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In addition to the update of the flagship Moab 2, Merrell expanded the Moab line this year with the FST. We tested both Moab shoes and were struck with their differences�despite having a similar style, the FST takes a much more modern, performance-oriented route. The end product left us with a mixed opinion, but what we liked most about the FST was the lighter feel and increase in traction�it weighs 5 ounces less for a pair and has strong lugs that dig in better than the Moab 2 in mud and rock. We do, however, feel that the Moab 2 is the better shoe for most hikers. The FST trades the accommodating and very comfortable fit we love for a snug cut that�s particularly tight in the toe box. More, the shoe�s support and underfoot comfort fall short and can lead to sore feet on longer days and when carrying a heavier daypack. Unless you�ll appreciate the change to the fit, we recommend sticking with the tried and true (and less expensive) Moab 2.

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