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Fit – Needing no break-in time, the shoes were excellent fit offering great support and caused no blisters, which impressed the users.  A few users felt the shoe was too stiff for them while a few others felt that the shoe was too wide and caused blisters.

Comfort – Users loved that the shoe was comfortable during long hikes with spacious toe box. A few users felt that the shoe was not comfortable because of the stiffness. One user found that the seams at the ankle caused discomfort, so did the lack of padding.

Traction – The users felt that the shoes had great traction over diverse terrains and especially over ice and rocks.

Protection –Users were all praises for the protection of the shoe from snow and water. One of the users also pointed out that the toe box protection was not adequate.   

Support – Almost all the users were satisfied with the ankle support of the shoe and stated that the support was effective while climbing uphill. Some users mentioned that the arch support was optimum.

Quality – Almost all the users were impressed with the overall quality of the shoes with all its features. One user felt the front part of the boots were defective while two more users felt that stitching of the shoes was wearing out. One user also stated that the waterproofing was not effective after a limited time.

Waterproof – Walking through snow and in rain kept the feet dry for long hours and the users were thoroughly impressed. One user, however, stated that she did not find the shoe to be waterproof.

Breathability – Users stated that the boot becomes quite hot after a few hours, thereby, making it suitable for winter hiking. While some users felt that their feet remained dry for hours; some users, however, felt that the shoe was not breathable and had caused hot spots.

Weight – Users liked that the boots were lightweight and sturdy, thereby hiking in them, was quite comfortable.

Insulation – Users were thoroughly impressed with the insulation of the shoe that kept their feet warm during snow trekking, skiing and winter hiking. A few users also added that wearing them with socks provided more insulation during winter months.  

Durability –The shoes served well with the sturdy build-up, especially in winter and rugged terrain, so the users felt.

Looks – Users loved the stylish and sleek look of the boots, some even called the shoes cute looking.

Price – According to the users, the price of the boots were affordable. One of the users felt that the price was not suitable and the boots were expensive for her.



Be it snow or slush, mud or dirt, rocks or foliage, the Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot will keep you safe from the terrain conditions by absorbing shocks and offering you proper traction. Coming with a stylish look and low weight, the boots are also sturdy and provide ample support and protection from rough weather and terrain. The waterproofing feature adding to the insulation of the shoe will make winter hiking better than ever.

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Combined with both beauty and brawn, Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot will be your perfect companion while hiking along mountainous terrains, rocky surfaces, slippery grass and gravel track. The full-grain leather blended with suede will seal out water with Omni-Shield™ feature and at the same time keep your shoe ventilated with its breathable Omni-Tech™ feature. Being lightweight, the shoe will never feel like a burden during those long hikes through adverse conditions.

While being comfortable is your concern, the cushioned midsole with a Techlite™ feature not only is lightweight but also comes with a superior cushion which means ubiquitous comfort for the entire day. The compression molded EVA Midsole with molded Nylon Arch Shanks will also keep your feet stable and comfortable with cushion support. The non-marked OMNI-GRIP® in the rubber outsole offers superb gripping i.e. advanced traction over loose gravel, dirt trails, tree roots, foliage, and rocks – you will feel confident about your tread in every terrain condition. The ankle-length design also comes with a gusseted tongue that keeps trail debris away.


The Full-grain leather upper is blended with Omni-Shield™ that acts as waterproof while the Omni-Tech™ feature in the suede upper offers guaranteed breathability and waterproofing.


The Techlite™ in the lightweight 1-inch thick midsole is equipped with superior foamy cushioning and while helping in energy return, it also offers long-lasting comfort.


The outer sole is made of non-marked durable rubber with Omni-Grip™ traction that will provide you stability.

Ankle Support/Collar

The Nylon Arch Shanks offer good support to the arch and ankles by keeping your feet flexible.


The soft padded tongue is made of breathable mesh that helps in proper ventilation and keeps the debris out.

Lacing System

The clamshell lacing system offers a secure fit in the triangular D-Ring that needs you to tug at once rather than pulling them one by one.  

Toe Cap and Heel Counter

The flat rubber strips on the toe cap offer fine grip over rocks and snow, mud, and gravel. The scratch rubber heel counter is sturdy and offers flexibility.   

Insole/Footbed/Sock Liner

Cushioned footbed offers comfort and support in uneven terrain.

Interiors (Lining)

Mesh linings to the interior add breathability.


The OmniShield and OmniTech on the uppers act as excellent waterproofing features.

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