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Fit – Most users loved the proper fitting of the shoe stating that they felt no difficulty in the break-in period. Some users also felt happy that the shoe did not need any break in period and was helpful in preventing blisters. One user has problems with her size while another user was not happy with the blister she got after three miles. Some users also felt that the toe and arch area was stiff and caused soreness.

Comfort – Users felt extremely comfortable with the shoe stating that they did not face any discomfort while walking for work daily as well as climbing mountains and doing workouts. One user also mentioned that the shoes were comfortable with both thick and thin socks. A few users were not satisfied with the comfort of the shoe as they had a sore ankle and also said that the cushioned comfort at the underfoot was lacking. One user also felt her big toe was not getting enough comfort even after wearing socks.

Traction – The boots provided ample grip while treading through slippery surfaces, rocks, sand, loose gravel and boulders, which the users loved. A few users felt that the boots had poor traction over a moist and slippery surface. One user felt the grip was not aggressive while another felt that the traction was not sufficient while climbing through rocks and dirt.  

Protection – Users loved the protective waterproof membrane of the shoe which helped them hike in snow and rains with ease. The users also felt that the ankle, toe and underfoot protection of the boots were excellent in protecting from trail injuries.

Support – Users loved the arch, ankle and heel support, especially while hiking through the wet, slippery and rocky terrain. They also loved how the arch and ankle support provided ample cushioning to protect from rubbing and injuries. A few users felt that the arch support was not sufficient, especially for those with higher arches. Two users found the ankle support to be stiff while another user felt that the rubber sole was not giving enough support.

Quality – Most users liked the quality of construction of the shoes. A few users found that the sole fell off after encountering with rocks. One user had worn out toe cap while a few others found that the stitching of the toe box was poor.

Waterproof – Users were impressed with the waterproofing feature of the shoe that kept their feet dry even after hiking in ankle length water, snow and in rain. Some users, however, found that the shoe was not enough waterproof while another felt that in the long run, the waterproofing feature wears out.  

Breathability – The shoes were nicely ventilated while hiking in warmer regions as well as while hiking in snow, which thoroughly impressed the users. One of the users felt that the shoe was not breathable enough due to its long height as her feet got extremely sweaty.

Weight – In heavy hiking, especially while treading on rocky terrains, the light weight of the boots kept the users comfortable and they did not feel any fatigue. Some users felt that the boot was too bulky and heavy.  

Insulation – Users were impressed with the temperature control feature of the boots stating that their feet remained toasty and dry in winter and rains. A few people felt that the insulation property of the boots was not sufficient as they did not feel sufficiently warm in cold conditions.  

Durability – Users loved the sturdy build-up of the shoe stating that they served excellently while hiking in rugged regions. One user, however, found that the insoles of the shoe wore out within 3 months while another felt that the waterproofing would not be effective after long use.

Looks – Almost all the users loved the simple and sturdy look of the shoe along with its style and colors. Some users also felt that the shoe was suitable for daily wear and matched with casual denim.

Price – Users were convinced that the shoe with its excellent quality and durability was worth every penny. A few users felt that the boot was not so durable enough according to its expensive cost.



With a simple yet sturdy look, the Ahnu Women's Montara Boot will impress you right out of the box with its excellent fit and comfort that need hardly any break in time. In some cases, people have found that the underfoot cushioning was not sufficient but that subdues the fact that the ankle, arch and toe support of the shoe give confidence over diverse terrains by adding protection. In snow, rocks and loose surface, the powerful grip will keep you steady. Its proper ventilation and commendable waterproofing make it suitable for both summer and monsoon use. The price is a bit high but the sturdiness will cover that up for you.

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Gear Construction

Coming with a sturdy construction and lightweight, the Ahnu Women's Montara Boot will never let you lag behind due to fatigue. Hiking in parched summer months will be enjoyable than ever with the eVent® membranes that line the uppers to give your feet ample breathability. But that does not hinder the waterproofing as the oiled suede leather uppers seal out water and moisture, thereby, keep you dry and fresh even when it is raining heavily or snowing heartily.

The Leather lined ankle collars keep your ankle safe while the sturdy rubber built heel counter and toe caps act as abrasion resistant. The lightweight dual density EVA Midsoles are cushioned to offer support underfoot while the TPU Arch Shanks along with arch supports help in attaining torsional rigidity and midfoot stability. The EVA postings are also strategically placed on lateral and medial sides so that your feet positioning is neutral. The Vibram® rubber outsoles are equipped with lugs that act as slip resistant on variegated terrains.  


The oiled Nubuck leather and the suede leather uppers are durable and flexible, offering a long-lasting performance of being waterproof. The eVent® membranes line the uppers and add breathability to the boots. The sturdy rubber toe cap keeps the uppers safe from abrasion.


The lightweight and dual density EVA Midsoles are accompanied by TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) Nylon Arch Shanks. The EVA Cylinders are cushioned and offer underfoot support by absorbing shocks while the Nylon Shanks offer torsional rigidity and midfoot stability.


The Vibram® outsoles offer excellent traction over diverse terrains.  

Ankle Support/Collar

The leather lined ankle collar being mid height (up to the ankle shaft) will offer cushioned support. The e-Vent on the ankle collar adds breathability to the shoe, especially to the insteps.


The gusseted tongue is padded to offer support to your insteps while the mid-height length of the tongues helps to keep the trail debris out of the boot.

Lacing System

The speed lacing system with metal loops will last longer and help to provide you a snug fit.

Toe Cap and Heel Counter

The durable Rubber Toe Cap covers the Uppers and acts as abrasion resistant. Padded heel counter helps in keeping your heel placed firmly in the heel box and offers protection from the shocks.

Insole/Footbed/Sock Liner

The orthotic insoles are removable. The EVA Footbeds are shock resistant features of the boots and give ample protection underfoot.

Interiors (Lining)

The Nylon linings to the interior wicks out sweat while the eVent® membranes help in proper ventilation. Aegis® antimicrobial microsuede lining also acts as odor resistant.


The Nubuck Leather Uppers and the Vibram lugs are waterproof. They are superior protection from rains, snow, and water.

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