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Camping Basics: Learn How to Keep Mosquitoes Away (Infographic)

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Do you quite often go on a camping trip in order to enjoy the beautiful nature and even spend some memorable time with your friends and family members? Can you guess about the most frustrating thing that you have come across while camping? Yes, you are right those are the unwanted mosquito bites which give rise to various types of dangerous diseases such as Chikungunya, Zika, malaria, dengue and yellow fever.  According to a survey, it has been found that more than few hundred cases of malaria are found each year in the USA. If you are wondering about the best possible way to get rid of this dangerous pest then make sure to go through the further lines to become aware of how to keep mosquitoes away in a smart way.

Top 12 Ideas on How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Campsite

Listed below are the best ways to keep the mosquitoes away and enjoy a bite-free camping:

1. Choose a dry location

This is certainly the foremost important tip that you must analyze on how to keep mosquitoes away from the camping location. While choosing a campsite, it will be wise for you to ensure that the specific place is free from any sort of standing water. Mosquitoes generally lay eggs in areas having stagnant or standing water such as ponds, lakes, marshes, bird baths and much more. Hence, these are the places where you will be able to find enormous numbers of mosquitoes, so avoid camping near these locations, instead pick a dry and clean land. 

how to keep mosquitoes away
Pick a dry location

2. Keep the doors of the tents closed

Are there lots of stagnant water around your campsite and hence you are wondering how to keep mosquitoes away in a convenient way? Then it will certainly be wise for you to make a habit of closing the doors and screens of your tent even if you are going out for few seconds. Besides this, you must also shake the screen of your tent for a while before entering in order to keep away mosquitoes from the interior and even exterior side of your tent. Make sure there is no hole in your tent, if you do find any holes, then repair your tent right away. This is not just only the best way to keep mosquitoes away but also get the opportunity to enjoy camping in a safe and healthy way.

3. Use a waterproof mosquito repellent

This is also a popular and even the best way to repel the harmful bugs away from your campsite. If you have tried various ways but still wondering how to keep mosquitoes away then it will be wise for you to get the best mosquitoes spray based repellant in order to avoid mosquito bites. While buying a bug repellant ensure to check that it’s waterproof in order to prevent it from getting washed away while you are washing your hands. Besides this, go for the mosquito spray based repellant that have natural ingredients because it’s safe for the skin.

4. Create a bonfire or campfire

Are you tired of analyzing how to keep mosquitoes away naturally from the campsite? Then make sure to consider this wonderful tip to keep mosquitoes away in a safe and convenient way. It will be wise for you to create a bonfire or campfire in front your tent as it’s the best way to repel mosquito without any stress. The unwanted bug generally gets attracted towards the light and hence, once it comes closer to the fire the huge temperature and heat is sure to burn them alive. For best result, you can also consider tossing few branches of mint, sage, lavender or citronella into the fire to keep away mosquitoes from the campsite. 

Livingit Tip
Eat more garlic and not a single mosquito will hunt for your blood! As you eat garlic, the garlic oil seeps out from your pores and this keeps the mosquitoes away!

how to keep mosquitoes away
Light a bonfire (source)

5. Pack up the right camping gears

This is also one of the most vital tips on how to keep mosquitoes away from the campsite. Ensure to check that you have packed all the necessary camping gears that will enable you to get rid of the mosquito bites in a smart way. There are mosquito wristbands, clip-on in the market which is a quick way to ward away mosquitoes. Besides this, it will also be wise for you to take an utmost level of care while choosing clothes for camping. Mosquitoes generally get attracted towards dark colours and hence, ensure to go for the light coloured dresses to prevent mosquitoes getting attracted towards you.

6. Wear a head net

A head net is an excellent way to protect your face and neck from mosquito bites. Make sure to invest some amount of your valuable money in buying a head net in order to save your neck and head from mosquito bites. Consider the below points before buying a mosquito head net-

  • It must be lightweight and durable.
  • It must give you the opportunity to enjoy clear vision.
  • Lastly, ensure to buy a mosquito head net of a proper size.

Livingit Tip-
Ensure to place the head net on a hat with a projected edge in order to ensure that it doesn’t lie right on the top of your skin.

wear head net
Wear a head net on a hat

7. Choose proper outfit for camping

This unique tip can also be of great help if you are wondering how to keep mosquitoes away from the campsite. Besides wearing a head net or using a mosquito repellant, ensure to pick a proper outfit for camping. Always make sure to go for long pants and even long sleeve shirts as it will help you in getting rid of the mosquito bites. Besides this, make a habit of rinsing your sweat from your body quite often because mosquitoes generally get attracted towards sweat and hence, can be the reason due which you may experience mosquito bites.

8. Bug spray for you and your gear

Are you wondering what keeps mosquitoes away? Then it will be wise for you to get a bug spray to protect yourself from the mosquito bites in a smart way. Since there are different types of bug spray available in the market, it will certainly be wise for you to choose the one which will be effective to keep mosquitoes away from the campsite. Opt for bug spray with DEET, this chemical will ward away the mosquitoes. However, make sure to pick only 50% of DEET as this chemical ingredient is a plasticizer and can damage your clothes. 

use a bug spray
Use a bug spray or make your own natural oil infused bug spray (source)

9. Use the natural oils

This is also a wonderful tip on how to keep mosquitoes away from your campsite. Make sure to use natural repellant made from cedar oil or citronella oil for saving yourself from mosquito bites in a smart way. For an example, the oil of Citronella has the capability to effectively cover the scent of lactic acid and carbon dioxide to which the mosquitoes get attracted and hence, it’s the best way to keep away mosquitoes safely.  

10. Reuse available waste to keep away mosquitoes

If you are in search of one the easiest ways on how to keep mosquitoes away while camping then make sure to consider this wonderful tip. It will be wise for you to safely pick waste materials such as dried cow dung and ensure to burn them if you wish to keep away mosquitoes from your campsite in the best possible way.

11. Make your clothes mosquito-resistant

This is a wonderful trick that must be considered if you are wondering what keeps mosquitoes away from the campsite. During campfires, it will be wise to consider smoking your outfits as this will act as a natural mosquito repellant and thereby help you to get rid of mosquito bites in a safe way. You can even opt for permethrin clothing, also known as insect shield. This type of clothing is mosquito repellent and is effective up to 70-75 washes.

mosquito resistant clothing
Spray permethrin on your camping and hiking clothing (source)

12. Don't be smelly

Did you know mosquitoes are attracted to human sweat? Well, that's why we suggest staying clean during the hikes. 

Lastly, this is also one of the vital tips that you should consider on how to keep mosquitoes away from the camp base. Always make a habit to keep yourself fresh and free from odour as this is one of the smart ways to prevent attracting mosquitoes towards the campsite. Ensure to have a bath after every 4 hours of hiking to stay fresh and avoid mosquito bites.

how to keep mosquitoes away
Best ideas to keep mosquitoes away (source)


We hope the above tips and ideas on how to keep mosquitoes away from campsite helps you to plan out your next camping easily. Follow the above-mentioned points and we bet you will have a pleasant camping experience. Please feel free to convey any other methods on how to keep bugs away from the campsite in an easier way. 

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