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Love Hiking? Essential Tips for Camping Like a Pro!

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Hiking! The word itself brings out a spirit of crazy adventure in your heart as you hear it. It is one of the most wonderful experiences one can have. Love for nature, having the zeal for an adventure, connect with their innermost thoughts – this is what happens while hiking. While some people live for hiking (after returning from one hike, they have already planned their next one); some consider it as a break from the monotony of contemporary urban lifestyles. They draw inspirations from nature in its most pristine form – the sound of tree leaves falling, the water flowing, birds chirping and the insects adding a surreal musical ring as the evening breaks. But whatever be the type of hiking, the essential tips for camping remains the same!

This is because hiking is definitely not an easy thing to do. If one is underprepared, hiking may turn out to be an unpleasant or even a dangerous experience. Here is a list of five things one must take care while planning a hike and camping out during the same.

Raw and Loving It – 5 Essential Tips for Camping

Packing Light and Right

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Carrying the correct essentials can make a difference ( Image Source )

It’s essential that you pack properly or rather correctly for your hike. The shoes should be appropriate for hiking and there should be enough socks to keep you warm. A sleeping bag is a must and so is a medical and first aid kit. It’s important that you research about the terrain and be cautious of any kind of unpleasantness that may befall you. Another important item is a utility holder, which you may hang in front of your tent, or nail to a nearby tree. It could be a foldable shoe rack that is easily available in the market or online. You must also calculate your days of hiking and ration accordingly. Do not forget to carry an anti-mosquito cream or patches, as mosquitoes are abundant in the countryside and can make your hike experience quite unpleasant if you aren’t prepared for them. One should also always keep a Swiss knife as it comes in handy in a lot of situations.

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Keep the Countryside Clean and Respect Nature

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Respect nature; Keep your surroundings clean ( Image Source )

We must always respect the fact that “we haven’t inherited the earth from our forefathers but have borrowed it from our children.” While hiking, we enter into the absolute rawness of nature and must remember to respect it and keep it clean. Littering is an absolute no-no, and to meet this end, you should pack garbage bags in which you can stuff your garbage instead of throwing it around. This will also create an awareness amongst the peer and other folks interested in hiking in creating a sustainable growth of the environment. Sustainable development is the need of the hour for our planet. Being conscious global citizens our small efforts can help make the big difference we want the world to achieve.

Learning Important Hiking Skills

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Learn the basic life skills needed for a hike ( Image Source )

Kindly note that you should learn how to do certain things before you begin your hike. Most important is to know how to defecate in the countryside. It is one of the essential tips for camping, it involves digging a small hole and then going about your business. One must also know how to make a fire without causing an accidental jungle fire! Well, that could escalate to a really scary situation, to say the least, considering there are many dry twigs and leaves in the countryside. The skill of tying knots is also an important one and so is swimming. Swimming becomes very important if your area of the hike has water bodies around. People interested in photography can brush up their skills as there are some really beautiful views and inspiring light plays that occur in the forest.

Keep Y ourself Hydrated

Essential tips for camping

Keep sipping water to avoid dehydration ( Image Source )

It cannot be emphasized enough how important water is for our bodies. When you are on a hike, you put your bodies through quite a lot, both physically and mentally, and the need to be hydrated also increases substantially. You must keep a water bottle with yourself and keep drinking water at regular intervals. You should also carry a few sachets of ORS or use salt and sugar water as an alternative to ORS. This will help in balancing the energy levels of your body. It is an essential tip for camping, trekking and hiking! It is vital as hiking requires a lot out of you, it’s always better to be proactive and take precautions.

Venture Deep and Explore the Countryside

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Wonderful feeling of freedom to wake up in the middle of the countryside ( Image Source )

To get a real feel of the hike and connect with nature in its purest form, it is really important that you penetrate deep into the forest. One of the essential tips for camping is to venture into the deep (but keep safe). Staying close to the road won’t serve any purpose. The real excitement is in knowing that you are far away from the hustle and bustle of civilization; and far, far away from the grind of the city! To have the best experience you may keep your phone on airplane mode during the hike because even though you may be physically away, the virtual world always tries to pull you back.

Although an attempt has been made to cover as many important aspects to hike prep as possible, these essential tips for camping are definitely not exhaustive and there are always nuances which you can get better acquainted with, through personal experiences.

All the best for your hike!