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Fit – Most users were happy with the fitting and expressed that they needed hardly any break in time. A few users felt that going with half a size larger would give a perfect fitting. Both the users with narrow and wide feet were thoroughly impressed while some users specifically mentioned that the wide toe box was a great feature.  A few users felt that even with half a size larger boot, the fitting was stiff while some users also found that the shoe was too wide for them.

Comfort – The users loved the comfort offered by the cushions and stated that the shoe helped in healing pain as well as preventing blisters. One of the users felt that going for a larger size would be more comfortable.

Traction – While some users felt that the traction of the shoes was excellent, especially on icy surfaces. Some users felt that the shoe tend to slip on wet surfaces.

Protection – The user loved the overall protection features of the shoe and specifically pointed out that the shock resistance feature along with its cushioned heel was great in offering protection.

Support – Most users were satisfied with the ample support provided by the shoe and mentioned that the wide toe box and the arch support of the shoe were helpful, especially for those with high arches. Some of the users felt an inadequacy in the arch support and few also mentioned that the wideness of the shoe made them slip.

Quality – Users loved the quality of the construction; most users were happy with the adhesives used in the shoe that did not cause any allergy.

Waterproof – Users liked the waterproof feature that helped them tread through the stream, wet grass, and light rain without wetting their feet. Two of the users felt that the waterproofing was not sufficient.

Breathability – Users loved that the shoe remained breathable during summer hikes. One of the users, however, felt that the boot was a bit warm for use in summer.

Weight – Most users stated that the boots are very lightweight and make you walk free. Some users, however, felt that the weight of the shoe was too much for multi-day hikes.

Insulation – Users liked that the insulating properties of the boot kept is dry and warm during hiking in cold weather.

Durability – Users liked that the shoe was excellently sturdy while hiking through forests and rugged regions and trekking on mountains.

Looks – Most users were impressed with the stylish look of the shoe, stating that it looked great even for daily wear. A few of them felt that the shoe looked too bulky.

Price – Most of the users felt that the boots were worth the cost. A few of the users felt the shoe was too expensive and were not satisfied with it.



Coming with surprisingly low weight and sleek style to wear on a daily basis, the Merrell Women's Moab 2 Waterproof hiking shoes will give you a snug and comfy feeling right out of the box. It fine traction over snow and wet surfaces and the excellent waterproofing feature will make you take up hikes even during monsoon and freezing winter – as an added bonanza comes to the insulating membranes that will keep your feet dry and toasty. The wide toe box, arch support and cushioning will give you ample comfort, support and protection. Some might find the shoe too narrow or wide, but in most cases, going with half a size larger, solved their situation.  

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Be it hiking under scorching summer heat or treading through puddles in heavy rain, the Merrell Women's Moab 2 Waterproof hiking shoe with its waterproof suede and mesh upper, multidirectional TC5+ Vibram outsole and contoured EVA Footbed will keep you ready for all weather conditions. In resistance to water, the M Select Dry membrane works wonders as you are treading through damp foliage or braving the incessant rains. In doing so, the membrane never compromises its breathability, thereby, wicks out moisture and keeps your feet dry for hours.

The Contoured EVA midsole is blended with the M Select FIT.ECO+ footbed that provides zonal heel support as well as the arches. The molded Nylon Arch Shanks are there to keep your arches flexible and help them attain torsional rigidity. Now, while hiking through rugged terrains full of boulders, rocks or obnoxious branches, your feet need support and traction at the same time.

Here comes the air heel cushion that acts as a shock absorber, the rubber toe cap acting as abrasion resistant and the Vibram Outsoles with 5 mm lug depth that has a grip over almost every possible terrain.  


The high-performance Suede leather and mesh covered uppers let the vapor and moisture out of the feet and seals out water. Another unique feature is the insertion of two silicone bands, which run along the length covering both the inside and outside of your feet. These bands inserted into the uppers will act as a proper frame to hold your feet, thereby, reducing the tendency of twisting ankles.


The EVA Midsole is blended with M Select FIT.ECO that offers support.


The durable, multidirectional and contoured Vibram® TC5+ outsole has the lug depth of 5 mm which not only stabilizes your foot while treading on an uneven surface but also offers excellent traction over all terrain.

Ankle Support/Collar

The padded ankle collar and the molded Nylon Arch Shanks offer comfort right out of the box and keep the ankle and arch flexible.


The padded tongues have closed cell foam and are bellowed to offer instep support. The tongue also keeps moistures at bay and stops trail cruds from entering the shoe.

Lacing System

The thick sturdy laces securely run through the four eyelets into the webbing system over the soft padded tongue, followed by the 5th set of plastic eyelets which are designed at the top of the boot. The laces give a snug fit to the heel without putting pressure into the footbridge.

Toe Cap

The sizeable rubber toe cap protects the toes from getting hurt by the bumps and trail obstacles.

Insole/Footbed/Sock Liner

The EVA footbed is blended with M Select™ FIT.ECO+ feature that provides support to the heel and arches.


The mesh lining to the interior allows proper air circulation inside the feet and wicks sweat and moisture.


The synthetic leather uppers act as a water resistant to rains and the M Select Dry acts as quite a waterproofing feature.

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Merrell Women's Moab 2 Waterproof