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5 Things to do in Olympic National Park Washington

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Are you traveling to the Olympic National Park on your next holiday and planning to see everything there? Well, with so much to see and do, it gets quite difficult to decide where to start from and where to finish. So if you’re in a fix, don’t worry! Read further to know what places to cover and your work is done.

The Olympic National Park takes up an area of about 922,000 acres on Washington’s Pacific coast and is one of the best national parks in Washington. Covered in swathes of green and gorgeous glacial mountains, this national park in Washington offers a variety of activities for every traveler. Therefore, it becomes quite a task to decide on ways to discover the diverse park, especially when you have just a day or two to spend there.

You would definitely not want to miss the most stunning attractions of this UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. Thus, we have come up with a list of five things to do that will make your work easy. So, drop your dilemma and gear up for an adventurous tour of the Olympic National Park.

Livingit Tip: Summer (June to August) marks the best time to explore the park, when there is no rain (it may rain very little sometimes) and all the roads and attractions remain open. The park rangers also carry out frequent campfire programs during this time which you can be a part of. It is best to go hiking and exploring in the early mornings in order to enjoy better views and avoid crowds.

5 Things You Cannot Miss in Olympic National Park

A wonderfully preserved park, the Olympic National Park is a popular destination amongst backpackers and hiking enthusiasts. It is a home to diverse ecosystems, geological formations, and a treasure trove of natural attractions. Whether it is the Kalaloch Beach or Rialto Beach in La Push, the lush green Hoh Rainforest or the panoramic Hurricane Ridge, the pristine Lake Quinault or Lake Crescent, everything is worth exploring. As you take a tour of this spectacular park, do not miss the following activities. So get ready to treat your senses to one of the world’s best tourist destinations in Olympic Peninsula and have the time of your life.

1. Go Fishing and Surfing

Fishing for Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead in the Olympic National Park is a popular activity amongst the tourists and locals alike. So, you can try your luck at fishing in the many lakes of the park and have an enjoyable time.

5 Things to do in Olympic National Park Washington
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Water sports enthusiasts can head straight to the La Push Beach, which is an ideal setting for surfers, with perfect giant waves and the friendly locals of Quileute Tribe to cheer you.

5 Things to do in Olympic National Park Washington
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Livingit Tip: Get permission from the park officials before casting the line in water, because they have strict rules regarding fishing here.

2. Soak in the Tranquil Rainforest

Find yourself immersed in the serenity of the Hoh Rainforest for hours! One of the world’s only four temperate rainforests, Hoh Rainforest is a must-visit when you’re at the Olympic peninsula. Away from the busy city life, the rainforest offers hiking trails like the Hoh River Trail, the Hall of Mosses trail, and euphonious nature walks aplenty.

5 Things to do in Olympic National Park Washington
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Livingit Tip: Make sure you carry a pair of water-proof, hard soled shoes that are suitable for the park’s tide pools and coastal areas. You must also have sturdy hiking shoes to help you hike the rocky/muddy terrain. Carry your rain jackets to stay warm in case it drizzles or pours.

3. Hike the Hurricane Ridge

One of the many adventure activities to take up in the park is to hike 3 miles up the Hurricane Ridge. Situated in the heart of the park, it offers splendid views of sunrise and sunset, along with the surrounding Lillian Ridge, Mount Olympus, and the alpine meadows. It also offers views of the beautiful Straits of Juan de Fuca to Victoria. And, while hiking, if you whistle back to a marmot, it will respond!

5 Things to do in Olympic National Park Washington
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Livingit Tip: Visit the Hurricane Ridge in winter, when the alpine meadows abound in windflowers and the blacktail deer can be spotted. This Washington national park has water refill stations at various locations, so you can refill your water bottles and not run out of water.

4. Visit Lake Quinault

The picturesque Lake Quinault, situated amidst the Quinault Rain Forest, is a great spot for fishing, camping, kayaking, and hiking. You can find a canopy of giant trees like Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Mountain Hemlock.

5 Things to do in Olympic National Park Washington
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Relax by the lake side as you watch the hawks, bald eagles, ospreys, ravens, and blue herons hunting for their prey. With breathtaking scenery and fun things to do, Lake Quinault makes a wonderful escapade.

Livingit Tip: Hiking the Quinault Rainforest during the day leads you to the historic Kestner Homestead, while most backpackers prefer the Enchanted Valley’s waterfalls.

5. Unwind in the Hot Springs

Ever took a bath in the hot springs of nature? If not, you can go for it right here! Yes, the Olympic National Park gives you a chance to take a dip in its hot springs.

5 Things to do in Olympic National Park Washington
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The Olympic hot springs are unmaintained, natural pools situated in the deep forest, while the Sol Duc Hot Springs at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort offer safe, clean, mineral and freshwater pools. They are a good way to rejuvenate after long hikes and treks amidst the forests.

Livingit Tip: Since the Olympic hot springs are in the wilderness and unmaintained, the water may be unclean and unsafe for you. Get in only if you are ready to take the risk. If not, the Sol Duc Hot Springs are the best option.

Unfold the divine beauty of the Olympic National Park on your next tour and see the best of nature’s wonders in one of the best national parks in Washington. With this list of things to do, you can plan your trip better and cover the most popular places in the park.

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Let go of your fears and dive into the many exhilarating ventures that the park has to offer, with a park ranger. Do not forget to tell us your adventure story in any of the national parks in Washington so that we can share it with the world!

Bon Voyage!

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