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5 Female Indian Bikers to Watch Out For

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In the world of motorcycling, it is rare that a woman ever comes to mind when we hear the word ‘biker’. But there are some who are challenging these stereotypes and making us reconsider our common ways of thinking. The face of the sport of biking is changing as more and more of them are taking to the roads every day. Despite the pressures from society and the conservative Indian culture, these women are following their passion with unshakeable determination. Some of them already have thousands of kilometres under their belt. Listed below are five female Indian bikers you much watch out for.

5 Female Indian Bikers

1. Urvashi Patole

Founder of Bikerni - Urvashi Patole
Urvashi Patole (Source)

This 27 year old female motorcyclist is a real inspiration for young women. She’s created the very first group for bikers that is women only, called ‘Bikerni’. The group consists of 14 members when it began and now it consists of a whopping 700 members of which every single person is a female. Urvashi met with an accident that caused a head injury but wearing her helmet saved her life. She slowly recovered from the injury and now is back to biking with the same passion again. None of this could make her change her mind about biking despite everyone around her wanting her to. Urvashi has decided to lead a Himalayan Odyssey just for women. This is the first time ever that an all-woman group will be completing this.

You can actually pick up a few tips from her personally, as she was one of our PassionTalk speakers earlier this year. Watch her recorded Live-Stream about Motorcycle Touring both in India and Overland here .

2. Sarah Kashyap

Female Bikers
Sarah Kashyap (source)

Sarah an employee at Google, left her job to join the Royal Enfield Motor’s core riders team as the first woman in this role. Sarah’s love for biking was what drove her to complete the Raid de Himalaya motorbiking event which stretches from Himachal Pradesh to Jammu and Kashmir to Uttarakhand. Inspite of her back injuries and her boss who told her she wouldn’t be able to do it, she went on to become the first Indian woman to complete this epic challenge. She led 70 bikers on the Himalayan Oddyssey – a 3000km journey from the India Gate through Spiti Valley to Ladakh.

3. Aishwarya Pissay

Female Bikers
Aishwarya Pissay (source)

Since watching MotoGP with her father as a little girl and having a dream of some day being able to compete herself, Aishwarya has come a long way. She debuted her motcycle racing career at the Formula Junior Racing Series earning two wins at the event. In spite of the conservative society that surrounded her, she went on to pursue her dreams. Shes a huge inspiration to all those women out there who think motorcycling or racing is only for men.

4. Shilpa Balakrishnan

Female Bikers
Shilpa Balakrishnan (source)

Shilpa Balakrishnan says it took her a while to realise her dream, just like it takes most of us. But now that she has realised it, Shilpa has embarked on a journey on 13 th September 2016, that men and women can only dream of completing. She’s taken up the challenge to cover the 29 states of India on her motorcycle. She intends to complete the whooping 55,000 km journey in a mere span of 120 days starting from September 11, 2016. You can follow her journey on Facebook where she regularly posts about her experiences.

5. Anam Hashim

Female Bikers
Anam Hashim (source)

For all those women out there who are mentally limiting their wishes to travel because they don’t have a good bike to travel and explore, meet Anam Hashim. She has travelled to Khardung La, Ladakh on a TVS Scooty. Anam is a stunt motorcyclist who is sponsored by ICON Motorsports, U.S.A which is one of the worlds best riding apparel company.

There are thousands and thousands of women out there who have the passion for biking but can’t pursue it because of the fear of society. Keep the examples of the women above in mind to find the courage to follow your desires and dreams. Even though they are having a full time job or being a married housewives, they are finding the time to add meaning to their life by doing what they love and boldly making the statement #iamLivingit. Move over biking dudes a new order is forming.

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