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22 Snow Camping Destinations in USA that You Didn't Know About!

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Winter is coming, let's bask in the snow. If you are a nature lover who yearns to trot across the globe for experiencing the best places to enjoy during the pristine white winter, with glorious snowfall and wintery chill, you have stumbled over the perfect read, my dear friend! Snow camping is as beautiful an experience as much it sounds, if not less.

It is in fact a spectacular experience borne out of and as a result of a spectacle that winter boons us with. With a little preparation and a promising mindscape, we may be able to view some gorgeous destinations. Let’s find out how.

Top 22 Snow Camping Spots to Explore in the USA

Winter has finally come and it is the perfect time for us to make good utilization of the season with our family and friends. The growing popularity of snow camping has made camping in cold weather a quite a happening sportive event, of late. Get your snow tents and snow camping gears ready for this wonderful season to be explored.

Among the various winter campgrounds, mention must be made of the following few spots!

1. Rockport State Park (Peoria, Utah)

Rockport state park invites you to a galore of events, from snow fishing to snowmobiling; you may not have enough of everything! One useful information about this snow camping destination is that they arrange for the Rockport Fishing Tournament in February. 

Rockport State Park snow camping
The beauty of fishing along with camping!

2. Glimmerglass State Park (Cooperstown, New York)

Ice fishing, cross-country ski practicing, hiking as well as snowmobiling are the key attractions of this place that all snow campers look forward to. All the sites between 38 and 43 are open round the year. It is advisable that you pack as lightly as possible. Carry essentials only.

glimmerglass state park snow camping
Glimmerglass state park - A must visit!

3. Snow Peak Cabin (Republic, Washington)

This place is located at an altitude of 6,400 feet above the sea level within the Kettle Mountain Range. You have to reach the cabin here by walking from the Kettle Crest Trail Head. You can cook your own meal inside the cabin; the cabin can house six people at the most and has provisions of a wood stove along with a propane stove. Also, there, you would find an arrangement for crockery and cutlery.

The electrical activities inside the cabin run on solar power and have an outhouse too.

snow peak cabin
Snow peak cabin

4. State Forest State Park (Walden, Colorado)

Here too, you need not a snow tent as they have arrangements for cabins for camping in the snow. However, if you are really willing to go for snow camping ideally, then, find a camping ground in the campsites near to North Michigan Dam. Snowmobiling is very popular here.

State Forest State Park
State Forest State Park (source)

5. Brown County (Nashville, Indiana)

The ideal snow camping weather, here, is to be found between November and March. You may make reservations for your stay at Horseman Primitive, Buffalo Ridge, and Horsemen Electric. Rates are really low during this period and luxurious amenities would not be available that much. Enjoy the picturesque scenery of a naturally beautiful panorama of a winter snow camping landscape. 

Brown County
Brown County  (source)

6. Hyde Memorial (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

This is the first snow camping site to be inaugurated in New Mexico. You may enjoy the frozen ponds for ice skiing; wait not and get those ice skiing boots lying alone in your storage for a year.

Hyde Memorial
Hyde Memorial  (source)

7. Mohawk Trail State Forest (Charlemont, Massachusetts)

You may opt for snow camping only by staying in cabins for which you have to make early reservations. The cabins are available only during Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Playing with snow is very comforting here as the cabins are equipped with a wood stove as well as a heated shower 

Mohawk Trail State Forest
Mohawk Trail State Forest (source)

8. Lakeside Campground (Lakeside, Oklahoma)

Pitching your snow tents here would let you explore the beauty of the Cross Timbers by hiking through its trail. It is about 14 miles above the lake on the rocky ledges.

Cross Timbers
Cross Timbers (source)

9. Stokes State Forest (Branchville, New Jersey)

Located on the North Eastern side, this snow camping site is exuberant with all its incomparable beauty. From sunrise to sunset, you would have plenty of activities to participate in; snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice skating and cross-country skiing are very popular here.

Stokes State Forest snow camping
The mesmerising effect of Stokes State Forest 

10. Adirondack Mountains - New York

This wonderful snow camping region is near Lower St. Regis Lake and is running along the southern shore of Osgood Pond. Here, the frozen lakes are ideally used for ice skiing by snow campers.This place is a sheer magic in the winters and you would have the perfect weekend getaway with your loved ones. 

Adirondack Mountains
Adirondack Mountains (source)

11. Mt. Hood National Forest – Oregon

Even though this place is a hot spot for visitors during the summer, visiting the same during the winter would provide you with another form of thrill. Skijoring and Nordic skiing are very popular here. Pitch your snow tent beside the Trillium Lake that offers a splendid view of Mt. Hood.

 Mt. Hood National Forest
Mt. Hood National Forest (source)

12. Great Sand Dunes National Park – Colorado

Just as the name suggests, this region proudly houses the tallest sand dunes in the nation. Sandboarding is quite popular here but during winter. Hoards of visitors are seen to camp here for a wintry experience. Also, you must consider yourself fortunate if you stumble across a herd of elks or that of deer; this is a natural habitat for many creatures in the region.

 Great Sand Dunes National Park
Great Sand Dunes National Park (source)

13. The La Sal Mountains – Utah 

This is one of the most exuberant of all the snow camping sites. Mountains or the deserts, both are ideal for camping in winter. Enjoy the wonderful view of the Negro Bill Canyon here along with the Hidden Valley.

La Sal Mountains
La Sal Mountains (source)

14. Voyageurs National Park – Minnesota

A list of choices for snow activities are available here; go for skiing or fishing or even snow mobiling as whatever you go for would overwhelm you thrill and fun. However, in order to snow camp here, you need to get provided with a permit for the purpose. Wildlife can be observed quite closely from here.

 Voyageurs National Park
Voyageurs National Park (source)

15. Mt. Monadnock State Park - New Hampshire

This place is popular around the year as one of the popular hiking terrains in the country. At the elevation of 3165 ft, you may be able to experience a wonderful while by Nordic skiing. Ice skating is also carried out in the local frozen ponds. This is also popular for rock climbing.

 Mt. Monadnock State Park
Mt. Monadnock State Park (source)

16. Yosemite National Park – California 

This is one of the most famous as well as oldest national parks in the country. With beautiful landscapes comprising waterfalls and meadows, the piling of flakes of snow to create a white carpet spread over the terrain enhances its beauty furthermore. Wawona meadow trial, as well as the Mariposa Grove, are the most convenient places to pitch your tent for snow camping.

Find a campground in this beautifully maintained national park for your pre-planned snow backpacking.

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Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park

17. Sequoia National Park - California

It remains pristine white throughout the winters! Yes, you read that correct, pristine white it is. Snowshoe camping can be ideally carried out here as the remains quite favourable in here. Visit the beautiful Potwisha, which is close to the Ash Mountain and also the Azalea, located near Grant Grove Village.

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Sequoia National Park
Sequoia National Park (source)

18. Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

This quaint place for snow camping is rimmed by lofty mountains on all the sides. Even though this region remains crowed between April and December, it mostly remains deserted during the peak months of winter. Mostly photographers and rock climbers, as well as skiers, visit this region during the winter months.

Grand Teton national park
Grand Teton National Park (source)

19. Denali National Park and Preserve

Rural in style, this quaint white place is a paradise for all snow lovers. Stay in a luxurious RV or a comfy tent as it pleases you but enjoy to your fullest here. Even though camping is free here, you require to get yourself a permit for the same.

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 Denali National Park and Preserve
Denali National Park and Preserve (source)

20. Rocky Mountains - Colorado

The Rockies are infamously known for it unpredictable avalanches! If you are a daring heart, make sure you visit the region for snow camping. There are several campsites like the Twin Sisters, Eldora, Hidden Valley, Grand Lake and so on. Choose your campsite as you please and make sure to go through the rules and regulations for camping there before going for the same.

Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains (source)

21. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore - Michigan

Winter is the ideal time to visit this region; from sand dunes to sandstone cliffs to vigorously flowing lakes, amidst a white terrain can overwhelm you with an experience that cannot be explained in words.ice climbing is popularly done here, along with skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Get a permit before camping here. Also, make sure to camp in a safe place that is away from animal tracks.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (source)

22. White Mountain National Forest - New Hampshire

Making a reservation before heading out for this national forest is profoundly imperative if you wish to stay at developed and equipped camping cabins. The place also allows snow camping in tents; however, make sure that you keep a watch of the bears on the prowl for your food.

White Mountain National Forest
White Mountain National Forest (source)

Things to be kept in mind Before going for Snow Camping 

Before camping in cold weather, especially on a snowy terrain, make sure that you have struck through your snow camping checklist properly.

The snow camping checklist  must comprise the following:

  1. Maps and compass for navigational purposes
  2. Sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm for protecting yourself from the harmful and drying rays of the sun
  3. Windcheaters, vests, jackets, woolens, underwear, socks and gloves, caps etc for the purpose of insulation and clothing. Know all about what to wear for hiking!
  4. Extra batteries along with torches and flashlights to illuminate the track for your convenience.
  5. Have a first aid kit for medical emergencies. Talk to your doctor about being prescribed medicines for common fever, cough, and cold, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea etc. keep band-aids, pain relief sprays, and antibacterial ointments as well. If you are on a medication for some ailment, do not forget to carry those as well! Carry a crepe bandage and clips as well.
  6. Keep lighters and matchboxes for lighting up fire
  7. Keep a multi-way tool like a Camp Knife or a Swiss knife. 
  8. Carry healthy nibbling options like dry fruits and dark chocolate drops. You may also carry candies as per your taste.
  9. Staying well hydrated is imperative. You must have water in spite of not willing to drink in the oldness of the environment. Having less of water would make you dehydrated which may give rise to other medical emergencies. Know all about How to Overcome Dehydration in Cold Weather
  10. Carrying all equipment required for camping like your tent, knapsack, rucksack or a backpack, sleeping bag, blanket, etc.
  11. Carry insulated boots and umbrella, though raincoats are for convenient to be used.
  12. Carry sanitation supplies like toilet roll, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Read - Beginner's Guide on Women Backpacking
  13. Keep a small notebook to maintain your daily activity. Even if you are not into writing, try doing it at our request; once you get back to your mundane and drab life, the pages of your journal would give a fresh boost of enthusiasm and a reason to smile.

Make sure that you visit your doctor before you start planning for such a camping program. You must get assured if your physical condition is apt to fight against the extremities of the weather. Read all about: The Symptoms Caused By Lack of Oxygen

If you have a fitness regime, the, it is real appreciation worthy. However, if you have none, start a program that suits you and your lifestyle. Check out Fitness Regime for Hiking Enthusiasts


Winter camping is dreaded by many but once you experience the same in one season, you will know how different an experience it is!

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Away from your home, away from the modern civilization, the snowy landscapes for snow camping would make you fall in love with nature all over again.

Let us not look back and look forward to visiting one of the snow camping sites, this winter!

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