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Eternal Memories from the celestial Islands of India

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The marriage had blessed up with me and my long time fiance and we had finally got to be together for a lifetime. Our typical Tamil Brahmin marriage kept us engaged in traditions and we had not really put any thoughts on our honeymoon. We had decided to plan it when we were completely free. But little did we know that we would be gifted with a surprise in the form of tickets all the way to the Andaman Islands. It was indeed the best we had received out of everything. All we had to do was fix the date in a span of 15 days as we were open to a lot more of facilities in case we went in 15 days. So after getting done with the customs, we decided to fix the dates and get our flight to the Isles where we could be on our own and could feel free. We chose the places we wanted to visit from several packages as Andaman Tour Travel offered us a chance to customisation. And the very next day we took our flight from Chennai.

Flying had been a dream as I had never ever experienced being amidst the sky before. And being with my spouse during that time was double the sugar feeling for me. We were to land at Port Blair and it was a two-hour journey from Chennai due to which we decided to have some snacks inside the aeroplane. We reached the Veer Savarkar airport from where we were picked by the cab that had been sent to us. The driver handed us a welcome kit in which there were flowers and the travel plan of ours. Everything had been detailed and it had got us a lot better to know each place and enjoy its reason for tourism. We went through it while the driver reached our first stop which was the hotel that had been booked for our stay. We had got us a honeymoon suite as I had a thing for hotel rooms and badly wanted to see what added on in a honeymoon suite room. We reached the room and the driver dropped our luggage in the room. The food we had chosen for dinner came along where it had been in the hot pot. They asked us to ring them in case we required and left us. The room had been decorated with candles and flowers and the tub in the bathroom was indeed the best with the most aromatic candles lit by the side.

We freshened up quickly and decided to gobble up the food. I switched off the lights off and lit the candles before sitting and we clung cheers to our honeymoon. We lept outside for a walk through the quiet streets of the Isles and then got some popcorn that was being sold on the street. Afer a romantic walk, we got back to the room and the night wet forward. The next day we were picked and were taken to Havelock Island. We boarded a ferry and in it, we went to the Island where a car had been set up for us. Our driver accompanied us on the ferry and after reaching, he drove us to the ever famous beach, Radhanagar Beach. Being one of the most famous beaches, it shimmered in beauty with the blue waters and white sand. Exactly like what appears in the fairy movies. Several photographers stranded by the shores and we hired one to take some pictures of ours by this beach. We got it printed there itself after which we walked through the shores. We were vegetarians and was being served with good vegetarian cuisines that too in varieties. Govindnagar Beach was the next stop after lunch from where we got to sea beach that seemed less busy, unlike Radhanagar. We had got our bathing suits and this beach was much convenient for us to take a swim. We leapt into the waters and had quite some underwater fun. After some time we went to the Govind Nagar market from where we got to shop some things of significance. the ferry back was scheduled at 5 which we boarded from the ferry point in Havelock.

We knew that a lot more places where at Andaman which was meant for exploration. But we only had two days in our bag and so our plan was to make sure that we get to see few places that are located close to each other. For the rest of the places, we could be returning some other time as well as we had sort of fallen for the beauty of each destination we had been to until now. The night went by in the beach where we stared at the night sky and talked amidst the sounds of the waves. The next day we decided to set off to Cellular Jail. Probably the one place that has been quite significant in the history textbooks. Even though I was not a great fan of history, my husband seemed to be quite fascinated about the Jail as it had been a major shooting plot in the movie Kala Pani. The solitary prisons had been open to the visitors and we walked through a major significant place in India. We read through the boards that had been kept inside and got out after spending 2 hours inside. After lunch from a cafe, we were taken to the Corbyn Coves beach at Port Blair. Coconut trees stood in a row on the shores of the beach and the place looked magnificently maintained. Had it been the beaches in Chennai, we would have been stranded by the wastes as we walk through the shores. But here it had been clean and a lot of tourists had been striding by the shores. A number of activities had also been taking place where we decided to set off on a jet ski expedition. That was the last activity of ours in the destination. The honeymoon package had ended and we were to return to Chennai from Andaman.

The day had come to an end where we had to catch our return flight to Chennai. The magnificence of the beaches would surely be missed as we had been taken aback by the magic spell that showered on nature here in the form of beauty. I had got some gifts from the shopping street for my family and friends who had made our wedding day a great one. And the ones who surprised us with the honeymoon tickets were definitely in for a surprise for us as well. We thanked the driver and gifted him with a bunch of chocolates for making our journey the best ever. We waved bye to the night of the Isles and flew back where we decided to recommend every newly married people to this amazingly beautiful destination. 

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I am an IT professional, working at Chennai, Tamilnadu
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