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Fit – Users liked that the shoe had a wide toe and heel area, which helped in a proper fitting. Two users felt that the toe box was a bit narrow while one user with narrow feet felt that the wide build-up of the shoe provided a loose fitting.

Comfort – The shoes felt comfortable while walking through woods as well as while climbing uphill and downhill, so the users felt. Two users had comfort issues with the stiff and narrow toe box and one user felt lack of cushioning in the boots which reduced comfort.

Traction –  The boots, according to the users offer great traction in all trail systems, especially while walking on rocks and boulders. One of the users felt that the boots slipped on wet surfaces.

Protection – The wide toe box with rubber toe protector and the sturdy heel cup offered great protection from trail obstacles, which the users loved. One user had issues with the rubber protector on the toes while another felt the inadequate protection of the insoles while walking.

Support – The support of the arches were the plus points of the shoe, so the users said. Some users felt lack of arch support.

Quality – The quality of the construction was lauded by many users. However, some users felt that the shoes had poor manufacturing the glue was not up to the mark. Some users found the toe cap falling apart in between six months and some experienced a torn heel cup. One of the customers also felt that the quality of insoles was not good with less cushioning and the lining wearing off.

WaterproofMost of the users felt that the only minus point of the shoe is that it is not waterproof. Some users, however, felt that the shoe was suitable for wet weather with the Keen.Dry lining.

Breathability – Users liked the ventilated and spacious toe box and the overall breathable texture of the shoe, which made it perfect for hiking in summer months. Some users, however, had overheating and hotspot issues.

Weight – Users loved the light weight of the boot and felt it was suitable for daily use.

Insulation – The users were impressed with the warmth provided by the shoe and felt it was suitable for winter.  

Durability – For mountain climbing as well as a multi-day backpacking trip, the sturdy shoes were durable and satisfied the users. However, some users felt that the soles of the shoe were not durable as they found the soles falling off after a few months.

Looks – The sleek boots were suitable even for casual wear, so felt the users. Some users did not like the color much.

PriceWhile almost everyone considered the boots being a little expensive, most of them agreed that they were worth the money for their features. Two users felt that the price was too high with regard to   the material used in the shoe.


While some users felt the price of the shoe was a bit too much judging by its unfortunate wearing off of the soles, toe box cover, and the heel cap, some users were full of praise about the durability of the shoe which served them in covering long miles. The great traction and excellent breathability will help you in covering diverse terrains in hot weather with perfect ventilation. Coming to the minus point, the shoe is not waterproof, so it will be better to use it in dry weather, but the Keen.Dry will help your feet remain dry and fresh for long.  

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Gear Construction

With perfect ventilation, water resistance and breathable mesh insets, the KEEN Men's Voyageur Hiking Shoe is the all-in-one low profile hiker shoe that will accompany you in climbing on steep mountains or traversing through rocky terrains, crossing a muddy gorge or hiking for miles in an incessant downpour. The Voyageurs in the shoe comes up with bumpers to keep your toes at rest and in good have even if you have twisted your feet over that big boulder. Moreover, the unique S3 Heel Support will keep your ankles safe from rolling while hiking along loose gravels. As a bonus to make your hike comfortable, the EVA midsoles with dual density let you climb or hike without slipping or rolling over.

The most important feature of this hiking shoe is its breathability and that too with waterproofing feature. The uppers of the boots are lined with mesh insets which not only support continual airflow between your feet and the outer atmosphere but also let the unwanted rains to trickle inside your feet making them sloppy.  The ESS Shanks act as wonderful stabilizer to your torsion movements while the multi-directional midsole lugs and the contoured heel locks give you the perfect grip while you are all set to conquer that cliff.

The boots also have insoles covered with mesh lining with moisture wicking feature, thereby, keeping your feet fresh for long hours even while the weather is too humid.   


Uppers are made of durable and flexible leather and fabric mixture with polyester mesh lining that offers breathability while hiking. The leather and fabric build-up on the uppers give great flexibility and ventilation during hiking in warm weather.


The EVA Midsoles are padded and have compression mold feature, acting as great shock absorption while you are out all day.


The Outsole rugs are 4mm in width and are multi-directional so that you have good gripping while hiking in adverse terrains. The material used in the outsoles is non-marking Carbon Rubber that has both gripping powers and lasts long.


The Tongue is padded and gusseted so that excessive moisture and unwanted cruds cannot enter.  

Lacing System

The lacing system has well-built leather eyelets and can fit securely while the heel wrap feature keeps your feet attached to the footbeds, thereby, offering security and support while hiking in rugged terrain.   

Toe cap

The sturdy toe shield acts as wonders to keep your toes safe from the unwanted and sudden occurrence of boulders, rocks, tree branches and also while you are traversing in unanticipated trails. Toe bumpers are added to protect your feet in rugged and erratic terrains.

Heel Counter

The S3 Feature –Shock, Suspension, and Stability of the Heel Support protects your feet from sudden impacts and shocks and lessens the possibility of twisting ankles.

Insole/Footbed/Sock Liner

Metatomical EVA Footbeds are customized to offer great cushioning and to support the arches. They are also removable and can accommodate orthotics. The ESS Plastic Shanks provide support for the rugged and uneven terrain and stabilizes torsional activities.

Interiors (Lining)

Insets are lined with polyester that can wick excess moisture from your feet and also dries up quickly so that your feet can remain dry and comfortable during long hikes.  


Mesh linings are waterproof, thereby, helping you hike in rains and wet conditions.

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