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You're Livingit if...

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You are livingit if…

You have taken the ‘Red Pill’
You have ended the status quo and have questioned the so called norms
You have stopped defining yourself from the nine to six job that you have
You are bringing out the ‘Something More’ inside you
You answer the question ‘What do you do’ with the smile and name of your passion.


You are your Passion

You are the runner who doesn’t give up when you can’t feel your legs anymore.
You are the biker who has learnt to pedal with your will.
You are the rider who first takes off and then lets the road decide your destination.
You are the angler who scours rivers and oceans in hope of catching monsters.
You are the hiker who wants to be taller than the heights he is climbing.
You are the photographer who shoots to capture how it feels rather than how it looks.


Your heart screams ‘I am livingit’ when…

You see the finish line of a marathon, and not your bleeding feet.
You overcome a peak with your furious pedaling.
You feel one with the motorcycle and the road while the miles accumulate.
You gently release a hundred pound monster back into the depths.
You shoot a moment which brings a tear to your eye.
You feel the world at your feet from a top of a mountain.

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