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Fit – The fit was perfect and did not require much break-in period, as felt most users. A few users felt that going with half or one size bigger will fit just perfect. Few users found that the shoe was too tight with narrow spaces in the toe, heel and sole area.  

Comfort – The comfort and the snug feel is what the users loved about the boot. A few users felt that the shoes were a bit narrow and not very comfortable.

Traction – The shoes have an excellent grip which comes handy in wet conditions and while treading through snow, so felt the users. One of the users, however, stated that the shoes tend to slip while walking on snow and another user found inadequacy in grip while walking on sand.   

Protection – The protection is excellent and one can add it by wearing woolen socks, stated one of the users.

Support – While some users loved the ankle and insole cushion support, some liked the arch support and the side cushion. The users were impressed with the excellent support provided by the shoe on uneven terrains. Some users felt that the arch support was not that great and the mid area had pronation and the lack of proper support.

Quality – Almost all the users were satisfied with the quality of the boots that helps it last long. Some users felt that the sole design and the manufacturing material were of poor quality and some had issues with torn up laces.

Waterproof – In snow and wet regions, the boots performed excellently by keeping the feet dry, which the users loved. A few users found that due to its waterproofing feature, the interior can get warm and the feet sweat much – one user suggested using silica bags to avoid such situations.

Breathability – While a few users felt enough air circulation in the boot, some felt that the shoe is not suitable for wearing in parched balmy summer days. Others, however, agreed that the shoes are enough breathable for a certain hot temperature and after that one might experience a little sweating.

Weight – Without being too bulky, the shoes are low weight which makes it perfect for covering the long hikes, which really satisfied the users.  

Insulation – While hiking in chilly winter or through snow and slush, the boots offered enough warmth to keep the feet toasty and dry. Most of the users loved the insulation of the shoes and stated that the boots were perfect for winter hiking. A few users, however, felt cold and lack of insulation while a few stated that their feet were too warm.

Durability – The users were impressed with the durability of the shoes stating that the shoes last really long. While one user felt the metallic laces were not sturdy, another suggested tugging the laces properly to make them last long.

Looks – While most of the users loved the stylish build-up of the boot, a few users felt that the shoe looked too bulky on their feet but had narrow space inside.

Price – With all the support, comfort and quality, the shoes are reasonably priced, the users agreed on that.



With enough air circulation between the feet and outside, the shoes are an excellent choice for hiking in dry regions, while the proper insulation gives this boot enough coverage for winter months. Although some users have found certain limit i.e. in extremely hot and extreme cold, the shoe was found to be lacking resistance. The waterproof feature will help you hiking in continuous downpours or muddy terrains. The ContaGrip and IceGrip technology gives added traction to make hiking in snow and rocky surface


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Gear Construction

Your winter hiking is taken to a whole new level with the Salomon Men's X Ultra Winter CS Waterproof Performance Boot that is combined with aggressive ice grip rubber outsoles and lightweight Thinsulate insulation. As an added bonanza, the Climashield waterproof membrane and the Nubuck leather uppers act as waterproofing agents so that you no longer have to worry about treading through frost, snow, water, slush or mud.

Comfort is one of the most crucial issues while hiking in adverse terrain and weather conditions – for your aid come to the injection-molded EVA Midsoles combined with thermoplastic shanks and cushioned insoles lined with OrthoLite® sock liners.

Coming to protection from shocks and trail obstacles, the mud guards, toe cap and heel box are reinforced with protective rubber shields. The advanced Chassis provides underfoot stability and acts as motion control feature so that you stride confidently even on rugged surfaces. The arch shanks also help in flexibility and torsional rigidity for hiking on uneven trails without succumbing to shocks.

The gusseted tongues build a gaiter like protection from snow and trail debris and being connected to the uppers firmly with the traditional lace-up system, it offers comfort to the insteps.


Waterproof Nubuk leather uppers act as waterproof features.


Proper underfoot cushioning is provided by the injection molded EVA Midsoles while the anatomically designed OrthoLite® sockliners provide comfort for the entire day. The Thermoplastic Midsole Shanks ensure underfoot stability and torsional rigidity for easy hiking along the rugged terrains.


The outsoles are made of non-marked Winter Contagrip™ rubber blended with IceGrip™ technology that has aggressive tread patterns to help you have proper traction.

Ankle Support/Collar

The Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) on the arch shanks act as great ankle support.


The long gusseted tongue is connected to the inner boot and the uppers to wrap around your feet snugly, thereby, preventing heat loss during winter and sealing out snow and water leakage. The tongue also offers a smooth transition along the insteps to give comfort for the whole day.

Lacing System

The traditional and standard lace up system is durable with metal eyelets. Speed Hooks are there to lock the laces properly so that they don’t slip as you tie the final knot. The locking eyelets not only offer lace adjustment in critical areas but also look cool and stylish.

Toe cap and Heel Counter

The integrated rubber toe caps, mud guards and the rubber heel caps ensure protection in rough terrains and during winter. The external heel counter is there to keep the heel and the feet in proper place.

Insole/Footbed/Sock Liner

The EVA Footbeds and the anatomically designed Ortholite® sockliners give stability and comfort.


The interior is lined by a breathable yet waterproof membrane that provides breathability and waterproofing.  


The waterproof inner bootie construction comprises of Climashield membrane and seamless technology that wicks moisture and prevents water leakage so that your feet remain dry for long hours.

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