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Retreat your cameras with wonder visuals of Munnar

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When it comes to a photographer’s perspective of travelling, he or she tries to visit those places that offer an inspiration which is to be picked from the lusciously beautiful places. At times, they capture beauty from what other people may never find the locations. They insist on being more connected to nature than the sky-high buildings. And as far as nature is concerned, Kerala remains a synonym for it in India. The state blooms in what is inborn and maintained through collective efforts of people. All the fourteen districts of Kerala have locations that make it distinctive from each other. One such heaven of a place for the travellers to capture throughout is Munnar. Located at Idukki, Munnar is a hill station which is most preferred by families to travel. Each place here offers different sights which require no edits at all. A tour package to this evergreen eco-spot of Kerala hence takes the people through a ride through the scenic places. The following destinations are a must visit at Munnar, if you are a photography enthusiast.

The heritage of Eravikulam National Park


One of the prime heritage sites located in the World, Eravikulam is the first National park that was established in Kerala in 1978. The Wildlife photographers get a treat to their cameras here clicking the varied animals and birds that constitute this park on the hilltop. The usual animals spotted here are Nilgiri Thar and Elephants which can be captured from a distance into the lenses. Approximately 130 species of birds in varied colours can also be seen on a keen expedition. Grasslands and humongous trees fill most of the place is the best background to the photographs. 

The Neelakuringi flowers, which bloom once in 12 years, can only be spotted in very few places out of which one destination is this park at Munnar. 

The flowers are located at the highest peak of Anamudi. The next blooming year is speculated to be 2018 and photographers as well as families rush to this place to sight the glory of these flowers.

Capture the best of Photo point

Tea Garden

If a photographer visits Munnar, the prime destination that they should never miss out is the Photo point. Tea gardens fill most of this destination with other vegetation nearby where a panoramic picture is a dream of the photographer. Every time families travel to this destination, they get their pictures captured by the local photographers present in the place. The destination remains quite busy during the seasonal tourism months. Hence the photographers have to reach this place in the morning hours in order to capture pictures without crowd as it is the ideal time. The oak trees add more beauty to the location which has been planted in such a way that they look unique in the pictures. 

Cascading beauty of Attukal Waterfalls

Attukal Waterfalls

In case a cascading beauty is to be found at Munnar, Attukal waterfalls are the right destination for it. A short distance of trekking is necessary to reach the waterfalls which are also located on a hilltop. From a fair distance, the travellers can see the waterfalls and the photographers can take some landscape pictures from here. The refreshing site invites family tourists every year especially post monsoon as the way to the falls is slippery during the monsoon. This cautious travelling zone hence sets the pace for the photographers who are ready to take a risk journey during the monsoons. The small walkway across the waterfalls also adds to the beauty of the destination. The visual treat remains to be one of the best views that can be captured from Munnar.

Reach the peak of the Top station

Top Station

If a sunrise is to be captured in its glory, there is no better place for this than the Top station. Located in the Kannan Devan Hills, the most pristine tea gardens in Munnar, this place is a trekking trail and on reaching the top, the travellers get to see parts of two states. The adjoining state, Tamil Nadu can be seen from the top where the valley of Theni can be captured by the Photographers and the large mountains of Western Ghats, laid down in Kerala would be another view. Almost all the families visiting Munnar visit Top station as it is a destination which is easy to access. The trails are not steep or dangerous due to which a family tour package to Kerala included Munnar and particularly, this site of the visit. As it is an entrance to the Palani Hills National Park, birds from the park are frequent visitors to the top station.

Aromatic gardens of Roses

Rose Garden

Even though a small garden, this destination has almost all the breeds of roses which makes it a visual treat to the camera lenses. While the usual families visiting this destination takes approximately an hour to walk through the garden, a photographer might take longer in spending time taking the closeup pictures of the most beautiful flowers. This destination also offers home stay facilities to the families and other travellers where they can live amidst the flowers and its aroma. Other than photographers, botanists often reach this place to expedite the collection of rose plants here. The travellers should also see to it that they visit the place during the seasonal period as they might end up being disappointed otherwise. Other than roses, various other plants can also be seen here

Munnar is hence a treat to all the travellers visiting the place with a camera as they can never return without a filled up memory card when here. Families reaching this gem of a place do not return without a beautiful family picture as well. The altitude from where most of the views are captured is probably one reason that Munnar looks ravishingly beautiful. A sporty, adventure lover can make a solo ride to the destination devoid of families in order to capture the daylight and night beam where the fireflies wander in the place showcasing the beauty of the place in its light.