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Fit – The shoe fitted snugly and needed hardly any break in period, so were the reactions from the users. A few users felt that going with one of half size larger would give a perfect fit. Some users had issues with the narrow and stiff toe box.

Comfort – Most users were satisfied with the comfort the shoe provided during daily use and climbing uphill as well as treading over stones. A few users felt that the shoe was not much comfortable for wearing in long hikes. 2-3 users also felt that the lack of cushioning and arch support reduced the comfort.

Traction – Users loved that the shoe had great traction over snow, slush, wet rocks and slippery surfaces.

Protection – While some liked the Toe box protection, some liked the arch and sole protection from rocks. Some users, however, were not satisfied with the protection after hiking a couple of miles.

Support – Users liked the thick cushioned sole and arch support. Some users felt lack of arch support during long hiking. A few of them pointed out that the ankle support was not sufficient for serious mountain climbing or hiking.

Quality – The quality of the shoe impressed almost all the users who felt the leather and mesh construction, as well as the sturdy side panels, were of great quality. Some users had quality issues with the toe box while some had an issue with the quality of arch support and fitting.  

Waterproof – The users were satisfied with the waterproofing feature of the uppers and sides stating that they sealed out water easily.

Breathability – The mesh covering of the shoe helped in ventilation, thereby, hiking in warm weather in dry regions was viable without any hot spot formation, which thoroughly impressed the users. Some users felt that the shoe was not breathable.

Weight – Even with the durable build-up, the shoe was lightweight and suitable for hiking and daily use, as described by the users. Some users expressed that the shoe was bit heavy and bulky.

Insulation – The user felt that the shoe was excellently insulated like gloves with proper padding to prevent numbness in winter.

Durability –Users were amazed by the durable construction of the shoe. One of the users felt that the shoe lacked durability and another felt disappointed after wearing out of the shoe in three years.

Looks – The sharp and stylish look, as well as the color, really impressed the users. A few users felt that the sleek design of this hiker made it suitable for casual wear too. Some users felt that the style of the boot was more suitable for casual wear rather than hiking.

Price – Users were satisfied with the price of the shoe having all the features. Some felt that though the shoe was a bit pricey but worth the money. Some, however, stated that the shoe was not worth the price.



Requiring hardly any break-in period, the Vasque Grand Traverse boots will make you fall in love with the sleek design, snug fitting, and low weight. You will love the dryness your feet will feel even when the weather is balmy –so hiking in warm regions will be easy and comfy as ever. The sufficient and properly designed padding not only give ample arch and sole support, it also acts as an excellent insulator during winter hiking. Last, but not the least comes the traction – with the Vibram Ibex outsole, hiking on snow, mud, rocks, and different terrains will never be an issue. 

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Gear Construction

Cruising over loose gravel laden paths or rocky terrains will be made easy and enjoyable with the Vasque Grand Traverse Performance hiker that comes with long-lasting suede leather and Polyurethane mesh uppers which add to the breathability factor to help you hike during summer months with ease. If you are a regular hiker then surely you would consider about the durability of the shoe and in maintaining so, comes the toe and reinforced with durable rubber. The Poron lining is padded and has a moisture wicking lining that will keep your feet fresh and dry for the entire day while adding support from fatigue.

In order to provide comfort, the shoes have a compression molded EVA Midsoles combined with the dual density EVA Footbeds that give proper cushioning and the TPU Midfoot that stabilizes any aggressive tread. The best feature of the shoe, however, is the Vibram® Ibex outsole that comes with both Megagrip and Idrogrip features within the claw-shaped lugs. The Idrogrip lugs have excellent traction over wet and slippery surfaces while the MegaGrip has both durability and stickiness to help you in diverse terrains.

With all these comes only one con i.e. the shoes are not waterproof – so better not to use them under the exposure of excessive downpours or into an ankle-deep water!


The lightweight and thin yet durable suede leather upper is blended with breathable Polyurethane coated Mesh panels on the top and sides of the shoe. The mesh lining helps in releasing heat and circulating air between the feet and outside. The suede leather, although not water resistant, dries out quickly.


The compression molded EVA Midsoles are cushioned and give support during long hikes. The dual density EVA Footbeds Are combined with Poron® foam Strobel that provides cushioning and the TPU Midfoot stabilizer that provides flexibility and stability to your feet.


The Vibram®’s Ibex outsole comprises of IdroGrip that has an excellent grip on the wet surface and slippery rocks, It also has MegaGrip that is durable and offers stickiness to the ground. The Vibram lugs offer maximum surface traction by providing you grip over loose gravels and rugged terrains.


The gusseted tongue is attached relatively lower inside the shoe. It keeps the trail cruds away from your socks but traps the debris in a spot low down the shoe, thereby creating a hard-to-remove spot.

Lacing System

The traditional lace-up system comprises of 8 eyelets including one extending around your ankle collar, thereby, tightening the webbing. It offers a snug fit to almost every foot sizes.

Toe cap & Heel Counter

The toe cap is reinforced by durable rubber and acts as a shock as well as abrasion resistant. The heel loop at the back can be easily harnessed with the rope while climbing mountains or rocks. The webbing at the heel gives a secure and snug fit.

Insole/Footbed/Sock Liner

Dual density insole is cushioned for giving comfort and is removable. The padded Poron® foam strobe adds support and comfort. The Dual-density EVA footbeds are combined with compression molded EVA Midsoles that offers the cushion to your feet for a long time.

Interiors (Lining)

The interiors are lined with Poron® foam strobe that has a breathable membrane which wicks moisture and sweat while offering comfort from any aerobic exertion.


The shoe construction is not waterproof but the suede leather upper dries out fast after moderate wet use.

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