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Sentiment Summary

The Sentiment Analysis of key attributes from the reviews is summarized as follows:

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Fit – Fit was found true to size for most users. Some users advised taken half a size higher as they had issues with the fit.  A few users also noted that there was a little break-in period required.

Comfort – Very Comfortable right out of the box was the opinion of most users. One individual even purchased it for his wife and son as he found it so comfortable.

Traction – Grippy Vibram soles, remarked one user.  Another user commented that he always felt sure-footed and never felt like he had any loss of grip on any surface.

Support – Many users were pleased with the arch support provided by the shoes and the insoles.

Quality – Those who commented on quality were generally happy.  Couple of users had issues with gluing on the seam.

Breathability –  Perfect for Summer hiking, remarked one user.  Most users were happy with the breathability of these shoes and said that they dried fast if wet.  

Weight – All users who commented on weight were happy with the lightweight aspect of these shoes.

Durability – Rugged and durable were some common comments by users.  One user commented that the shoes took some serous abuse with barely any damage to the soles.

Looks – Almost all users were pleased with the looks of the shoes and some even called it stylish.

Price – Unbeatable price for an unbelievable comfortable shoe, remarked one user.  Great value for money was the consensus.



Merrel Moab Edge hiking shoes were found to be great in fit, comfort, looks, traction and quality.  Many users kept these exclusively for summer hiking and warm, humid conditions for their breathability and quick drying feature.  These are recommended for day hikes, weekend hikes, esp. in the summers.

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With instant comfort and the perfect fit, it's the moab you know and love, now with a breathable, athletic mesh upper.

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