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Fit - As the boots are true to size for all types of feet, it does not require any break in period. However, a few users commented that they received a size too big.

Comfort - ‘Very comfy’, ‘amazing comfort’ and ‘most comfortable’ are some of the remarks of the users who have used this boot for long day wear. But, according to a few users the comfort aspect didn’t last after a few months.

Traction - Due to special designing of soles the traction of the boot is great which enables you to move on every type of terrains whether it is a muddy path or a snowy area. But, with the tread being too deep, gravels and stones get stuck to it rather easily which is a problem.

Protection - It has an additional thin layer to protect your heel and toe from gravel and rock during hiking. But one of the users mentioned that the leather does not offer much protection when it gets wet.

Support - The boot offers excellent arch support which is appreciated by most of the users. Some users also highlighted the issue of poor support after a month of usage.

Quality - ‘Good quality boot’ is the profuse review of the most of the users. But many of them felt that after using it for a couple of months, the toe cap started separating from the front of the boot which is a major problem.

Waterproof - As it is a semi-waterproof boot, it started soaking water after sometime.

Breathability - As this hiking boot possesses much breathability; one can use it for long hikes both in summer and winter season.

Weight - The boot is well built and surprisingly light-weight and hence one can easily handle it during long hikes over rocky terrain and fields. However, one of them mentioned that the boot is not sturdy enough for hiking.

Insulation - The boot offers enough insulation which keeps your feet warm, dry and comfortable during hiking over snow in extreme temperature.  

Durability - The boot is extremely durable although some users mentioned that it is not sturdy enough to use as a heavy hiking boot.

Looks - As the boot possesses a nice look with superb style one can wear it with any types of outfits. The colours of the boots are also appreciated by many users.

Price - ‘Worthy boots at an affordable price’ was what most of the users agreed to. However, according to one of the users, the boot wasn’t worth the value.


Ariat Terrain is a great boot which is available at a reasonable price as compared to the others in the market. It can be used for hiking purposes and adequately protects your feet on challenging terrains.  

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Ariat Terrain

Ariat Terrain Hiking Boot are the endurance boots which have been build to perform, take on the most strenuous hikes and win. The boots features ATS Technology which alleviates fatigue and stress in the feet, back and lower legs. Besides the double rubber outsole, the boots also offer fantastic toe protection. A dedicated gel-cushion insole adapts to your foot while a composite fibre forked shank offers unfathomable stability. The impressive 90-degree heels aren’t just ideal for hiking but for climbing onto the saddles too. The soles are unbelievably tough and offer fantastic traction even on some of the most slippery surfaces.

Cordura reinforcement on toes and the heels ensure unbelievable durability and fantastic resistance to abrasion. The moisture-wicking lining would keep your feet feeling absolutely dry and fresh. Whether you are headed out on a skiing trip or are looking for boots that wouldn’t just be ideal for hiking in the snow but also for casual wear during the colder months, the Ariat Terrain Hiking Boot would be an ideal choice.  


The upper of the boot features waterproof full-grain leather, seam-sealed construction, a waterproof membrane lining along with a Cordura nylon fabric which is known for its resistance to abrasion and long-lasting durability. It also has anti-bacterial feature that fights odor.


EVA midsole deliver optimal shock absorption, durability and comfort. Featuring the new ATS (Advanced Torque Stability) technology, the boots provide ample cushioning and support that assists you on some of the most strenuous hikes.


Duratread rubber outsoles are present that provide you maximum resistance and stability. There is a special stability shank too which offers comfort and maximum support on uneven terrains.

Ankle Support/Collar

Padded collar has been added so that your feet can remain absolutely comfortable on long hikes.


Extra padded gussetted tongue averts all the dirt and debris and keeps them from entering the shoe.

Toe cap and Heel Counter

The Round rubber toe cap acts as a protective layer and safeguards your feet from any abrasion or other potential injuries. The heel cradle supports the foot and stabilizes it., It also has a 1.5 inch lift off the ground.

Insole/Footbed/Sock Liner

Removable gel cushioned footbed keeps your feet comfortable and offers additional cushioning for optimal comfort.

Interiors (Lining)

On the interiors, the boots have moisture-wicking breathable lining which would keep your foot feeling absolutely dry and fresh all day long.


Seam-sealed excellent waterproofing construction.

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