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Fit – Most users loved the soft and snug fit of the shoes with wide space that causes no blister. A few users had tight fitting problems though.  

Comfort – The shoes were excellently comfortable with good support, so felt most users. Two users felt lack of comfort while wearing the shoe which were stiff to them and said that their feet were sore.

Traction – In wet surfaces, rocky trails and hill slopes, the shoes had great traction, which impressed the users. One user had issues with slippage wearing this boot.

Support – The users were impressed with the spacious and cushioned toe, heel and midfoot support. Three users felt lack of support in the ankle section and stated that they had a tendency of suspend while treading along rugged and uneven trails.

Quality – Most of the users liked the overall construction of the shoe and were satisfied with the quality. One of the users experienced tearing away of the lace at the edge of the bellow tongue after a moderate hike.

Waterproof – The shoes remain dry for long time in moderately wet conditions but being only water resistant! However, they can get wet in heavy rains, as was the reaction from some of the users.

Breathability – With excellent breathability, the shoes are perfect for summer hikes in dry regions, so the users stated. One or two users felt breathability was inadequate.

Weight – With the weight of a running shoe, the boots are great choice for long hiking and heavy duty works, which the users liked. Two users felt that the shoe was a bit bulky.

Insulation – Users were satisfied with the insulation of the shoe saying that it kept their feet warm during the winters.

Durability – While most users felt that the MegaGrip and the sides are really durable in this shoe, a few had stated that they found the shoe wearing off in a short period of time.

Looks – Available in Black, navy, brown and noir, the shoes look attractive and goes well even with khaki pants and jeans, something that really impressed the users.

Price – The shoes are worth every penny with fabulous quality, all the users were happy with the reasonable price.



The sturdy Vibram Lugs offering excellent traction is the most interesting feature of this shoe as the users can traverse in all type of terrains wearing this shoe –be it a sandy stretch or a muddy route, gravel path or paved road. Being breathable in summer and insulated in winter, the shoe is also excellent in all weathers. As for its waterproofing feature, although you might find leakage in incessant rains or crossing streams, the mesh TPU Uppers will keep your feet happy for a long time. What more would you want from such a stylish shoe?

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Sporting a stylish athletic design, the Merrell Moab FST Hiking Shoe with excellent grip, breathability and comfort, works in all terrains, be it a craggy mountain slope or a muddy terrain, desert sands or asphalt path. The shoes not only work wonders in those hikes but also in daily works with the perfect look and comfort. To add protection from the trail debris, the Gore-Tex Lining combined with the gusseted Bellows Tongue is there. The most impressive are the chiseled Vibram MegaGrip lugs with 5 mm depth that not only help in providing you sufficient grip and traction on the uneven terrains but also extend forward to the soft toe box and backward at the malleable heel cap to protect them from sudden obstacles on the move.  

The heel cushions and the molded Nylon Arch Shanks act as shock absorbers and stabilizers, thereby, helping your feet flex properly and giving you great comfort while hiking miles. You no longer have to worry about breathability with the ventilated mesh and thermoplastic PU Uppers and they have the added feature of keeping your feet safe from abrasions and cruds. Your freshness issue is solved with the contoured EVA Footbeds blended with M-Select Fit.Eco that act as bacterial reaction resistant, thereby, keeping your feet free from odor.

The only con is that the shoe is not waterproof, but you can’t ignore the other plus points right?


The breathable mesh uppers are blended with M- Select™ Dry that helps in ventilation of moisture from your feet and TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) leather that act as waterproofing feature. Your feet will remain dry and fresh for a long time.


The Compression molded EVA midsoles are padded and act as shock absorber and give ample comfort for the whole day.


With 5 mm lug depth, the Vibram® MegaGrip outsoles add durability and offer proper stickiness, traction and grip on both dry and wet terrains. The Molded Nylon Arch Shanks add extra support to your feet on rugged and uneven terrains.  

Ankle Support/Collar

The super padded ankle collars provide excellent cushioning to your shoes while walking or hiking and give you comfort.


The Bellows Tongues are nicely padded to give support from tension and keep away the trail cruds.

Lacing System

The traditional lace-up closure is simple and effective in giving a snug glove-like fit.

Toe cap and Heel Counter, Loop

The outer soles extend towards the heel cap and toe box, thereby, adding extra abrasion protection from bumps, branches and rocks on the trail. The air cushions of the heel cap give you stability on uneven terrains and act as shock-absorbers. To help you put on and remove shoes easily, the heel loops are present.

Insole/Footbed/Sock Liner

The contoured EVA footbeds are blended with M-Select Fit.Eco that stops microbial reactions and controls the odor formed by it.

Interiors (Lining)

The interior is lined with breathable mesh membranes that wick excess moisture from your feet and help in proper ventilation to keep your feet dry for hours.


The shoe is not waterproof but the TPU Leather and mesh uppers act as water and moisture resistant.  

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