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Treks near Mumbai and Pune: 12 Stunning Places to Explore and Experience

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Mumbai is the land of dreams and is also the ‘entertainment capital of India’, making it one of the most important cities in the entire world. The city never sleeps and most people need to work really hard to keep up with the fast-paced life. Apart from that, the weekends are reserved for fun and adding to the charm and appeal of this port city are the numerous trekking places nearby. A lot of treks near Mumbai in monsoon and Pune have some of the marvelous spots filled with green hills, flowing springs, lush forests and glinting waterfalls.

Try out our recommended options for the best experience for one-day treks near Mumbai and Pune.

Explore the 12 Best Spots for One-day Treks Near Mumbai & Pune

Besides the enthralling natural beauty of the place, these appealing retreats attract a ton of tourists because of their adventurous vibe that is unparalleled and indescribable, to say the least.

Kalsubai Peak/ Mount Kalsubai

Distance from Mumbai: 155 kilometres

Distance from Pune: 176 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: September to February

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Situated at a distance of 12 kilometres from Bhandardara and 165 kilometres from Mumbai, the Kalasubai peak is the highest peak of the Sahyadri mountain range. The Kalsubai peak is at an altitude of 5400 feet (1646 meters) and it is the highest peak in Maharashtra. The peak itself is a small plateau and provides a commanding view of the Bhandardara Dam and the nearby forts. It was used during the Maratha rule to keep watch on their enemies in this area.

When it comes to one day treks near Mumbai, Mount Kasulbai is a popular choice. A few visit to conquer the highest peak of Maharashtra while others trek to visit the Mandir and offer prayers. This trek would start from the Baari village with the tributary of Pravara emerging on the eastern slope and flowing as a stream through the border of Baari.

You could even consider taking the route from Indore as it is relatively unexplored and not many people know about it. A night trek during the winter months would give you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning sunrise which is truly a sight to behold.

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Kalsubai peak treks near Mumbai
Kalsubai Peak

Lohagad Fort

Distance from Mumbai: 96 kilometers

Distance from Pune: 77 kilometers

Best Season to Visit: Monsoon  

Difficulty Level: Moderate

This historically significant fort is situated along the Sahyadri hills and is 11 kilometers from Lonavala, 114 kilometers from Mumbai and 66 kilometers from Pune. It is also one of the most popular trekking spots near Mumbai and hence sees a lot of adventure lovers and trekkers all year round. Sitting atop a hillock at a height of 1050 meters, the fort segregates the Pawna basin from the Indrayani basin.

The hill fort is designed in the shape of a scorpion's tail and one can reach it from any one of the four entrances- the Hanuman Darwaja, Maha Darwaja, Ganesh Darwaja and Narayan Darwaja. You can notice exquisite sculpting on Maha Darwaja and at the Hanuman Darwaja, there’s a very small cave that was used initially for storing food and materials.

Lohagad undoubtedly does make for a wonderful destination for trekking near Mumbai especially for trekkers from Mumbai and Pune because of its ease of accessibility and lush green surroundings.

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Lohagad Fort trek near Mumbai
Lohagad Fort

Rajmachi Trek

Distance from Mumbai: 95 kilometers

Distance from Pune: 80 kilometers

Best Season to Visit: Monsoon  

Difficulty Level: Easy

Rajmachi fort is strategically located on the historical trade route and offers breathtaking views of the valley. Owing to its stunning beauty and serene surroundings, the place is quite popular among trekkers for one day treks near Mumbai.

The fort is located at a height of about 2710 feet above sea level and provides its visitors with an amazing view of the mountains and the backwaters of Shirota dam.

Rajmachi Fort consists of two fortresses namely Manaranjan and Shrivardhan Forts. Encompassed by an extensive plateau, the Rajmachi Fort overlooks Bor Ghat and the fort complex encompasses massive ramparts, massive gateways, strong walls, water reservoirs, residential units, administrative centers as well as secret gates for the exit. During the rainy season, the area is truly more beautiful than ever with numerous waterfalls, lush green forests, meadows, and streams.

There are two ways to reach the Rajmachi fort, one is from Lonavala, roughly 15 kilometers flat walk and the other one is from Karjat, a gradual climb of around 5 kilometers. The fort thereby is one of the most popular trekking places in Mumbai.

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Rajmachi trek near Mumbai
Rajmachi trek

Raireshwar Trek

Distance from Mumbai: 260 kilometers

Distance from Pune: 95 kilometers

Best Season to Visit: Monsoon and Winters

Difficulty Level: Easy

Raireshwar is a place of historical importance and is located south-west of Pune near Bhor.

The breathtaking views and the experience of getting to explore untouched nature is truly something that you would cherish forever. This undoubtedly is an ideal place for trekking near Mumbai in monsoon or winters.

Also, there are two routes to get to this fort, one is via Bhor and the other is via Wai. While you are there, you could also extend your trip and visit Rohida and Kenjalgad.

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Raireshwar trek near Mumbai
Raireshwar trek

Jungli Jaigad Trek

Distance from Mumbai: 302 kilometers

Best Season to Visit: Monsoon

Difficulty Level: Moderate    

When talking about treks near Mumbai, this one cannot be missed. Jungli Jaigad is a huge stone fort that is nestled amidst the towering trees and is perhaps the most exciting one that really gives you an adrenaline rush.

It is located at a height of about 2957 feet above sea level and offers abundant challenges to adventure seekers and trekkers.

The trekkers have to go through the thick vegetation and forest ranges which are part of the Koyna and Chandoli forests. The gurgling sound of the water in Koyna Dam backwaters makes up for a tranquil environment. The challenging trek would definitely soothe you with the beautiful views from the top.

The fort is located in Ratnagiri district but one of the two forts is located on the coastal side while the other one is in the jungle, from where the fort got the name Jungli Jaigad. If you are looking for one day treks near Mumbai, this would be a great option.  

Jangli jaigad trek
Jungli Jaigad trek

Harishchandragad Trek

Distance from Mumbai: 202 kilometers  

Best Season to Visit: Monsoon

Difficulty Level: Easy

Harishchandragad Fort is situated at an elevation of 4,671 feet and offers magnificent views of the beautiful state of Maharashtra.

Considered one of the best treks near Mumbai, it is quite popular among adventure seekers as it gives the chance to indulge in exciting activities like rappelling, rock climbing, and valley crossing.

As you make it towards it, you can clearly see that the historic fort has still been able to hold that rustic appeal to it and is wrapped in dense vegetation. This stunning fort can be accessed through seven different routes; however, the most popular route among all trekkers is the Khireshwar route that takes you through luxuriant landscapes and forests.

Delight yourself this monsoon with an enthralling journey that would let you experience lovely green hills, lush forests, and a rustic aura.

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Harishchandragad trek near Mumbai
Harishchandragad trek

Ratangad Fort Trek

Distance from Mumbai: 140 kilometers  

Best Season to Visit: Monsoon

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Ratangad or Ratan Wadi is a 2000-year-old fort situated in Maharashtra and because of its mesmerizing beauty is often referred to as one of the best trekking places near Mumbai. The most remarkable feature that makes this trek so popular is a rock cavity right at the pinnacle which is referred to as ‘Eye of the needle’ or ‘Nedhe’.

The marvelous architecture can be accessed through four gates – Ganesh, Konkan, Hanuman, and Trimbak. However, apart from the quaint fort and scenic landscapes, there is something else that makes this place all the more famous, the Amrutweshwar temple.

It is an ancient masterpiece which can be dated back to the Hemandpant era. One thing is guaranteed, you would come back with a bag full of memories that you would cherish for a lifetime.

Ratangad fort trek
Ratangad fort trek

Tikona Fort Trek

Distance from Mumbai: 121 kilometers  

Best Season to Visit: Monsoon

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tikona is a hill fort which is situated in the Maval region and is perhaps one of the most popular treks near Mumbai. Situated at a height of approximately 3500 meters, the hill is triangular in shape from all sides, thereby justifying the name ‘Tikona’ which in Hindi means triangular.

Not much is actually known about the history of this stunning fort and it is because of its peculiar setting that it happens to be one of the renowned trekking spots.

The panoramic view of Pawna Dam is sure to leave you enthralled. The magnificent views of distant Tung, Lohagad and Visapur Forts would certainly leave you astounded. If you are looking for trekking places near Mumbai, this one would for sure delight you.

Tikona fort trek near Mumbai
Tikona fort trek

Visapur Fort Trek

Distance from Mumbai: 118 kilometers  

Best Season to Visit: Monsoon

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Visapur Fort is a popular hill fort situated near Visapur Village in Pune and offers adventure seekers a lively trekking expedition. The fort is believed to be Lohagad Visapur reinforcement’s part and is situated at an elevation of 1084 meters above sea level.

The fort exists on the same plateau as Lohagad. Built by Balaji Vishwanath between 1713 to 1720, the fort attracts admirers of architecture, history lovers, trekkers and adventure seekers from in and around Mumbai.  

Among the most popular attractions, there is the Hanuman Temple with carvings on the walls that cannot be missed. During the months of monsoon, the trail and all the surrounding areas are filled with lush greenery and would offer you unsurpassable sights throughout the way. The beautiful waterfall near the fort is also a lovely sight.

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Visapur fort trek near Mumbai
Visapur fort trek

Raigad Trek

Distance from Mumbai: 180 kilometers  

Best Season to Visit: Monsoon

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Raigad Fort is situated in the Raigad region of Maharashtra and is part of the stunning Sahyadri Ranges. Reaching an elevation of approximately 820 meters, this grand fort once served as the capital of Shivaji Maharaj.

The people who wish to trek can reach all the way by climbing about 1400-1450 steps while the people who do not wish strain themselves so much and yet experience the wondrous beauty can opt for the ropeway. No matter what route you pick, both the views –aerial as well from the land are equally enthralling and will keep you delighted throughout your trek.

If you are looking for places that would be great for trekking in Mumbai this weekend, Raigad Fort might just be the ideal option.

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Raigad fort trek near Mumbai
Raigad fort trek

Torna Fort Trek

Distance from Mumbai: 212 kilometers  

Best Season to Visit: Winters

Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you would like to experience a night trek near Mumbai, the Torna Fort Trek would be the perfect option as this trek is best experienced under full moonlight. The Torna Fort trek is situated within close proximity of Mumbai and Pune and can be mildly challenging at times.

Other than being abundantly rich in natural beauties, the fort is also historically significant as this was the very first fort that Shivaji won.

Once you make it to the top, you would be delighted and truly mesmerized by the lush green surroundings and the magical fog that envelopes the other ranges. The impressive setting of the fort is truly delightful. Camping under the starlit sky is perhaps the most popular thing to do while one is trekking here at the Torna Fort.

If you are looking for a place for night camping near Mumbai or for one-day treks near Mumbai, the Torna Fort trek would be most suitable for that.

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Torna fort trek near Mumbai
Torna fort trek

Kulang Fort Trek

Distance from Mumbai: 152 kilometers  

Best Season to Visit: Monsoon  

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging

Kulang Fort is located in the Kalsubai Range and as compared to all the other adjacent mountain ridges, is the most challenging climb. Standing very high at an alarming height of around 4822 feet, the views from the top are just inexplicably delightful.

The trek follows a rugged terrain and would take you through lush green pastures and stunning landscapes that would keep you enthralled throughout the hike. Admire the stunning beauty of this ancient fort and get to experience one of the most exciting treks in Mumbai.

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Kulang trek near
Kulang fort trek

Other than the ones mentioned above, the other popular trekking options around Mumbai are Tamhini Trek, Lingana Trek, Ahupe Ghat Trek, Kulang Fort Trek and much more. To understand the immense beauty of these places, you need to experience them yourself.

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