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Have you ever had any of the following questions related to an interest, hobby or passion?

– How do I start and progress to higher levels?
– How do I find information, experts, events, groups?
– How do I find the right gear/equipment for my level?
– How do I connect with people following my passion near me?
– How do I compare with others?
– How do I log my experiences and memories?
– How do I showcase my experience and achievements?
– How do I keep a separate feed for my passion activities and not let all the clutter and noise drown it?

If you look closely, these questions are also the reason you never start an activity or drop off from one which you might have started. These are the real roadblocks in your journey from an interest to hobby to finally becoming a passion. These three stages are understood in the following way:

The Interest stage:

It all starts with an interest, where you have curiosity about an activity which you want to do. You look around for more information and if possible people in your network who are active in that activity. You manage to find some tutorial on the net and start off. You put in some more effort and if lucky find a group near you to join and start off.

The Hobby stage:

As you get more and more engaged with the interest, you become regular with it. You read up and research more about it and seek out experts and mentors to gain more knowledge. You are able to contribute more in the conversations in your activity group. There are times where you might have to sacrifice engagement in the hobby due to other priorities in your life. This is the hobby stage where you try to be regular, however other activities in your life still take priority.

The Passion stage:

In this stage, your life revolves around your passion and not the other way around. You schedule it in your daily activities and move around other things to favor this. Your curiosity for knowledge on this has changed to a raging hunger and you lap up any information, books, research around this. You seek to connect with the experts and try to join their groups to progress at a faster pace. You become restless when you miss an event and want to make up for it desperately. Your accomplishments in your passion give you a high more than your accomplishments in your regular work. This is the passion stage, and now you feel it has started to define you and your life is richer and wholesome. Typically, when you encounter challenges or issues in the first two stages it is more likely that you will give up that activity. However, once you reach the Passion stage the likelihood of this is very less.

Livingit seeks to answer all the above questions and to make this journey a lot easier, very enriching and feel very rewarding. It seeks to help those who want to reach the passion stage faster or those who want to help others in this journey. And once you have reached the Passion stage, Livingit seeks to make your experiences even better. So give up your fear and doubts which are holding you back become one of the pioneers in the world’s first passion network.

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