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Must Have Gear for Trekking

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Going for a trek or Hiking is exciting and calls for dedicated planning. You cannot do without your hiking gear and food. It is tricky to judge the weight you are carrying, which can often lead you to deviate from your trail. Also, packing too little can cause you problems midway.To avoid trouble on a trip, you should read, find out, and plan in detail.A know-how about the – must have gear for trekking, is also necessary.

You cannot go wrong with proper gear because the gear is your companion, you carry it, and it takes you to your destination. Your beloved hiking gear should have all the essentials as per the location and your requirements.

First things first – plan your food in meticulous detail. Arrange your core meals for the number of days on the trip. Take some ready-to-make items, some noodles, or pair up and share dried meals. Post core meals, snacks are important. Occasional munching and fluids will keep you energized.

Your options would be energy bars, candy, nuts, dried fruits, and powdered drink mix. Check the weight of the food package and proceed for your gear essentials. The following kits would sum up your gear for you:

Must Have Gear for Trekking


A detailed topographical map of the trek area you are visiting and a compass for directions are a must. However, if you have GPS induced gadgets, they would be a great pick, and an altimeter to check the air pressure and estimate your elevation will also be of tremendous help.

Must Have Gear for Trekking


Wear lightweight clothes and carry an additional set of underwear. Extra clothes as per the season can save you from accidental happenings. Few layers of warm clothes and a complete wetsuit are a must have. Be careful of the boots you opt for. They should be comfortable and should not give you blisters. Wear socks and carry a few extra pairs along.

Must Have Gear for Trekking
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Protection against the sun is important to consider. As you will be at quite a height, you will require good quality sunglasses and a pair of glacier glasses with side shields. While considering the sunscreen, choose according to your skin type, with a good sun protection factor, an SPF of 15-30 should do. Re-apply every two to three hours. Lightweight sun protection clothing is also an option you should consider.

Must Have Gear for Trekking



This is a crucial kit to get you through your trek. Your tent should be a thoroughly researched pick. You need to carry ample fresh water or resort to other measures like chemical tablets or boiling water.
Keep waterproof matches and a fire starter- excellent resources for wet wood.

Carry Swiss knives, they are extremely handy and come with multiple features.
In electronics, a battery charger is a must. A waterproof camera, or preferably a handy-cam, can record all your adventures, and a good quality flash lamp for night cooking is also important.

Must Have Gear for Trekking
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You cannot rule out accidents from the trek. You can make you own first-aid kit; remember including treatment for blisters. Along with your tent, you must carry a space blanket in case you are stranded. It is also recommended to carry a whistle, ice axe to cut snow, insect repellent, and communication devices like a satellite phone or two-way phones. A Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) will help search-workers to locate you in an emergency.

Must Have Gear for Trekking

A researched trek would save you from unexpected happenings. Prepare well beforehand. If necessary, consult hikers and take classes. Getting a medical insurance might help you in an emergency.

Now that you know all the must have gear for trekking then why wait. Get busy and start planning for your next trek!

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Happy hiking!

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