has a calming effect depending on the kind of bike you ride. Pothole-free and speed-breaker-free (rather back-breaker free!) roads are always desired. You will be surprised at the quality of our national highways and the ease of connect if you have not hit the road for a long time.


5 Types of Roads that Every Rider Should Explore
Coastline roads gives a sense of freedom ( Source )

There is some magic when you ride along the coastline roads. The road winds into corners and suddenly opens with a view of the ocean. Sea-facing roads are a boon for roadies who want to divert their mind from the chaos of city life. For those who live miles away from the sea, coastlines give an exhilarating riding experience. India’s coastline has some great roads on offer like the East Coast Road connecting Chennai to Kanyakumari, the stretch from Mumbai Port to Thane, the road from Mangalore to Goa is another adventurous one.


5 Types of Roads that Every Rider Should Explore
Mountains and Ghats gives a sense of belonging ( Source )

Who doesn’t love riding the mountains roads? Riding all the way up to the mountain top or along the ridge gives some riders the much-anticipated chills and thrills. For others, it’s the view of the sunrise or sunset from the mountain top that’s the most rewarding. Either way, a ride to the mountains is a rejuvenating experience. Every mountain range in India, from the Nilgiris, the Malnads, the Sahyadris to the mighty Himalayas, offers a great range of adventures to mountain lovers.

Forest Trails

The forest trails gives a sense of rustic charms ( Source )

If you are a rare mix of a nature lover and an avid biker, then forest trails should definitely be included in your ‘places to explore’ list. The beauty of the wilderness is best explored on a bike, though necessary precautions should be taken. The hidden trails along with the rustic charm of the jungle is what excites bikers the most!


Off roading gives a sense of adventure ( Source )

Nothing like a cloud of dust when you pass by roads that is unpredictable except that it promises adventure – that’s Off-roading for you! For those who have already tried and tested the above options, you can graduate to the next level of riding – off-roading. Get the thrills by riding on unsurfaced roads or tracks made of materials like sand, gravel etc. Beginners can take their own sweet time to reach this level, but the hard work is worth the experience. Explore the top off-roading tracks in India which include Nubra Valley in Ladakh, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and Bikaner in Rajasthan. Revel in the sense of accomplishment that you feel after riding to these exotic Indian destinations.

Never get so busy that you forget the joys of life and as a rider, there is a whole world waiting for you to explore. If it’s the love for riding that keeps you motivated, take a cue from this article to explore roads that you have not yet taken.

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