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15 Sexiest Concept Bikes Ever Designed! Which One Will Make You Drool?

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Bike aficionados are in constant search of newer models that make heads turn. Whenever there is a new bike monster in town, it instantly grabs our attention and in no time, becomes the talk of the town. Then apart from the routine bikes, there are those that we fantasize about and wish to ride in real life; such concept bikes are yet to move to reality.

In the event that you’ve been pondering upon what sort of motorcycles might be coming up then look at these cool concept bikes. Some are utilitarian, but are not up for large-scale manufacturing, as they are not yet practically possible, while others truly push the envelope as far as creativity is concerned. So, check out these amazing concept bikes that we hope to ride soon.

Check out the list below, which one makes you drool?

BMW Concept Motorrad Vision Next 100

Think Sci-fi movies; think 2035; and visualize yourself riding one of those super advanced bikes that you fantasize about. The BMW Concept Motorrad Vision Next 100 is exactly that. Probably not the cup of tea for serious bikers, but for those who drool at the sight of futuristic bikes in sci-fi movies.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
BMW Concept Motorrad Source

Here’s the best part: no helmet, no protective clothing, no stands and no putting your legs on the ground for balance. Instead, you get data glasses, specialized rider clothing from BMW, and the self-balancing feature ensures that the bike doesn’t tilt over. If you’re still not drooling, then you don’t love bikes.

Motorbike 2050 Version 2

Imagine your bike powered by nuclear energy. Now that’s something to look forward to, isn’t it? Would it be a distant dream or reality? Reality, says renowned French designer, Romain Herment. His concept bike, the Motorbike 2050 Version 2, aims to convert nuclear energy into a power source through nuclear fusion.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
 Motorbike 2050 Source

It will offer a sustainable ride by using inexhaustible natural elements tritium and deuterium. If you are a bit worried about the exposure to radiation, Romain takes care of this issue by covering the engine with a protective crankcase. Shall we wait for 2050 then? We definitely will.

2015 Honda CB 750

In the era of smart phones comes a smart bike . Designer Igor Chak reveals an intelligent bike concept that comes with an onboard computer! You can control it via a 5-inch OLED multi-touch screen mounted on the fuel tank. With GPS, diagnostics mode and drive mode available on this computer, you can actually control your ride.

Concept Bikes
Honda CB 750 Source

In addition, the radar technology identifies head-on collisions and slows down the bike automatically. The best part, this bike is environment-friendly; powered by a 4-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine. Still, need more smartness? You’ve got it. The bike is also equipped with electronic lurch and traction control, making your ride that much safer. How does it do all of this?

The bike has sensors that refresh every 1/10 th of a second, making instant changes possible throughout the ride.

Ferrari V4 Superbike Concept

In the world of cars and racing, Red is synonymous with Ferrari designs. Now designer Amir Glinik from Israel has extended this to superbikes. Presenting the Ferrari V4 superbike concept. The powertrain is derived from the Ferrari Enzo’s V-12 engine, which has been converted into a 4-cylinder configuration.

It has a unique design based on the performance and aesthetics of both modern as well as vintage Ferrari projects. It also has amazing features like the buttons based on Formula 1 racers and hand controls adapted from an F-16 Fighter Jet!

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
Ferrari V4 Source

The controls can be accessed through a fuel tank mounted weatherproof touchscreen. Now come the winners; you can adjust the height, and control dampening for different ground clearance.

The brakes are controlled by a computer to adjust to different weather conditions. Do you need more? Just keep wishing, as we all are, that this bike gets into production so that bike enthusiasts can also get the feel that an F1 driver does.

Dodge Tomahawk Concept Motorcycle

Let’s take inspiration from our favorite Superman movie dialogue. “Is that a car? Is that a bike? Is that a Transformer?” No, it’s the Dodge Tomahawk. This 500 HP V10 Viper engine powered concept bike is what dreams are made of. Imagine yourself riding this bike, and the traffic bowing out giving way to this beast.

Concept Bikes
Dodge Tomahawk Source

Technically, it’s not a motorcycle because it has dual wheels at the front and at the rear. Claimed acceleration: 0-100 km/hr in about 2.5 seconds; claimed max speed of about 650 km/hr. Well, this bike is not street-legal, but how we wish it would so that we could see this beauty on the roads.

Your Heart will Skip a Beat with these Concept Bikes!

Apart from these five superbike concept bikes we also hope that the following fantasy concept bikes, some of which are taken straight out of the movies, find the day of light some day so that we can take them for a spin around the town.

Mad Max Aitu Motorbike

The Aitu is by all accounts rough and boisterous, prepared for Mad Max to take it for a round. Developer Renato Gschwend is planning to pull in adventurous souls who will make heads turn if this bicycle ever hits the road.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
Mad Max Aitu Motorbike Source

Icare Bike Concept

Conceptualized by Enzyme Design, the Icare cruiser is intended to be the Aston Martin of the two-wheeled world with a six-cylinder 1.8 Honda motor.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
Icare Bike Source

It would appear like a muscle bike without bounds, prepared to fire up the street and outrace the cops close behind, just in case.

Mach Ness

Arlen Ness has made a hunk of metal on wheels fueled by a gas-turbine helicopter motor, the Mach Ness. The bodywork is made totally out of aluminum that has been molded by hand.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
Mach Ness Source

Yet, it’s not for sale…it’s only a concept bike. The idea started when Arlen saw Jay Leno’s turbine cruiser but didn’t like the $250,000 sticker price, so he constructed his own

Speed Racing Motorcycle Inspired by Aliens

Creator Daniel Bailey was inspired by two things, Speed and the alien characters in “Alien.” This speed hustling bicycle is rough yet smooth.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
Aliens Source

The outline is streamlined and in light of Kawasaki Ninja details (tallness, wheelbase and so on… ), so will future street ninjas or aliens be seen riding it?

Honda Stateline “Slammer” Bagger

The motorcycle is based on the 2010 Stateline and was designed by Honda Americas’ Erik Dunshee. The motorcycle is full of power with a completely flexible air-ride suspension and a stealthy outline that conveys its invincibility.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
Slammer Source

Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Aero

The Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Aero is a minimal more than a 401 Vitpilen in favor garments, however, Husqvarna and configuration firm Kiska have made an extraordinary showing with regards to utilizing it to indicate exactly what an awesome stage they’ve set for customization.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Source

Yamaha T7 Tenere Concept

This T7 concept is built around the 700cc parallel twin from the FZ-07.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
Yamaha T7 Tenere Source

Yamaha says they’ve been developing the bike in conjunction with their official rally team in France, their R&D team in Italy, and GK Design from the Netherlands.

Tron Bike

Daniel Simon is the vehicle designer for TRON: Legacy, responsible for creating the new 5th generation light cycle.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
 Tron Bike Source

A lot of the vehicle’s components -, for example, the length of the bike expanding by its speed and, above all, the overhang free driver’s seat – are really extended from the first TRON light cycle outline by Syd Mead.


The Batpod is the Dark Knight’s version of Batcycle.Growing up and watching the Batman series, we all have dreamt about riding the BATPOD.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built

If only dreams were to come true, will this bike ever find its way out on the streets?


In the 1995 Judge Dredd motion picture, a correct reproduction of the comic Lawmaster was made, however, there was just a single issue. It was excessively cumbersome, making it impossible to guide.

Concept Bikes That We Hope Get Built
 Lawmaster Source

Along these lines, in the 2012 Dredd motion picture, the movie producers tweaked with the Lawmaster to make it more ergonomic.The Lawmaster in the 2012 film was based on Suzuki GSX 750s with amplified frame.

To ride these concept bikes you need to be either a pro or an expert in riding. If you are an amateur wish to be a pro at riding, just in case these concept bikes become reality someday, then check out these, tips to become a Professional Rider!

While it is possible that some of these bikes might actually be launches, others may not actually ever come into production and hit the markets.

But isn’t it always nice to dream big?

The search for the perfect ride is never ending and we can’t stop thinking about riding these beauties for real!

Heard of any more amazing concept bikes you wish to ride? Comment and let us, and the other readers, know!

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