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3 Biggest Motorcycling Myths

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We all have heard stories about motorcycling; some of us may be experts in this field, while some of us just have little knowledge on the subject. For many, motorcycling is a vital part of their lifestyle. The things you can do to make your motorcycle sound good or the steps you can follow to make your bike faster includes various technicalities. However, you may come across some weird motorcycling myths which are just a heap of misconceptions and exaggerations.

It is rightly said that myths attract the public, so these misconceptions keep on growing and spreading. You need to have a detailed understanding of motorcycle myths and facts to stop someone from spreading these rumours.

So, the next time someone spills out these senseless motorcycle myths, just counter them with your knowledge regarding the topic.

Here we go:

Top 3 Motorcycling Myths!

I Am Pretty Good at Riding; I Don’t Need a Helmet

One of the top rated motorcycling myths

Studies have found that 85% of deaths during motorcycling are caused because of severe head injuries, yet only 18% of riders are found to wear helmets during riding. Just because you think you are an expert rider does not give you the authority to break the rules.

motorcycling myths

Riding a motorcycle provides you a complete sense of freedom, but as said, ‘ with freedom, comes responsibility ’, so the serious dangers involved in riding without a helmet are to be taken into consideration.

Head injuries are said to be the most vulnerable injuries involving maximum risk factors.

The chances of survival of helmet wearers are very high as compared to those of non-helmet wearers. Because the fatal risk of traumatic brain injuries is significantly high, the government and police have strict rules regarding helmet use.



It is rightly said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, so always wear the proper security equipment while bike riding.

Avoid Using Front Brakes

We are taught since the beginning that the front brakes, which are applied by the right-hand lever (as shown in the picture), should be avoided; however, it has been proven that 70% of the stopping power of a bike is in the front brake. There is no harm in using the front brake. Beginners should be taught to use both front and rear brakes together.

3 Biggest Motorcycling Myths

Using the rear brake too much will skid the rear tyre and cause panic situations. Some situations also occur wherein the front, and rear brakes are used differently. Normally, it is advised not to use the front brake in a panic situation, but now we know that front brake is the only considerate and efficient way of stopping a bike.

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A Debate Since Decades: ‘Loud Pipes Save Lives’

The adage ‘loud pipes save lives’ is an argument we come across very often. It rather comes from a Harley or bullet owner. Noise is considered as a very powerful source to seek attention. However, it can be a source of trouble and irritation to many. It is said that loud pipes avoid accidents, but it has been scientifically proven that if a loud sound comes from a distance, you cannot tell from which direction it is actually coming.

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So, this may become a cause of an accident rather than a factor in avoiding it. If you are so concerned about pedestrians, work on improving your horn rather than creating noise pollution, which is not at all useful. Ambulances and PCR vans contain sirens at the front to warn the public.

Motorcycling Myths

The bike’s exhaust is pointed backward, which is of no help in alerting people that your vehicle is approaching. It may be a cause for distraction but never for attention.

So, these are some commonly heard motorcycling myths with which you are completely familiar.

Also, you now know what is true and what is just a myth.

There are many ways of helping people and being noticed. Use the wise ones.

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