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Trek up to Shape up - Start Trekking!

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Life today runs at a marathon pace, constantly moving and at a quick pace too. Everything under the sun is accessible and available at a single click be it fitness, groceries or even banking. Although life is running at marathon pace, we certainly aren’t. Sedentary lifestyles, job stress, and irregular as well as unhealthy eating habits are spreading like slow poison crippling the overall health of today’s generation. To counter that importance we have fitness clubs and gyms popping up at every corner. Yet, amongst the plethora of fitness modalities available today, trekking is one of the most untapped activities owing to its perceived difficulty level and fear of failure to perform.Well, to the ones who want to go ahead? Start trekking to understand its benefits.

Is trekking an impossible mission that cannot be mastered by commoners? Absolutely not. It is in fact, the easiest, most convenient and economical activity in your fitness regime. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and an outfit of protective clothing (depending on the season), basic medical aid and a water bottle to keep you hydrated – not to forget a strong will to walk up and dodge those boulders – as well as a read through the article below!

Trekking 101 – Everything Beginners Need to Know!

Start Trekking – Here’s the Reason Why?

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Experience the joy of trekking ( Image Source )

Once you get the will to start trekking, you will soon notice the fulfilling and rewarding health benefits that trekking offers, ranging from physical, emotional and even spiritual;

1. Building Bones, Muscles, and Joints –

Trekking works on building the body’s core strength, strengthening the muscles and joints. It helps increase bone density, reduces calcium loss and prevents osteoporosis – a condition of weak and brittle bones, surprisingly common in India due to lack of calcium.

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Trekking helps in strengthening the muscles ( Image Source )

2. Weight Loss –

Trekking is far more effective to produce desired results in your weight loss quest as compared to your fully equipped gym. It not only improves metabolism but also helps in shedding unwanted fat and helps maintain a healthy weight by giving you a both physical and mental holistic workout.

3. Lower risk of Chronic Diseases –

Trekking requires walking up and down hills and mountains thus pumping up the heart rate increasing the blood flow around your body. The increased heart activity is a great cardiovascular workout maintaining a healthy heart. It keeps cholesterol levels in check by boosting the HDL (good cholesterol) and bursting the LDL (bad cholesterol). It also keeps blood sugar levels in control by maintaining insulin.

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Maintains a healthy heart ( ImageSource )

4. Relieves Stress –

Walking up and down the realm of nature instead of an artificially created air-conditioned environment definitely works wonders on the human brain, mind, and soul. Start trekking as it calms down the senses helping the mind to observe, introspect and get energized. The release of ‘the feel good’ hormones called endorphins further enhance overall positivity and peace of mind.

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Enhance overall positivity and peace of mind ( Image Source )

5. Other Benefits

Apart from the well-known benefits like improved stamina, flexibility, reduced respiratory problems, and fatigue, trekking teaches you the softer aspects as well like planning and organizing while also improving adaptability and immunity. It enhances your social skills by creating increased motivation for communicating with like-minded individuals thus giving a boost to your self-esteem and confidence.

So to all you fitness enthusiasts – start trekking – seasoned as well as newbies; next time around you dream of those toned legs and thighs, or the magically unending stamina and those perfect flat abs, just chuck away that expensive gym membership, grab a pair of your comfortable shoes and walk up to the enchanting hills for a life-long guaranteed fitness of your mind, body, and soul. All that absolutely free! Once a habitual trekker, the enormous benefits will reflect not just in your outer appearance but your overall being, because by trekking “it is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”.