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5 Type of Bikers You'll Run Into

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Often for youngsters, moving out of high school and joining college is the license to ride. A two-wheeler is the first vehicle we get to lay our hands on. The love for bikes is not an instant phenomenon; it is entrenched deep in our hearts since our childhood. First, we learn to ride a bicycle and gradually the love matures to an undying passion for motorcycles. Owning one becomes a matter of pride among our peer group and the possession of a bike kick-starts one of many adventurous journeys of our lives. This love transformed to passion is definitely not for the weak-hearted, and it thrills only those who are core admirers of long drives punctuated with pit stops of moments to cherish and memories to keep. As one seeks adventure in every journey and tries to make it memorable, this particular passion intensifies with age. As the memories become richer and richer, so does the thirst for more. People have different versions of definition for this mean machine. You’ll come across various type of bikers – some see biking as a voyage, some as a journey to a road less traveled, some look for the adrenaline rush while some just want to find peace within. With time your bike becomes your buddy. You name it, caress it, love it, pamper it and treat it like a beloved family member.

Type of Bikers You’ll Definitely Come Across –

Across the world, there are numerous groups and type of bikers who follow their dreams on two wheels and live their life off-road. These groups can be easily compared to a sect or cult with the bike being the deferred deity. You can easily cross paths with the following type of bikers other than the daily commuters:

1. The Show-Off

5 Type of Bikers You’ll Run Into - Livingit
The ones who just show-off! ( Image Source )

They are the attention-seekers. Riding a fancy bike is their fantasy, and the price tag on the bike can in no way stop their lust for show-off. Any flashy bike in the market and these fanatics of pomp and regalia will surely pay a visit to the showroom like a devout disciple. Loaded with heavy pockets, these type of bikers splurge like an unbridled river on the mean machine. Once they get the hand on their new toy, they do not look back and storm the road as if to challenge every law of physics possible. The inventory of show-off does not limit itself to the looks of the bike; it naturally extends to test the capability of the bike to travel fast. So when you see something passing by you in a blink of an eye, you should not strain your brain. The show-off rider has just ruffled the air around you while taunting and teasing the aging mortal. You’ll usually see these type of bikers riding without any proper gear because they think it makes them look cool.

2. The Customizer

type of bikers
The ones who love to innovate ( Image Source )

Customisation!! Well, customization is specifically for the type of bikers who see innovation in even the most innovated. The breed of customizers draws their zeal from the dissatisfaction from the original designers of the bike. They want to etch their signatures on their toys and to satiate the desire of the innovator inside them. Customization ranges from a change of seats, handles, fuel tank, silencer or the complete makeover of the bike. The most common bike to be put under the knife is the Royal Enfield. Avid customization, enthusiasts come up with eerie, yet sometimes brilliant ideas of a complete change of appearance cloaking the original design of the bike. Generally, customized bikes are found cruising at a slower speed than the usual traffic, turning a lot of heads on the road. But these type of bikers can whack the throttle when desired.

3. The Road Tripper

The Road Tripper
The ones who have traveled it all! ( Image Source )

The road-tripper is the one who is generally found not on city roads, but cruising away amidst the loneliness of wilderness or far away destinations. This type of biker does not like the hustle-bustle of the city. They enjoy the scenic beauty of the locales, seclusion from strident automatons in the busy city life, a moment to amalgamate themselves in the varied beautiful vignettes of Mother Nature, an opportunity to decipher their undisclosed personality, a longing for an interview with self and most important a much coveted and required break from their duplicitous and banal lifestyles. These type of bikers have their own stories to tell, their own experiences to share, their own lessons to teach and yet these humble souls have so much to learn. Their trips include places like Ladakh, Pondicherry, Spiti, Kannur, Siliguri. You can usually site their luggage and saddlebags tied to their devils. Kilometers are just a number for them. They find real pleasure in distance traveling. You mention a place and they must have already left their footprints there. These type of riders are like nomads with the only difference being of riding away on sophisticated ghost riders.

4. The Gadget Guru Biker

5 Type of Bikers You’ll Run Into - Livingit
The Gadget Guru biker has a plethora of gadgets ( Image Source )

As the name suggests, they are clad in as many gadgets as feasibly fits on a rider. Like a show-off biker or a customizer, the Gadget Guru biker is also not content with the original gadget fit of the bike. They want a plethora of gadgets and feel comfortable only when the bike is fitted with a mind-boggling assortment of gadgets. If there was no constraint of real estate on their bike then it would have certainly looked like a cockpit of a Boeing. They own every available gadget from GPS navigation to MP3 speakers attached to handlebars, to GoPro Camera, heavy duty battery back-up, and Bluetooth communicator. You name the gadget and they will have it. They will have every bit of information available right from assessing the health of the engine to the status of various factors around them. These kinds of bikers are thrilled with the overwhelming flurry of information thrown at them by the countless gadgets. They are like pilots albeit in the cockpit of their bikes analyzing roll, pitch, speed, acceleration, etc.

5. ATGATT ( All The Gear, All The Time)

type of bikers
Always ready for the ride ( Image Source )

This guy is always up for a ride. Be it a weekend getaway or a nearby hill station, he is always geared up. They would ride in the scorching heat of the sun, freezing temperatures as well as the sultry weather of coastal states. Climatic conditions are not enough to dampen their spirits. They do not just stay on two wheels but can move their entire home on it. You can easily find their name in the Motorbike Club. They are socially active and have a large group of rider friends who are ever ready to shift their two-wheeler abode anywhere in the countryside. Their passion for riding is unparalleled, and they continue to seek any opportunity to get themselves freed from the mundane urban life where one gets glued to a single place and becomes a shuttlecock bandied like a useless idea from home to office and office to home. Their bike will have all the paraphernalia required for living on the beachside, river banks or off road. The continuous ride may be tiring for others but not for these daredevils who have added yet another definition to life and have changed the meaning of biking. The bond these types of riders share with each other is more sacred than the bond of caste, creed or religion.

A special category needs mentioning apart from these five, that is, the “She” biker.

Type of Bikers
The SHE Bikers – Breaking the stereotype ( Image Source )

Breaking the stereotype, women are joining the otherwise male-dominated field. From pillion riders to riding the mean machine themselves, we have witnessed a sudden increase in the use of geared bikes by women. Riding a bike not only gives them thrill but also boosts their confidence. Some women consider it as a sign of liberty and strength. Not only have they had their exclusive Motorbike Clubs but also ride with their male counterparts. Female bikers nowadays are seen as a sign of women emancipation and have paved the way for women to break the male stranglehold. The “she” bikers are a melange of all the type of bikers described above. They have scaled new heights in the field of biking, challenging the male supremacy at every turn. The rise of female bikers should not be seen as a threat to the ever-existing male bastion but as an emergence of a new companion on the otherwise lonely roads of biking. Female bikers generally face resistance from the conservative society but gradually their appearance on the bikersʼ map has helped and motivated others to break the shackles and strive hard to prove themselves in the field of their reckoning and expertise.

As a matter of fact, we’ve actually for a list of 5 Female Indian Bikers You Should Watch Out For.

Bikers are the fraternity who are seldom known to be a part of our boring society. Their extraordinary love for their beasts makes them a kind of a maniac who is ever hungry for challenges. Bikers come in all shapes and sizes. One does not have to wear those leather jackets covered with biker patches or have a long beard. All one needs is the passion for riding the beauty. So what are you waiting for? Gear up and crank the engine for another journey full of excitement and adventure.

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